mario & luigi pit


Even MORE fanart of my favorite couples. Managed to squeeze in 11 this time!

credit to all the artists who drew these.

Save the cookies! Oh, and the kids too, if you can.

I wanna play Partners in Time again so I decided I’d just go ahead and paint something a little based on one of my favorite parts of the game. Funny how the Yoshi Island parts are some of my favorite parts in Mario RPGs.

oOOO OH OH UHM!! okay I have this?? headcanon/theory about how the cobalt star sprite that appears in the star shrine in Partners in Time wasn’t elder princess shroob entirely?? and it kinda connects with how starlow became the representant of the star sprite kingdom (still a headcanon tho)!!

i kinda headcanon that the cobalt star was like, the maximum authority among star sprites, followed by a council who ran errands and stuff. maybe 6 or 7 star sprites.

ill prolly have to put part of this under a read more so it doesnt become very lengthy but pls bear with me asjhsdnf;; im rlly excited to share this bc ive thought of this for some time now!! <:’3c (also pls forgive my very messy doodles, i feel like if i had elaborated them more, i could have taken t o o long)


Elder shroob saw the potential within the star sprite, and fought for their powers- fooling the brothers with their presence would surely move her a step forward to breaking free, right?

knowing they were no match for her, the star sprite surrendered and gave up their power to prevent further damage. Powers that Elder Shroob used to her advantage (only going as far as using the sprite as a medium of comunication since i guess shroobs wouldnt be able to speak english /that/ fluently without help, and being able to locate the other cobalt shards)

Once the shards were complete, and the elder princess broke out of the cobalt star, it ceased to exist, as it was shattered (Elder Princess Shroob says it herself- “the cobalt star is no more”). This almost KO’d the sprite inside it, and had their energy drained out of them almost completely. 

(more under the cut so it doesnt become very lengthy)

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#2749. Some of the Smashers like to watch as other play their games. This has led to mixed results, such as Little Mac finding it hilarious that Sonic can't get past Bald Bull, Link desperately trying (and failing) to get Pit to understand how to solve a dungeon puzzle, and all the Fire Emblem characters trying to comprehend how Luigi was able to complete all their games in under a week.