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Marichat, him asking "did you send me this letter?" (Not from a prompt list or anything just kinda looked at my desk and thought hey why not that)

Oh, nice one. I missed writing these dorks. Rated G, ~1000 words. [AO3]

Marinette lay in her lounge chair on her balcony, idly sketching, when she heard a soft metallic knock. She smiled. “Come on down, Chat Noir.”

He did, and asked, “Did you send me this letter?”

The way he was grinning, teasing glint in his eye, told her before she even looked at the handwriting on the envelope that no, she did not send that letter. If she knew her partner, he knew she knew too, but Marinette was supposed to not know him that well.

“Why I have no idea!” she said with a big shrug, “Read it out to me.”

“Very well,” he said solemnly. He removed a pair of eyeglass frames from his pocket and rested it on his face. She giggled. They didn’t even have lenses.

“Dear Chat Noir,” he began. He cleared his throat. “Can I have your babies?”


He continued in serious tones, undeterred, “Like, oh-em-gee, every time I see your spanking booty on TV, my ovaries just explode.”

She burst into laughter.

“I never had a thing for leather before, but now just the smell of it makes me think of you and go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-” he continued humming. If she didn’t know his fangirls better, she would think he was exaggerating, “-mmmmmmm-” but she had gotten sadly familiar with how they were like by now, “-mmmmm. Mmm!”

Marinette was pretty sure that last bit was his for emphasis. “No, Chat Noir, I did not write that. How many ms was that, really?” she asked. He turned the letter around for her to see. They did go on for over an entire line. “Oh, wow.”

He tsked, putting it back in the envelope. “I thought I had it that time.”

“Did you really?”

“Well, no, but statistically speaking,” he said, pushing up the bridge of his fake glasses, “Most of my unsigned letters are like that-”

“-I can’t imagine why.”

“-And you said you sent me an unsigned letter, so odds are it’s in this category.”

Marinette gave him a flat look.

He grinned back. “You know I’m going keep reading you these until you tell me what yours said.”

“Chat Noir,” she said, rubbing her temples. She was regretting ever mentioning that she hoped he read the letter she sent in, but it just slipped out when saying goodbye after the last time he rescued her. “That was so long ago, I can’t even remember most of it. Plus I didn’t sign it because the point was, it could come from anyone in Paris.”

“Unless you give me a hint, I can only assume you mean ‘anyone in Paris who wants to touch my abs.’

“Yeah, no.”

He looked hurt.

“Not that I don’t want to touch your abs!”

He looked smug.

“Or that I do! Wait, don’t pout!” Marinette held out her hands and waved them to ward off the sad kitten eyes. “I meant I’m not repulsed by you, I just- ugh. Okay. I remember what the first few lines were like, would that make you happy?”

Chat sat down and put his chin in his hands like a kid waiting for his story. “Almost as much as you admitting how much you want to touch my abs.”


“No, I’m sorry!” he laughed. “Please. I really am curious.”

Why are you so curious?” she asked, frustration creeping into her voice. His visits were always a blast, and she would never kick him out, but if anyone noticed him dropping by frequently… This had to stop.

Chat Noir looked at her like it should be obvious, disbelief in his soft smile. “Because it’s you?”

… This really had to stop. He kept having these weirdly sincere moments that didn’t happen with the spots on. They left her scratching her head. Any longer and curiosity would kill both the cat and her.

Marinette sighed and looked him in the eye. “Dear Chat Noir,” she said, trying to recall how she had worded things, “You’ve saved me more than once, but I’ve never written in to thank you. Which got me thinking about how many people I know who you’ve saved. How many of them have thanked you?”

Now he really looked like a kid engrossed in a fairy tale.

“So… I asked them, and most of them never thanked you either. I thought I’d pass on their stories and what they have to say too, and, you know what that’s about all I remember,” she broke off, looking away and scratching the back of her head. She laughed lightly, “Umm, but one of my friends is a huge fan of yours- you’ve saved him a lot too- and this girl I babysit, you’ve saved both her and her mom from being akuma victims now and yeah… They’re thankful and, yeah…”

She trailed off.

It was silent for a while.

“Wow,” he breathed. Marinette turned to look back at him. His grin went wide and he said, louder, “I’ll definitely have to find that letter! Honestly, I don’t get the time to read them all, so… I probably missed it. Sorry.”

“That’s alright! I know you must be a superhero on top of civilian stuff so you have to be busy,” she said. She personally knew how true that was.

“Still… and this was a while ago so I might never find it now.”

Annnd Chat Noir was making the sad kitten eyes.

“Well,” she said, “I guess I’ll just to write another one.”

“You’d do that?” he asked, both his posture and his tail sticking straight up. “Please do, I’ll keep an eye out for it!”

“I will,” she said, “And I’ll sign it this time.”

“But it’d help more if I could tell from the envelope,” he said, looking away in thought for a moment before smirking and suggesting, “How about you address it, ‘To Chat Noir, who looks hot in glasses?’”

“How about ‘To Chat Noir, who looks goofy in glasses over his mask?’”

“Please, Marinette, I’m not asking you to admit how much you want to touch my abs or have my babies here. Give me a break.”

In the end, she settled for ‘To Chat Noir, who looks good in glasses.’

So, uh… I kinda-sorta had a fic idea during lunch, and since I have three fics I’m working on already I don’t wanna add a fourth unless there would be legit interest, so you guys get to read the basic summary to this untitled monster:


AU where there was no Hawkmoth. There was another threat, so the other Miraculouses were awakened. The Ladybug, however, has been lost for a long time.

Anyways. Marinette, after a nasty divorce and the failure to get her clothing line off the ground, is moving herself and her three kids back to Paris to help her aging parents in the bakery and one day take over.

Things are going okay until one evening, her youngest goes missing and is found by Paris’s devilishly hot head superhero, Chat Noir. He escorts the small family home, and in thanks she ends up inviting him to dinner with her and the kids.

And Chat bonds hardcore with those kids.

So he ends up stopping by ‘To check up on them’ but really it’s because he wants to spend time with this little family.

And Marinette could easily see herself falling for this charming, goofy stray cat, but there’s the whole secret identity thing, plus the handsome new regular Adrien Agreste who has started stopping by every morning.

Things get a lot more serious with a new threat on the horizon, and the long missing Ladybug Miraculous has just been found by a local baker…

How to Fake a Marriage Ch. 33

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(AO3) (

“Adrien, your father wishes to speak to you.”

Adrien sighed as he paused, halfway to his room, then turned to face his father’s assistant. “Can it wait at all? The last photoshoot ran over and I have to get ready for Alya’s dinner event over at the Grand Paris. I’m already running late as it is.”

Nathalie gave him a long, unimpressed look, and Adrien sighed and reversed course, heading for his father’s study. Nathalie ushered him in, and Mr. Agreste glanced up as soon as Adrien came in. He didn’t look impressed, and Adrien wondered if somehow the pictures from his early-morning shoot had already gotten passed along to him and they somehow weren’t up to standard or something. That would be fast and scarily efficient… but to be fair, most of his father’s employees fit that description pretty well.

“Father? Nathalie said you wanted to see me.”

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Taken out of context, it looks like Nath hasn’t moved 2 inches in the time it took for Marc to leave, talk with Mari, and come back with the book.

(I’m low-key curious to know what\if there are drawings in those crumbled up balls. Maybe he was drawing Nathanette and got self-conscious and destroyed them. Maybe his super obsession with Ladybug is somewhat of a facade, because everyone likes Ladybug. It would be seen as normal.)

u everthink abt how marinette let adrien think the scraf was from his dad and wanna cry??? she made that herself and thats her crush and it was clear he loved it she could have gotten so many brownie points with this guy shes crazy for! and she’s only getting to know how much overbearing gabe is now, that was the one ep adrien went around in a limo, for all appearances he gets spoiled rotten, but? she just wants him to be happy?? she’s such a sweetheart??????????


So as we can see

Marinette has very thin eyebrows. Like if you took a B pencil and just drew lines on her face.

Marc has very thick eyebrows. Like if you took a big marker and drew lines on his face. They remind me of those anime characters who have those oval eyebrows, but longer.

Nathaniel has medium eyebrows. They’re not really circular and are pointed like Mari’s but they’re not super thin. Nath has very human eyebrows. Like if Goldilocks was looking for the “just right” eyebrows for her make up tutorial, and saw Nathaniel’s eyebrows. (The weirdest part is that when only the corners are visible, it’s like he has very thin eyebrows but when they are visible, it’s like he scribbled more eyebrow on.)

Oblivious Sunshine Boy

Written by K


“So, are there any girls who’ve caught the eye of the famous Adrien Agreste?” Lucas, his cousin, asked him, waggling his eyebrows.

Adrien rolled his eyes as Ladybug flashed through his mind. There was no way he was going to tell his cousin that he had a crush on Ladybug! Lucas was a few years older than him, and would say something like “Ladybug? Really? Who doesn’t like her?” or “How can you like her like that when you don’t even know her?”

Even though Adrien actually did know her quite a bit more than others, especially his cousin who had grown up in Lyon, he couldn’t exactly come out and say “Oh yeah, I do! Because I’m Chat Noir, one of the famous superheroes of Paris!!”

So, Adrien decided to go with “Ummm kind of. But she doesn’t know who I am!” Because that wasn’t technically lying. Ladybug didn’t know who he was under the mask.

“I KNEW IT!” Lucas practically yelled, shooting up from Adrien’s bed. “You have that look in your eye! It’s the same one people told me I had when I first met Anna. I didn’t believe them of course, but now that I’m seeing it for myself, it’s true! You must really like her. Tell me about her!”

Adrien held back a chuckle as he imagined himself saying “Well, she wears a Ladybug super suit, swings from buildings on a magical yo-yo, and saves Paris every chance she can get!” Instead, he decided that describing what she looked like and her personality would probably work better without raising more questions.

“She’s got this beautiful dark hair that she wears in pigtails with red ribbo-ERRR hair ties! Yes! Hair ties around them. But they’re red! HAHA and…she looks small but she is really strong! And she has these big blue eyes that match the color of the ocean. And when she smiles, her whole face lights up. And…” Adrien sighed as he recalled his favorite thing about her, “She’s always willing to help, no matter who or what the situation is, and she’s so creative about it. There’s nothing she can’t do.” Adrien finished, looking up at his cousin and freezing when he saw his expression.

His cousin looked like he was about to burst out laughing.

“NEVERMIND MAN, SHE’S JUST REALLY COOL I GUESS, ugh forget about it! Was the-” Adrien blabbered, but Lucas cut him off.

“No, no, please-” Lucas laughed, coughing in an effort to recompose himself. “I’m only laughing because you’ve got it BAD. You’re completely doomed. But that’s okay!”

Adrien put his hands over his face, muffling a groan as he fell back onto his bed. Lucas was quiet for a minute and then he said “You mentioned she has dark hair and that she wears it in pigtails? I think I may know who you’re talking about!” Lucas mentioned, side-eyeing him and smirking like he knew something Adrien didn’t.

Adrien’s heart skipped about 10 beats. oh no, oh no no no HOW DID HE FIGURE IT OUT? He just knew that Lucas was going to say “You like Ladybug!” and continue to make fun of him. How was he going to respond to that? How wou-

“Do her parents own a bakery about 5 minutes from here? I stopped by there this morning because my parents mentioned that it’s the best bakery in the area! While I was there, I saw a girl about your age with dark pigtails who was helping her father carry flour bags. FLOUR BAGS! Do you know how much those things weigh? And also, when one of the customers who was in front of us in line dropped her pastry, the girl stopped what she was doing and rushed to help her. And she gave her another pastry for free to replace the dropped one! She really did have big blue eyes and you were right on-the-dot about them being similar to the ocean. I think she said her name was Marinette? She als-Adrien?” Lucas paused, seeing Adrien’s expression. “Are you all right?”

But Adrien was very far from all right.


Hello fair friends! Our first round of exams are over and a time was had by all (aka all three of us passed with with flying colors THANK GOODNESS). K and L both went out of town this weekend and blessed us with a couple of one shots during their down time, so we’ll be posting them as we edit!

ALSO, if you’re still reading and like what you’re seeing so far, we’re currently working on an actual book-length fic! We’ve got a couple of chapters down and our timeline fully ironed out, but we want it to be the best it can possibly be before we start posting it. Maybe we’ll post a teaser eventually… MAYBE.

Feel free to heart/comment/follow/message us in general! We’d love to hear feedback from you about what you’d like to see from us or what might be a good idea to change! -E

I would like you to consider a reveal scenario in which Adrien learns that Ladybug is Marinette,
  • and PANICS.
  • Because Ladybug? On a good day, he can almost believe that Chat Noir has a shot with Ladybug. She’s dazzling and incredible, sure, but she’s stubborn and she laughs at his dumb jokes and he’s seen her faceplant into the Seine. She’s a superhero, okay, but he’s ALSO a superhero, they can balance that? Maybe???
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is objectively the most popular girl in his grade. Everyone has had a crush on her at least once. Adrien breaks out into a cold sweat.
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is also tough as nails??? She stands up for what’s right in every situation, she’s faced down akumas without the suit, she even confronts CHLOE. Oh god.
  • Without a doubt, Marinette Dupain-Cheng is definitely the most talented person in the school. She has a million passions and wins every contest she enters, whether it’s for fashion design or video games or student council. OH GOD.
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng designed an album cover for JAGGED STONE when she was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Adrien asked for her AUTOGRAPH. OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD
  • “Plagg. Plagg, she’s even more incredible without the suit, what do I do, I don’t stand a chance – Plagg! Plagg why are you laughing!!!! THIS IS A CRISIS PLAGG HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THAT THIS IS A CRISIS, I’M”

Finds out about their feelings (in unsuspecting ways).

These faces!

Showing a more “loving” side with them.

Developing an even closer bond with them (Which I adore so very much)!

They love them, but just don’t know it yet.

Two of my favorite episodes in season 2 (So far).