Combat Art

A custom gas mask + boot art combo that was made to help raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. The boots were worn by a USMC Sgt during his deployment and features tears from shrapnel. A cast resin bulldog skull was also added since the bulldog is the Marine Corps mascot. It eventually sold online at auction for $1,025. It’s kind of got a wasteland, Fallout-look to it. (GRH)


Major Bambi: Meet The Marine Who Was Disney’s Famous Fawn

Donnie Dunagan is a hard-nosed Marine, a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War who served for a quarter-century. First drafted in the ‘50s and subsequently promoted 13 times in 21 years — a Corps record at the time, he recalls — Dunagan found the Marines a perfect fit. That is, so long as he could keep a secret.

A dark reminder of the past Dunagan left behind still lurked unspoken: He was Bambi.

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U.S. Marines prevent massacre on board French high-speed train
A crazed gunman, who opened fire with an assault rifle onboard a high-speed train between Amsterdam and Paris was detained by a group of US Marines who were travelling on the service.

One news outlet mentions a British soldier also being present to help take down the terrorist. Devil Dogs do the job unarmed if necessary.

It was a great time this morning at the Glock Krieg Fun and Gun Run benefitting the Marine Corp League and Veterans R&R!


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