mario and lucy

Intended to fill a canvas with a bunch of drawings, this came out.

Original size :

Because I made headcanon about mario party from MKX I decided one for Final Fantasy XV XD:


THE MOST COMPETITIVE, LOUDEST AND TABLE FLIPPER of the group. Loses a mini game he swears, stepping on a space costing a star? HE WILL CALL BULLSHIT when its the last five turns will throw the controller if he knows he lost. If someone wins the game due to bonus stars HE WILL CALL BULLSHIT


Competitive, but not as much as Noctis. When he loses a mini game will usually shrug it off. However when its a duel mini-game he will get saddened if he loses and his mojo will be lowered. If he wins he hums and wil chant that he won over and over. (Until someone gets annoyed of course) doesn’t mind he loses the game he enjoys it with everyone. Also loves to step on green spaces…even if it turns out bad.


At first he will think “What is this for kids?!” That is until the last ten turns he starts to get competitive. He goes for the most person with stars. When he wins he shouts like he won the lottery however if he loses…just by the end of the night a table is gone. Also he would punch the shit out of bowser each time he steps on his space


MOST. STRATEGIC. PLAYER. EVER. Ignis will shop the most, look at the map most, read what powerup wil do, he will even take two to three minutes thinking of placement of the power ups. He is that guy that says, “Hey, I was reading how to play!!” Does the worst in mini games because someone keeps skipping the how to play section of the minigame. However he will gradually get better. Only cares of his coins than stars strangely. The one with the longest turn average time for Iggy on his turn? Ten mintues.



He does the worst out of everyone, but when the final turns come his luck turns around. Getting stars, people losing stars, luck based mini games. Ardyn is the curse of them of all. Also he wins the game out of sheer bullshit

good paper mario things

- the badge that lets u dress like luigi

- the game’s constant running gag where everyone keeps getting mario confused for luigi

- the number of characters who mention liking luigi/him being their favorite/etc

- luigi telling such incredibly long stories about his adventures that everyone falls asleep but he doesnt mind 

- luigi showing up in your audience occasionally to support u!!

- luigi’s very biased biographies 

- luigi