Immersion (Piss Mario) by Allix Barrett

This work is a social commentary on the chloreic nature of the collecting and selling community of Nintendo’s popular wireless communications and storage device toys, the amiibo. Recent scalping, price-gouging, and market speculating on the Mario - Gold Edition Super Mario (Wave 1)amiibo has incited the artist to create her own Mario - Gold Edition amiibo by taking a Mario Super Smash Bros. (Wave 1) amiibo and submerging it in a container of the artist’s own urine. The container was then photographed with a professional DLSR camera and put on display. Prints of the artwork (https://www.etsy.com/listing/228357990/immersion-piss-mario-print?ref=shop_home_active_1) and the artwork itself (https://www.etsy.com/listing/228355547/immersion-piss-mario?ref=shop_home_active_2) are for sale, much like the amiibo themselves.

Nintendo Direct Live reactions

The following post is my live reactions to the Nintendo direct. I will have a full post with more educated thoughts on each bit of news a bit later. Make sure to keep an eye on my blog and you’ll get tons of great stuff over all this Nintendo news. I will try and go over EU and Japan news as well.  

So we open up with a mewtwo trailer, Mewtwo Y is it’s final smash. The trailer was cool, it looks pretty awesome. They confirmed more DLC for Smash Bros. They will be offer costumes inspired by games. The price for the DLC is like too much sauce for me. Lucas confirmed as DLC now.  Not super excited, but it’s cool for all the fans. See Lucas coming in June.  OH shit Smash Bros fighter ballot will let vote for what character you want. I will need to start a campaign for Sami because I need her. This is awesome news.

New Amiibo news, tons of cool amiibos. Mewtwo and Lucas Amiibo confirmed, Dark Pit and paultena amiibo confirmed.  Amiibo tap pics a random game no matter what amiibo you pick to avoid them having to give Xenoblade or anything. You get a free little bit of the game and I’ve already talked about why this isn’t it’s full potential. 

Mario Maker news okay lets see if they can sell it to me. Okay so uploading is a thing like we assumed. It launches in september but no word on price or anything. 

Okay passing it to billy bills mic bills. Finally we get to see Yoshi’s wolly world. Classic mode is like a normal game but Nintendo has put you can’t lose mode into the game because apparently won’t be a thing. Oh my god Wolly amiibo. I need that blue Yoshi amiibo. 

Okay my jam Splatoon is on. Battle Dojo is the 1 vs one mode. They are trying to pop ballons but it isn’t exactly competitive. Inkling amiibo confirmed that give special weapons and gear unlocked special missions. A little on disc dlc. Still these things look cute. 

Okay so we got N64 and DC virtual console stuff. It looks good but nothing massive. You can get the 64 games for 2 bucks if you already bough them on Wii.  Might get Paper mario form club Nintendo just so I can upgrade for 2 bucks. Donkey Kong 64 being on the thing is cool but I doubt i snag much DS games. 

Not really gonna talk about the Indie stuff so onto the next stuff. I like that don’t stave is a two for one special. Cool to see Ninja pizza girl will be on the console soon, I covered that in my big post of kicksted Wii U games, the demo was rather fun. 

Oh my god Atlus and Nintendo. Oh my god such cute, is this SMT X fire emblem or just amazing!? So much colors I need this. Expect 1000 posts about this. Also they totally did what I thought doing all original characters. The game looks fantastic and we will see some characters from the fire emblem series. Fuck I need this so bad, does not even want to watch.

Oh cool Fatal Frame 5 confirmed for the west, looks like I was right again. Okay so Pokemon rumble world is going to be a free download on the 3ds. More free Pokemon games lets see this pay model. Okay Poke diamonds are your pay thing and comes our april 8th. Puzzles and Dragons Z + Pokemon is cool.  Demo comes out on the 30th okay cool. Attack on Titan 3ds game is finally coming to the west. Hope you fans enjoy. Hell yah enemy fast forward patch for codename steam that is the worst thing about the game, it will make the game away better. 

Okay Mii Plaza update with two new games. I’m already done with miiplaza. A zombie game looks pretty cute it has 26 weapons. Oh  you can get premium, only a million buck. Each of these actually cost 5 bucks each of the two games have a bundle for 7.50 or something. Ehh get out of town. Okay did we really need a new trailer for Xenoblade 3d? 

My Unit confirmed to be the main character. Also confirmed for both sexes! Also called a new Fire Emblem If trainer. Fuck yes picking paths confirmed. I am going to play the hell out of this. You can transform, there are so many cool characters, Hoshido Nohir kingdoms are split, 10/10 give me this shit right now!  Choices are going to matter a lot. Hoshido path is more similar to Fire Emblem games. The Nohr path is going to be a hard made and your fixing a place from the inside. Sadly Fire Emblem IF is coming 2016, maybe February 2016. Gonna drink some anti my unit tears.  

Animal crossing home designer is going to be the first game to make use of amiibo cards. I’m going to guess the game will be free but maybe the amiibo thing won’t work for it. This stuff is releasing in the fall and that is when the Amiibo scanner will finally come out. Mario Kart 8 has got it’s DLC trailer “exiting.” They are releasing it a little early. Amiibo are going to give more costumes in the game in the update. 200 CC cofirmed for mario kart, illmunati confirmed. I guess I have a reason to play Mario Kart 8 . The update will be free and come at the same time as the DlC. 


Here is the full Nintendo Direct.