とれない - hard to take it - #game #mario #grove 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN)

Can’t get it - hard to take - #game #mario #grove 〜 銀三郎(Ninja GIN) 

the signs as video game characters

aries: knuckles (sonic the hedgehog)

taurus: isabelle (animal crossing)

gemini: waluigi (mario)

cancer: cap’n cuttlefish (splatoon)

leo: kazooie (banjo-kazooie)

virgo: meta knight (kirby)

libra: palutena (kid icarus)

scorpio: brock (pokemon)

sagittarius: yarnie (unraveled)

capricorn: zelda (legend of zelda

aquarius: clementine (the walking dead game)

pisces: chloe (life is strange)

The Signs as Video Game Series

Aries - Super Mario Series

Taurus - Donkey Kong Series

Gemini - Pokemon Series

Cancer - Harvest Moon Series

Leo - Final Fantasy Series

Virgo - Minecraft Series

Libra - The Sims Series

Scorpio - Resident Evil Series

Sagittarius - Legend of Zelda Series

Capricorn - Assassin’s Creed Series

Aquarius - Mario Kart Series

Pisces - Kirby Series

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