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pll 7x15

So this episode of pll introduces; creepy and also really shitty A.D facetime but with arias face, honestly was i the only one who audibly laughed? 

apparently A.D is gonna finish the game with aria. ok, sure. 

Hannah doesn’t want to believe Lucas is fucking crazy and also friends with Charles. 

aria ignores a facetime and gets a warning from A. oooh scary

Spencer is now bringing cupcakes to Fury. ok. also fury totally knows what up with the girls, he is totally on their trail. also, Spencer is quick as fuck and dodges his questions like a champ. 

Nicole’s parents want Ezra back. cool, fuck off, can they not deal with it themselves? leave him alone! fuck. 

aria keeps telling everything to her facetime buddy. ok cute. im super into aria being all dark and shit but this facetime aria mask thing is being a real downer and making it ridiculous.  

Paige is still here. ew

the baby is indeed Emily’s and also is not Archers, thank god. (my theory is that Ali will have twins and one of the twins will be made from Ali’s egg and the other will be Emily’s egg) 

Spencer starts to get wine bottle messages from Mary, dude, just send her a damn text next time, dont break into her house. aren’t you trying to gain her trust? smh. 

Hannah and Em stalk Lucas’ apartment and find a comic he wrote with Charles that has a name that closely resembles Archer. its also all about how this person takes revenge on behalf of the other and the drawings look a lot like the dollhouse. coincidence? obviously not, duh

Fury definitely knows whats up. no doubt 

aria tells A.D about the comic book and then puts it in a high school locker, when she feels guilty and goes to get it back she receives a black hoodie. shes in! 

Emily tells Ali she wants to keep the baby, obviously

Lucas totally fucks over Hannah and puts the factory up for sale, so much for “no Lucas is a good guy” 

Mona is literally living for the game, she already knows how it works and is treating it like a piece of art. damn, i fucking love Mona. 

Paige is gonna leave. whoooo, dont bring that pant suit ass back. thanks.

Ezra is all packed and ready to leave again. Aria finally gets angry and goes off at Ezra because he is being a total dick. he still goes to the airport, fuck face. 

Spencer thinks she is gonna meet Mary but then fury pops the fuck up out of nowhere and is all “dude, everything about this damn case points back to you” and Spencer is all “yeah but can i leave now?” and then scoots the fuck outta there. 

honesty Paige couldn’t be any creepier, dont just come into someones house when they are sleeping. fuck. Paige also helps Ali realize that she actually loves Emily. ok. 

Hannah wants Mona to help her win the game and Mona is all “nah fuck off, ill get addicted mate” but then helps Hannah anyways so that she can finally ‘win’

Spencer is meeting Wren at an airport and they look to be having a heated discussion (wtf is going on here? more secrets?). Spencer sees Ezra and introduces him to Wren, yeah they have definitely met before, lets be real. 

Ali is gonna keep the baby and her and Em are gonna raise them as a fam, cute. 

Ezra goes homes cause he feels guilty and Aria was right (i reckon that seeing Wren freaked him out and her retreated home, cause he is up to no good)  

Aria misses another call from A.D, and then the scene flips to A.D getting all made and creepy laughing with Aria’s file, ok, this is just to damn weird. why did they make something that could have been sick af, really cringe. damn, it had potential. 

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^^ actually me when A.D face-timed aria, omg it was so ridiculous.

* also shout out to Troian who directed this episode, she is a fucking babe, and deserves more than this. 

Die Gorch Fock is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name as a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both are named in honor of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym “Gorch Fock” and died in the battle of Jutland/Skagerrak in 1916. The modern-day Gorch Fock was built in 1958 and had undertaken 146 cruises by 2006, including a tour around the world in 1988. She is under the command of the Naval Academy in Flensburg-Mürwik.

OP AU where One Piece is the new virtual reality mmo that’s just come out and is super fucking popular the world over.

At level 10, players choose whether they want to join the Marines, or become pirates.

Players who become pirates will then join up with other players to make their own “pirate crew” (guild) and set sail from their beginner island in search of new adventures.

Often, the pirate crews that beginners join at level 10 are just temporary crews until they reach one of the major cities, and can then part ways to join one of the bigger crews stationed in the Grand Line that usually have recruiters stationed at the major cities.

The beginner islands that users can choose from are scattered throughout the four Blues, and each island has its own loyalties.

The Conomi Islands, for example, are a popular starting island for players aspiring to become pirates, as it’s the HQ of the Arlong Pirates.

Whereas players looking to become Marines will, obviously, start at an island with a Marine Base.

Luffy, never being one to think things through or plan ahead, decides to choose his beginner island randomly and ends up at Dawn Island - one of the resort islands popular with those players who were just playing One Piece for the beautiful scenery. Most of these players never set foot in the Grand Line, and spend most of their time exploring the four Blues or meeting people and hanging out in the island they chose to settle down in. As a result, there aren’t very many quests to help a newbie level up, and Luffy ends up stuck on Dawn Island for a long long time as he slowly, painstakingly raises his levels through grinding, and saves enough money to buy a boat that will take him to at least one of the better suited beginner islands.

At one point, he’s almost saved when the Red Haired Pirates (a crew usually stationed in the second half of the Grand Line) visit Dawn Island so that their Captain can visit his irl wife at the bar she runs in-game, and so that she can meet the crewmates he’s always telling her so much about.

However the Captain, Red Hair Shanks, refuses to take Luffy along with them because he’s still only at level 7 and it’d be dangerous for him because even now there are like three Marine ships tailing the Red Hair Pirates, wondering what the hell they’re doing in the East Blue. He does offer to give Luffy enough Gold to buy a little boat for himself, but Luffy’s too proud to accept charity from another player.

In the end, the red hair pirates stay at Dawn Island for about a week, just relaxing before they’re thrown back into the fray of the New World, and during that time Luffy friends most of the Red Hair pirates, and also ends up accidentally eating the Gomu Gomu no mi, a super super rare item that Shanks had been planning to sell in the AH.

In the end, about a month or so after Shanks and his crew leaves, Luffy is finally able to get off Dawn Island, and begin his adventure towards becoming the Pirate King.

And the first crewmember he’s planning on recruiting?

The super infamous pk’er, Pirate Hunter Zoro!