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AU Marine: Riskua and Ace getting married at Marineford because her family are all there and really how often does that actually happen? - inspired this: (That god-damn idiot! Does he still go on about how he should not live??) "HEY WHITEBEARD!" Riskua positively bellows out while running and decimating the unfortunate Marines in her way to Ace- "WOULD YOU MARRY ME AND ACE?! LIKE RIGHT NOW?!" And she manages what not many has done so far, she stops the entire god damn battle - because WHAT??

“Gurararara! Ballsy brat, of course I will!”

“Wait, what?!” Garp snaps to attention at the same time Sengoku splutters, the Fleet Admiral staring at Portgas who stares back, just as shocked/horrified/confused. Only there a small spark of want in those young, near defeated eyes. 

“-take Ace as your husband?” Shit, they’re actually doing it. Pirate Captain or not, Whitebeard is still a captain, and this will actually count. And it’s been fucking broadcasted. 

“I do!”

Akainu goes flying at the redhead, but then the Phoenix is there, smashing him off course with a snarl of ‘let the ceremony finish!’

“And you, my precious son? Would you take this woman-”

“Yes! I- I do!” Portgas struggles, knees scraping against the wood of the execution platform as he tries to get closer to the edge, tries to see all those who’ve come to save him. If they weren’t pirates, maybe Sengoku would find this heart breaking.

“I’m not happy about being left out of this!” 

Fuck, what the hell is Red Hair doing here?! 

“But we’ll have a talk after I save my new son-in-law.”

His new what?!