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Running improves your cardiovascular strength and endurance. The RECON Marines physical test includes a timed run; you must complete a three-mile run in 18 minutes.


Passing the RECON Marines fitness test requires performing 20 pull-ups in an unlimited amount of time.


To join the RECON Marines you have to complete 80 sit-ups in two minutes.

Recon Water-Based Training

Recon Marines are expected to be just as comfortable in the water as on land. At the Basic Recon Course, Marines are expected to swim 25 m underwater, float for 5 minutes, tread water with clothing on for 30 minutes, jump into a pool from 3 m or higher, retrieve their weapons from up to 15 feet of water and then swim 500 m.

Keep your head down

One of my best friends just deployed on his second tour to Afghanistan on Saturday with the 2nd Recon Battalion. He’s been kind of guiding me on my quest to become a Marine, and he’s always been someone that’s been there to answer any questions and give me any advice I need. My girlfriend asked me if I was sad he’s leaving. Of course I’m worried that something could happen to him, but am I sad? Fuck no. This is what he wants to do, and loves to do. He extended his contract a year specifically to have another chance to deploy to the desert. He’s got one combat deployment under his belt already, along with almost three years of training. He knows what he’s doing. Keep your head down & your chin tucked brother, and I’ll see you in 7 months. Come visit me in SOI when you get back.

An Army Ranger, a Recon Marine, a Navy SEAL, and a member of Delta Force are sitting around a camp fire. The Army Ranger, bragging about his exploits says “You guys aren’t so tough, I once parachuted down, marched fifty miles, and killed everyone in sight.” The Recon Marine is unimpressed, and says, “That’s nothing, I once made a beach landing, marched 60 miles, and killed everyone in sight.” The SEAL is unimpressed, he says “That’s nothing, I once swam 10 miles to shore, marched 70 miles, and killed everyone in sight with my bare hands.” Thoroughly impressed, they all look over at the Delta Force member, and he’s dead silent, just stirring the coals of the fire with his dick.