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Kelly Clark, curator of trainers at SeaWorld Orlando told a bold faced lie on Fox News last night, claiming that SeaWorld has not separated a young orca from its mother in over 35 years.

What about:

  • Kalina (Aged 4) taken from Katina in 1990 and moved from Florida to Ohio. 
  • Katerina (Aged 2) taken from Katina in 1991 and moved from Florida to Ohio.
  • Kayla (Aged 2) taken from Kenau in 1991 and moved from Texas to Ohio and later moved to Florida.
  • Splash (Aged 2) taken from Nootka V in 1992 and moved from Marineland Canada to SeaWorld California.
  • Keet (Aged 1) taken from Kalina in 1994 and moved from Texas to California.
  • Sumar (Less than 1 year old) taken from Taima in 1999 and moved from Florida to California.
  • Keto (Aged 3) taken from Kalina in 1999 and moved from Florida to California and later moved to Loro Parque, Spain.
  • Shouka (Aged 9) taken from Sharkan in 2002 and moved from Marineland France to Six Flags Ohio and later to SeaWorld California.
  • Unna (Aged 5) taken from Katina in 2002 and moved from Florida to Texas. 
  • Takara (Aged 12) taken from Kasatka in 2004 and moved from California to Florida and later moved to Texas.
  • Tuar (Aged 4) taken from Kalina in 2004 and moved from Florida to Texas. 
  • Tekoa (Aged 3) taken from Taima in 2004 and moved from Florida to Texas and later to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Ikaika (Aged 4) taken from Katina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Marineland Canada. 
  • Kohana (Aged 2) taken from Takara in 2006 and moved from Florida to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Skyla (Aged 2) taken from Kalina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Taku (Aged 12) taken from Katina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Texas. 

I won’t ever understand how someone could go onto television and lie so freely; the most recent separations even occurred at the park where Clark works.

 (Feel free to add any more i may have missed or correct any information i might have gotten wrong)


Alone with the Stars

When I was driving back from Jacksonville to Orlando, I decided to drop by Marineland Beach which was between St. Augustine and Flagler in order to take star photos. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore at night when you are all alone seemed very eerie. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil


August 11’s Moon Rise

I went to Marineland Beach in Florida which faces the East in order to watch the moon rise. The horizon itself was cloudy so the moon showed itself when it was well above the water. It was so beautiful though and the diffused light from the clouds made the light all the more warmer. I was all alone at the beach and I had the Walter Mitty Soundtrack playing while waiting and eating a sandwich I brought along. It was well worth the wait and the trip! 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

I’m really having a hard time believing it. Nellie was a dolphin who was larger than life, and to me, she always represented a kind of cetacean Steve Irwin- someone who was fantastic and admirable and so much MORE– and when I had the opportunity to see her in person, it was quite possibly the best day of my life. She was gorgeous- just a few weeks shy of her 61st birthday- and her eyes, though dulled by cataracts, seemed to have this ancient wisdom about them. And I thought that maybe she would be logging- drifting about waiting for her time like my family’s 12 year old collie mix before she had to be put down- but no, Nellie was twirling about, squirting water from her mouth and letting it rain down upon her face. Nellie was an inspiration to all who met her, a true animal ambassador. She interacted with visitors and aided in research.

And when I watched that video, I cried and laughed both. Because I’m truly grieving over this- but I know she lived a good, long (quite frankly ridiculously long) life. And I know her legacy will live on. And honestly watching Luna being a total adorable perfect darling behind Dr. Hunt reminded me that even if Nellie’s gone, there are animals out there that we all still love and derive joy from, it’s not the end of the world.

Nellie taught me about finding new beauties and new joys, even when you can’t do the same things you loved in your youth. She taught me that statistics can be just a number, and that love is what truly keeps us alive. Rest in peace, you gorgeous old girl.

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Visited these dorks with Coral today! Love my Marineland family!


Yes, because if it’s a captive dolphin, they all have to be captured from Taiji? Right. For one, Nellie was born in captivity… For 2, she’s an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. There’s an important word in her species… Atlantic. Where is Taiji? In Japan. Where is Japan? In the Pacific Ocean. Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins do not live in the waters even remotely NEAR Japan. So she, nor her parents could have originated from Taiji. They would have come from somewhere in the Atlantic.

Not everything you see, hear, or read is true. It’s important to do some serious research and make the distinction between fact and fiction.

Everybody lies.

Also, I’m not even sure Taiji was capturing dolphins back then either.