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A small comparison between the concept art for DOOM (1993) and DOOM (2016)

Note: No concept art is better than the other, I’m simply sharing both versions of each of its most iconic characters.

The concepts in the left were designed by Adrian Carmack (yes, at one point that was the revenant!); unfortunately I don’t have info. or names of the authors behind the concepts for the new game.


Doomguy - the silent protagonist of Doom.

He may look and sound like a male in the games, but in reality the true nature of Doomguy is the player itself, as originally conceived in 1993 by the creators of Doom, id software.

The sole human survivor of a demonic invasion on Mars’ natural satellites - Phobos and Deimos, that literally fought to Hell and back to claim back both space and his very home planet. The OG badass space marine that was cool before it became cool to be a space marine in videogames! (/hipster).