A diver swims alongside a Greenland shark, a rarely-seen species that looks like it has been etched from stone. They can survive for up to 200 years at depths of up to 600 metres under Arctic ice. They grow to 23-feet long they have even been known to eat polar bears.


Got a lovely hug from a wonderful octopus today.

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Leafy Sea Dragon 

The species have become endangered through pollution and industrial runoff as well as collection by fascinated divers who are entranced by their unique appearance. In response to these dangers the species has been totally protected in South Australia since 1987.

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Want to know more about the world’d largest shark?

Check out this awesome infographic by the fabulous Nailah Alam. Using the knowledge of our LAMAVE researchers Nailah brought some of our best whale shark facts to life. The infographic is aimed at everyone - whether you are a teacher looking for classroom materials or you just want to find out more about the awesome animals we have in our oceans. 

You can download your own copy on our website.

Go get sharkified!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my amazing One Hectare tee from Project Seagrass 😊💞

Every hour an estimated area of seagrass the size of two football pitches is lost. The rate of loss is equal to that occurring in tropical rainforests and on coral reefs yet it receives a fraction of the attention…. so what if we could each help save just one hectare….?

1ha of seagrass can produce 100,000 litres of oxygen per day, support 80,000 fish & 100 million invertebrates, provides food for turtles, manatees & dugongs, absorbs 10 times MORE carbon dioxide than a pristine hectare of rainforest and is worth approximately $40,000 per year!!

Saving seagrass means saving our seas!!🙌🐙

Every penny made on this t-shirt goes directly to the One Hectare Campaign 👍

🐋I loved watching this male singer 💙🐋 photo by @nataliekparra on a @gopro

The “Mammalian Diving Reflex”, in marine mammals, enables prolonged diving by restricting circulation, and thus oxygen, to less sensitive organs, reserving it for the more vital organs (heart and brain). An associated feature of the reflex is bradycardia (slowing of the heat rate). This reflex is an adaptation of all mammals, that marine mammals have specialised over time. 🐳🐋🌏 Imagine if we could learn and train to control this diving reflex in ourselves, like many marine mammals have? 😌⚓️🌊 Research is looking deep into the questions associated with when it comes to this diving adaptation, humans may be closer to whales than most researchers have realized… . .
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New direction for this blog.

Hey guys, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back now!

I’ve decided to make this blog into something new. I’ve wanted a studyblr for a while now so I figured this blog was the best for that. I’ll still be posting about marine life occasionally, but now including stuff about school and sports, etc.


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7-Night Getaway for up to 10 Guests at the Luxurious Grand Summit Hotel at the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT

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For thrillseekers, seize the opportunity to get your heart racing on an Olympic bobsled track!

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Marine biologist hitches a ride on the world's largest shark

Marine biologist Forrest Galante, pictured, said he had no concerns swimming with the giant whale shark off the coast of Mexico as the creature is ‘a gentle giant’ despite growing to 44ft in length.


This article came up on my google alerts. I opened it to see an idiot riding a whale shark.  The WORST part is he claims he is studying the sharks. ABSOLUTELY NO whale shark research or any other research I have ever met/worked with has EVER been so disrespectful and stupid to ride a whale shark, take a selfie and promote his study.  

Forrest Galante you are a TERRIBLE example to ocean lovers everywhere and I am ashamed to see the word marine biologist along your name.  You are irresponsible and setting a bad example to everyone.  I hope no young marine biologist grows up to be like you.  

Go back to school and learn some respect.