I am not trying to brag or anything but it takes a special woman to love a military man and not everyone can do it. So when you say things like, “you’re crazy for waiting and thinking it will work” I just smile because I know God didn’t choose you to love one of his soldiers for a reason. 

I'm a military girlfriend.

alright to all the girls & guys out there that say military girlfriends are selfish for saying we are better then most girlfriend is not true. we are 99% of the time more loyal then regular girlfriends. we wait weeks, months, years for one kiss. but that kiss is worth years of waiting. that coming home hug is worth the wait. we wear his hoodie for comfort. we don’t know if he will come home alive. we will stay up late waiting for your call. we will go to sleep early every night & wake up late every morning but we still never feel like we got sleep. your boyfriend belongs to you. my boyfriend belongs to the military. you complain you haven’t seen him in a few hours. I go months on end without seeing him. you haven’t heard from him in a couple hours? I haven’t heard from him in weeks. you’ll get mad & ignore his call ? I would do anything for just 5 minutes to hear him. you take him for granted, I don’t. so the next time you call a military girlfriend selfish?? think about what I just said.

I am a usmc girlfriend

I complain about boots left in the living room but then I remember one day those boots will have to leave.

I hang the same pictures every three years but I do it on different walls.

I can open the pickle jar but I have him do it when he’s here.

I tear up when I see a blue star banner or a yellow ribbon around a tree but I know the pride that comes with them.

I cry for fallen soldiers I did not know and pray for wives I’ll never meet but they would do the same for me.

I’m not afraid of the night but I’m terrified of the darkness that steals into his dreams and causes him to wake in a sweat.

I may not know my zip code or which road leads to my house but I have the ultimate understanding of home.

I know chocolate doesn’t go in a care package but it doesn’t matter because candy bars aren’t what he’ll miss the most.

I’m not supposed to hold his hand or grab his butt in uniform but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to.

I don’t salute the flag like he does but I love it just as much.

I know the military alphabet but military time still slows me down.

I’m strong enough to send him to war but that doesn’t mean I want to.

I have no family here but I’m surrounded by”sisters” .

I look forward to long weekends but I know Memorial Day is much more than just the start of summer.

I don’t know the exact meaning of “oorah” but I know exactly when to use it.

I’m not a hero but I’m lucky enough to be in love with one.

I am an Usmc girlfriend but most importantly I am his girlfriend.

—  Military girlfriend

I went to go see Jean this weekend for MCT graduation. It’s never enough time but whatever it was time and I enjoyed every second of it (yes this is my picture of us) we had a lot of fun and it’s never easy to say bye, I knew I’d be seeing him for my birthday which is a couple of weeks from now but it still made me sad to say bye. I cried after our goodbyes because Jean doesn’t like seeing me cry, it makes him sad and feel bad so I try not to. So I cried in the car. Anyway I’ll be seeing him in less than 2 weeks. I have to go renew my license since I’ll be turning 21. The only thing I wanted was to be w Jean and it looks like that’s gonna happen 😁 💕🐻🐷

Dating the Dress Blues

Dating a Marine is hard, because you don’t get to see one another each and every day. You don’t get to spend holidays together. And you don’t always get to talk.
Dating a Marine is a once in a lifetime thing. Once you have them, don’t let them go. They have a one of a kind love. A love that is so strong they will fight for you. A love so strong that even the distance can’t tear it apart.
Dating a Marine is a rare and beautiful thing. So love your Marine for everything they are and support them. Even when times get tough. Love them. Even when you want to give up. And most importantly stay strong, you’ll have your Marine back to you soon enough.

A Marine Girlfriend's Prayer

Dear Lord, before I close my eyes to sleep, I pray thee, Lord, his soul to keep.
Keep him here, safe and sound. Keep his boots on American grounds. Allow him trips to go back home. Give us time for our love to grow.
But when the day comes, and we’re oceans a part, give him peace to calm his heart, give him sleep to ease his soul, and keep his eye on the goal.
Show him miracles throughout each day, so he knows that I am continuing to pray.
Surround him with angels and watch over his bed. Keep him safe so his blood isn’t shed.
Give him the strength to survive each day, knowing your grace is never far away.
Provide him with memories of me by his side, so he never once doubts that I remain SEMPER FI.
You see, Lord, this Marine is my friend, my love, my life… and I pray for the day that he calls me his wife.
I know he must first serve your purpose, so I sit and patiently wait…
But if something happened to him let him enter your gates, because you see.. God, he is a selfless and sacrificing man, he’s already given so much for the people of this land.
My lips he can not kiss, and my arms he can not embrace, he sleeps alone in his rack in a bare and confined place.
He’s missed his mom’s cooking and the hugs from his nephews too, this is why he is part of “THE PROUD AND THE FEW.”
So please reserve his pass, tell Peter to let him in, he’s already gone though hell, don’t make him go again… But please don’t take him from me yet, Iraq and heaven can wait, I need to grow old with him, I want to join him at the gates.
Can’t you see dear Lord? As true as it already seems, I can’t live my life… Not without my Marine. AMEN.

The USMC Girlfriend Creed.

I am a Marine Girlfriend. 
In other words, I have gone through the LDL class of San Diego or Parris Island basic training. I have 
attempted and completed the Long-Distance Learning sector of Marine Corps boot camp, graduating from 
Platoon GF, right along with my Devil Dog in his own platoon. I am proud to have earned the title of 
United States Marine Girlfriend. Along with my Leatherneck, I 
have suffered, been broke down, and been rebuilt and designed as an entirely new person.
I have unleashed a new patriotism to my country and my Corps.
Yes, I belong to the Corps because I am committed to my Marine, and he is committed to the Corps. 
There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Corps is his life and I am his spirit. 
I have learned the hard way, as he has learned also. 
Wherever the USMC takes him, I will follow, whether it be in presence or in thought.
I will learn as much as possible about the Corps, because this is my duty. And I am always on Active Duty.
I will always remain true to the Marine Corps Girlfriend’s Core Values,
because just as my Marine is always presented under the image of the United States Marine Corps,
so I am an example to all Marine girlfriends everywhere.
I will always remain faithful: to my Marine, my sisterhood of Marine girlfriends, my Corps, and my country. 
And when my Marine is called for duty, so I will be also.
I will support him at all times and at all costs, support my MC family, and will always remain loyal to the privilege of being the girlfriend of one of “The Few, The Proud.” I am a USMC ambassador; for while my Marine retains peace and order in far away lands, I will keep watch over our home land, and always remain 
honorable, courageous, and committed. I am a United States Marine Girlfriend.
Semper Fidelis.