First deployment. I hate not being able to hear your voice or hold your hand or feel your warmth. Not being able to kiss you or hug you. Not being able to call you when something’s wrong. Not being able to vent to you when I’m mad. Not being able to fall asleep with you. Not being able to cuddle with you and watch movies.
I never knew it would be this hard. I’ve cried my eyes out just thinking about you. I’ve held my pillow right wishing it was you. I’ve looked up at the night sky and hope that wherever you are, you’re looking up at the same night sky and thinking about me too. We both kept saying,“We got this.”, “We’ll make it through.” And damn straight you’re right baby. I’m just hoping these 8 months fly by. Not knowing if you’re okay out there is killing me. Not knowing if you’ve eaten or if you’re getting enough sleep. Not knowing how you’re doing is the worst.
I miss you so much my king. I can’t wait for you to come back and start our own life together.
Your queen awaits you, and she is never letting go. I love you..I will never give up..

Welcome To My Life: 30 Day LDR Challenge List

kinda forgot to keep up with this haha so idk what im on

Day 5: Since when have you been together?

 We have been together since August 22,2012 :]

Day 6: What is the most random thing you know about him/her?

 He does the some beat with his hands when he doesnt know what to do in a situation or when he gets nervous he does it haha i find it funny xD