Marine artistry!

The painting (above): An ocean-going tug and supply vessel heads towards a North Sea oil rig during one of the regular tempests that sweep this vital piece of ocean between the United Kingdom and southern Scandinavia.

The artist: Marine Artist Robert Lloyd has  a worldwide reputation for producing visually stunning and technically accurate paintings for the marine industry, private individuals and museum collections.

His work above captures to perfection the drama – the turbulent seas….the leaden skies….the wave-tossed ships….the danger….the thrill – and the expertise and professionalism necessary to survive, and thrive….as man battles the elements.

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One of my other favorite (and there are quite a few!) paintings by Robert Lloyd helps illustrate the wide spectrum of his work….

….the classically gorgeous and graceful Swedish America Line passenger liner Kungsholm. In his painting below, Lloyd beautifully depicts Kungsholm as she approaches completion at the famous John Brown shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland in early 1966. 

The ship under construction next to her, stern visible beneath the cranes in the background, is the soon-to-be iconic queen of the seas, Cunard Lines’ Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2)….completed two years later in 1968.

I’m watching the episode of ink master where they’re tattooing animal skin on people and this girl is having four people tattoo her at once and is obviously very uncomfortable, crying and hyperventilating and the dude who always wears overalls is like “if you tap out, one of us is going home” like your client could pass out and you’re worried about getting kicked off a shitty tattoo show instead of comforting her???


Немного моих морских зарисовок..

Почти всё рисовала при сильном ветре и летящем на бумагу песке, поэтому рисунки немного примялись..

Блокнот для скетчей
тушь, перо, ручка..
И моё непреодолимое желание рисовать везде.. =)

Wow, I’ve just got back from a 90 minute dive with manta ray - what an amazing experience!

The location of the dive was Manta Point. A popular cleaning station for manta and an ideal site from which to observe and sketch these most incredible creatures.

Some of these guys are huge, around 6 metres wide. They’re pretty friendly too. Quite a few of them swam straight over the top of me. It’s the most exhilarating sensation. Not sure who was checking out who!


Today my first children’s book arrived! Yay! “Finn Flosse räumt das Meer auf” comes out in germany in late september!  And by the way, in english it would be called “Finn Flosse cleans up the ocean”. ;)

It´s an exiting story on the subject of garbage in the ocean!äumt%20das%20Meer%20auf&qid=1440688682&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1