Leafy Sea Dragon 

The species have become endangered through pollution and industrial runoff as well as collection by fascinated divers who are entranced by their unique appearance. In response to these dangers the species has been totally protected in South Australia since 1987.

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Hi , do you know any studyblrs related to biology or marine biology?

Hi! Here are the ones I was able to find:


Marine biology studyblrs I only found these! Rare folks!

  • @oceanknowledge - with a degree in marine biology at Newcastle University
  • @studentsparrow -  Sparrow, studying Ecology, Evolution and Behavior in college, minoring in Marine Biology
  • @mermaid-studies - Alice, marine biology student, second year marine vertebrate zoology student at Bangor University (inactive since February :c)
  • @marinebio-psych-studies - Maggie, high school junior soon to be Marine Biology Major and Psychology Minor (was only active during January :c)

Not studyblr but only marine biology content:

Bonus: people who happen to study biology because of their course work (I don’t how longer they will study it):

Active blogs who can relate: tag yourselves so I can add you!

Hello all! 
It’s Helena :) I’ve been a lurker of the studyblr community for just over a year now haha. This is my last year of undergrad studying Neuroscience & Biology so I’ve decided to make the most of it. I’m hoping that this studyblr will help keep me accountable in my studies while learning from you guys and sharing what I have learned.  

a little about me:
❄️  I love winter (as if it wasn’t already obvious enough lol)
❄️  bad case of wanderlust.. hoping to travel around Europe and Asia as soon as I graduate 
❄️  love learning about different cultures, civilizations, and languages - particularly Indigenous civilizations 
❄️  aspiring nurse/doctor
❄️  coffee is my best friend
❄️  music is my boyfriend - I love making playlists

❄️  learn and share what I have learned 
❄️  read more (outside of uni readings)
❄️  complete the 100 days of productivity challenge!! 
❄️  actually follow my study schedule for once lol 
❄️  improve my writing!**

my favourite studyblrs
@universi-tea @medemedemed @castillos-co @stillstudies @mednotes @studie-s @elkstudies @marinebios @einstetic @reviserepeat @lattetudes @quantumheels @aetudes

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A diver swims alongside a Greenland shark, a rarely-seen species that looks like it has been etched from stone. They can survive for up to 200 years at depths of up to 600 metres under Arctic ice. They grow to 23-feet long they have even been known to eat polar bears.


Got a lovely hug from a wonderful octopus today.

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New direction for this blog.

Hey guys, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back now!

I’ve decided to make this blog into something new. I’ve wanted a studyblr for a while now so I figured this blog was the best for that. I’ll still be posting about marine life occasionally, but now including stuff about school and sports, etc.
Marine biologist hitches a ride on the world's largest shark

Marine biologist Forrest Galante, pictured, said he had no concerns swimming with the giant whale shark off the coast of Mexico as the creature is ‘a gentle giant’ despite growing to 44ft in length.


This article came up on my google alerts. I opened it to see an idiot riding a whale shark.  The WORST part is he claims he is studying the sharks. ABSOLUTELY NO whale shark research or any other research I have ever met/worked with has EVER been so disrespectful and stupid to ride a whale shark, take a selfie and promote his study.  

Forrest Galante you are a TERRIBLE example to ocean lovers everywhere and I am ashamed to see the word marine biologist along your name.  You are irresponsible and setting a bad example to everyone.  I hope no young marine biologist grows up to be like you.  

Go back to school and learn some respect. 

Streetwalk SF: Land's End 2_2_2015

ello everyone. This week’s streetwalk is off-road. Thus, less architecture and urbanism talk, and a bit more marine biology. Join me on the west side of San Francisco, where the Pacific Ocean crashes into the land. I hopped on my bike and rode from my apartment, through the Panhandle, on down through Golden Gate Park, then up the super steep hill past Cliff House. Almost at the top of the hill, I came to Land’s End, home of a new visitor’s center (replacing porta potties!), a large parking lot, and a view over the Sutro Baths. Usually full of tourists, there are several walking paths that branch off down and right out of the lot. I locked up my bike and headed straight for my favorite destination, the Land’s End Trail down to Mile Rock Beach (I always just call it Land’s End beach….). I planned to walk the labyrinth perched above the beach, but I’m so uncentered I’m not sure one labyrinth walk is going to do the trick. At the point above the beach look right: there’s the Golden Gate Bridge. 

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Barbara Block與黑鮪魚

Barbara Block是我相當尊敬的科學家,她長期投入黑鮪魚研究,試著用衛星標識器解析大西洋黑鮪的族群動態,最終証實大西洋黑鮪只有一個族群,與現今漁業管理模型並不相符。這項研究成果,無疑是在國際漁業委員會裡投下一枚炸彈,即使大西洋黑鮪魚仍在CITES I外,我們還是得記住這點:餐桌上的珍饈,其實是瀕臨絕種的野生動物。

用週末兩天把這場TED演講的正體中文字幕翻完,由於尚未編輯,文句可能還有不通順的地方。如果對Barbara Block的研究有興趣,可以參考這一篇2005年發表在Nature的期刊論文。