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First rule of PLL - every new character is more relevant than the main protagonists and the characters who have been there from the beginning
Hanna is Mary's daughter and possibly working for Uber A

Hanna this season seemed way too sketchy like up until the Mary reveal moment, I thought she was the one with an evil twin because of how different and shady she looked.
My theory is that Hanna is Mary’s daughter and Alison’s cousin. I’ve already made a thought/theory about Hanna being Mary’s daughter before the reveal ( so here’s another one with proof.
Mary has two kids. A boy who is now a girl who was born 30 years ago (not 25 Marlene, you and your plot holes), and a girl who was born 23 years ago.
Charlotte was adopted by the DiLaurentis, and Hanna was adopted by the Marins obviously because Mary couldn’t take care of her kids in a mental hospital.
Now that Mary is back to avenge her first born’s death, she also got to take her second.
-“We’ve finally taken back what was supposed to be mine”, aka the money, the house, and Hanna.
-Charlotte payed Hanna’s college tuition, why? Because she’s her sister
-Charlotte was upset that Mona hit Hanna with a car because how dare her hurt her sister.
-“Mrs. DiLaurentis”, cared about Hanna and was nice to her because it wasn’t really Jessica, it was Mary pretending to be her sister.
-Tom didn’t give a crap about Hanna because she isn’t his real daughter.
-The fact that a lot of people had mistaken Hanna and Alison for being sisters and Charlotte and Alison too. It’s because they’re Ali’s cousins.
-Hanna doesn’t look like Ashley at all but does look like Mary. -Hanna and Charlotte never had a one on one scene.
I think that Hanna didn’t know she was adopted and Mary’s daughter until now.
Once she found out and met up with Mary, Mary told her about their plan to avenge Charlotte’s death. Hanna was pissed and agreed to help her take down the DiLaurentis’ and the girls.
The kidnaping was fake, and Mary wanted to get caught.
Mary told Hanna to “confess” for Charlotte murder in order for Mary to be able to come home because she knew that the girls and the guys will try to trap Uber A once they’d meet up with Hanna.
Now Mary can come home safely and stop hiding away and her and Hanna can go on with their plan and hide in plain sight.

Marlene King Every Season
  • Marlene: Time to think of more plots.
  • Writer: How about we explore the complexity of the main characters and not focus so much on relationships.
  • Marlene: 4 more love interests, what a great idea, anymore?
  • Writer: We could explore how Emily has dealt with her Father's death and also explore what her struggles are.
  • Marlene: Or give her 2 more girlfriends, anything else
  • Writer: We could explain the intricate family tree that is the Dilaurentis' and help the viewers understand the family.
  • Marlene: Or we could add another mysterious family member
Do the producers of PLL really think that all the new emojis and video calls make up for the plot holes and the lame storylines ?
Hanna is "dead" theory

So the season 6 finale ended with Hanna being dragged by uber A in what appeared to be the church bell tower. She appears to be “dead”. Freeform was advertising that someone will die. Hanna seems to be the only choice we have.

I think the show might be following the books’ plot again with one of the four Liars dying, but actually faked their death in an attempt to help catch A.
In the books, this was Emily.
In the show, it might be Hanna.
Now it’s possible that the show already did decide to do this homage to the books but with Mona instead.
But for this theory’s sake, I’m just going to assume that’s not the case. 😂