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Sorry for lack of art. Been busy with school and me and my bro’s comic series!

I saw the Marinette and Chloe dolls recently and OMG I FELL IN LOVE AND HADTODRAWTHEM.

Of course Adrien and Nathanael like them too ;3

Hope you guys like, I’ve been neglecting my OTP BABIEZ and I apologize! But I hope you like!

Adrien: *Playing with Ladybug and Chat Noir dolls* Yes Chat, I do want to share my cookies with you. For the rest of my life too. We can just eat cookies together forever an- Plagg!


Adrien: I can explain

Plagg: The sad thing is that I’m not even surprised anymore

Akumatized Marinette

I know everyone is all on board the Marionette or Miss Fortune thing, and idk if what I’m about to suggest has been thought of before or not but…

  • Marinette getting possessed by an akuma
  • it happens because something happened to make her feel empty, alone, fragile, hurt; maybe Adrien rebuffed her affections putting Marinette at an all time low, and maybe Chloe saw that and took her chance to make Marinette feel so awful
  • She transforms and becomes China Doll; she is now essentially porcelain, and her outfit is more traditionally Chinese
  • At her touch, things turn to porcelain, and they stop being able to move. This way nobody can leave her again, and they won’t be able to hurt themselves either. How perfect, a world of glass is, as long as it’s undisturbed.
  • But really, who can trust a cat around glass things? Of course one would disturb what China Doll has created.
  • He spots her and he recognizes her as Marinette. He tries to appeal to her, to make her stop, because he doesn’t want to break her further.

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Inktober 2016 Day 10: Fave ship. 


I have many faves, but my current is these two cuties. I can’t handle them and their awkwardness, so I thought I’d give them a post-reveal fall-winter feel for optimal snuggles. Something about forehead boops is the best.

(I’m using the design dolls prompt) 

at her wit’s end

AO3 | written for @overworkedunderwhelmed​ as part of the ML Spring Exchange 

“They have to know. I would sooner lock them up in a room and send an akuma right there than let this trip end without them discovering the truth.” Alya stomped her feet, the fire in her eyes downright terrifying.

“You know I’m usually with you,” Nino started, no doubt in his mind that Alya wasn’t making empty threats with what she just said. “But I don’t really think that’s a good idea. Promise me you won’t do that.”

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First off, Happy Anniversary Miraculous Ladybug!!! This show took over my life and I have no regrets. Except maybe the lack of sleep but totally worth it. 

Ah, procrastination my old friend. I swear I didn’t even to plan to finish this just when the anniversary came up. Happy coincidence. Anywho, with this epilogue, I’m finally pulling the curtain on my miraculous Cinderella AU. Thank you so much for enjoying the fun with me. I’m going to take a break, aside from a few requests that I’ve put on hold. I’m moving to the US in October and hopefully find a job that’s more fulfilling to me. 

How about a bit of story, cos I obviously couldn’t draw every single detail: 

  • Eight years have passed, and the Royal family now have a beloved prince and princess. Hugo Gerald Agreste, 6-7 years old, and Emma Maylis Agreste, 4 years old. The Lahiffe family have their twins, Erwan (left) and Ethan (right), who are 6 years old. 
  • Hugo and Emma have a habit of distracting each other and running off to do whatever is fun. Marinette blames this particular habit on Adrien. It’s gets worse when the Lahiffe twins are in the picture.
  • Emma is obsessed with fairies so she adores fairy tales and likes being called nicknames with “fairy” attached to them. The surprise Hugo wants to show Emma is indeed a fairy. He has seen glimpses of a cute flying purple figure (*wink*Noorooo*wink*) around the palace.
  • Hugo (obviously) inherits all of his father’s toys so Adrien takes every chance to relive all of his childhood. (One Piece reference cos I’m a big fan. I missed my chance in that one flashback arc.) Unlike Adrien, Hugo loves things related to the jungle. He likes to think of himself fierce like a tiger so that quickly became his nickname. 
  • Marinette sewed doll plushies for Emma. As you can see, she made Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Tikki. No Plagg cos Mari doesn’t know what he looks like and Adrien couldn’t remember him clearly when Mari started making the doll plushies. Plagg may or may not have pulled a few pranks cos he felt a little left out. During bedtime, whenever Marinette or Adrien would run out of stories to read they would use the Ladybug and Chat Noir plushies and improvise with a new villain each time. 
  • For bonding time, sometimes Marinette teaches her children how to bake while Adrien teaches them gardening and flower language. (Btw, the flowers Adrien are holding are supposed to be carnations but i drew them too big haha. Let’s just say the royal gardens have a special variety of large carnations.)
  • Whenever Marinette or Adrien are away or too busy, Gabriel helps keep Emma and Hugo entertained, usually with hide and seek. They make it a contest to see who could make Grandpa Gabe give up in finding them. So far, neither child has been successful.
  • Ethan and Erwan inherited their father’s love for music. However, Ethan is more skilled with his hands while Erwan loves using his vocal cords. (The song they’re singing is from Téir Abhaile Riú by Celtic woman. I’ll always be grateful for such a wonderful festival song recommendation.)
Light of My Life

Here’s my story from the Little Light Zine! All the donations will benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew, so donate while you can!

A Little Light is a digital Miraculous Ladybug charity zine to benefit the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The zine includes art, fanfics, and cosplay. Zine orders will be open until Feb. 1.
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Marinette was doing her best to hurry home. Sure, it was December, so a certain amount of chill was expected, but it was colder than usual and she had no desire to be out in it longer than she had to. Granted, the snow that was drifting lazily down into the glittering, lightened Paris streets was a pretty sight to behold, but not pretty enough to keep her from hot chocolate and a cozy bed.

Huddled up in her pink jacket, she resituated her bag on her back and hunkered onward. She was almost home—the sparkling, holiday decorated park on her left the one only just outside her house—and it might have been only moments before she was welcomed into the warmth of her parents’ bakery were it not for the familiar silhouette that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Staring through the glare of twinkling lights and falling snow, she watched as he walked from a bench to the bundle huddled nearby. In a perfectly fitted gray pea coat and the blue scarf she’d given him for his birthday, he hardly stood out aside from the usual glow of his blonde hair, but she knew it was him.


As a natural reaction, her heart did a little flip before pounding faster, hands tightening around her bag straps. Suddenly, staying out in the cold didn’t seem like such a bad idea if she could get herself into Adrien’s company.

Like a well-oiled machine, her mind started coming up with one scenario after another—all the excuses she could use to explain why she was walking over. Ultimately, she came to the conclusion that—since they were classmates—she didn’t need a reason to start up a conversation. Taking a deep breath, she told herself to stay strong and not fall to pieces before she marched off the sidewalk and into the park.

Right up to Adrien, who was…

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