Here are the Stark children, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon, ….and Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones, at the beginning of show, ep 1 season 1.  It’s in a week that begins the season 7 <3  I can’t wait ! I’m so happy, but I’m afraid, I fear the worst for some characters I love so much. haha. 
I hope you like this ^_^

Blitz. Our London Docks, 1940, by Charles Pears (1873-1958) Oil on canvas. Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London.

Born in Pontefract, Yorkshire, Pears was a marine painter, illustrator and artist. He was a commissioned officer in the Royal Marines during the First World War, and worked as an official War Artist during both the First and Second World Wars.

Today his artworks are held in the collections of the London Transport Museum, National Maritime Museum, National Railway Museum, Imperial War Museum, and Tate.


Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and Sansa Stark are both in my favorites characters from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire ! Thus, for sure, I also love SanSan ;)
I think there is many things to say on these two ! And I like them more and more  since that I had begun to read ASoIaF books lately ! There are many SanSan moments that I find very interesting and touching inside. I like their relationship in the show version too, it’s troubling and subtile, - and I love Rory McCann and Sophie Turner ! -  But, I’m a few sad to see that D&D have chosen to remove /shorten some moments which, I think,  however, are importants for the development of these two characters ! 
So, as  it’s still holidays for me, I have a few time, thus I decided that I would can to try to draw a short comic in color on a SanSan moment . I don’t say you right now what passage I have chosen, I prefer to keep secret some more ;) …
And here are some firsts searchs for their characters designs. I would like to stay close to book’s description, but also to the actors on the show, I have the habit to see them in these roles, I like their interpretation and style. For exemple, I already like Sandor’s armor in the show, so I kept it as base for these concepts . It was opportunity to make some search on period costumes, particularly for Sansa. Oh, and, yes, I know that Sandor’s burned face is him left side in book version, but, I have too the habit to Rory’s version, so, I choose to keep the right  for this design. I hope you’ll like these firsts sketchs ! More infos on this project soon ! ^_^ 


Ivan Aivazovsky (Ива́н Константи́нович Айвазо́вский) (1817–1900, Russia)

Marine paintings 2

Aivazovsky was a Russian Romantic painter, primarily of seascapes and marine scenes, and in his specialisation one of the greatest marine artists in history. He is renowned for his ability to depict a luminous and turbulent ocean.


Squid photoshoot in natural light! Plus a bonus Hermaea olivae nudibranch as well :) I absolutely adore this silky, shiny, deep red yarn- I think it’s perfect for a squid because it resembles their naturally iridescent skin.

something i hate in tuckington fics is that in the modern aus wash is always the cop/marine/martial artist and tucker is some cashier/barista/college student/struggling single dad and it makes me want to pull my hair out. tucker is also a soldier. wash just happens to be an elite/better soldier. why not have wash be like a navy seal or something why erase tucker’s ability to defend himself/fight back? because the recurring theme is that tucker gets hurt or attacked but can’t do anything and needs wash for security and protection and only then does he start self-defense classes or some bullshit.

tucker was a private first class who became a captain and alien ambassador. we all know what he’s been through and survived. he’s clever and smart and knows how to fight goddamn it.

tucker is the one to hold his own against epsilon!tex (relative to the other RedsandBlues) but is ultimately beaten because its tex and the reds are flailing idiots. according to the wiki, “tucker manages to briefly fight off the meta” okay? this isn’t nothing! (yes the reds push him over the cliff but that’s through trickery and im talking about actual combat skill). even though this isn’t maine anymore he was still a dangerous fucking titan who defeated epsilon!tex and wash but TUCKER was the one to land a significant blow.

i could go on and yell about this for weeks i tell you. tucker is capable. its not his fault every asshole they’ve had to fight has been a super soldier or veteran mercernary psychopath or a robot or an army of super soldier robots! tucker is outclassed only relative the threats he’s had to deal with.

wash AND carolina were beaten by locus and felix at the comm tower. carolina was driven to exhaustion fighting sharkface. everyone has their match.

there is a difference of skill but tucker is just as much a soldier as wash. and i dont believe for one second that tucker was drafted into the military against his will and that he “wouldnt enlist in a modern au because he’s a lover not a fighter” or whatever excuse is being used. he probably thought it might “get him chicks” but rvb is an alternate halo reality and knowing tucker, he probably decided to fight the monsters glassing colonies left and right for justice or something naive. because thats who he was. a reckless idiot whose heart is in the right place when he tries for something. so i totally believe tucker would enlist in a modern au to fight for his country or righteousness or to be a big goddamn hero.

on chorus, tucker gets put into an actual military operation and matures into a strong and capable leader. that potenial was always there only now he has to do it. wash saw it and tried raising the standard that lazing around a canyon with bullshitting morons had lowered them to. if tucker had been fighting and leading from the get go in a modern au he would very well be captain in the army if not higher up or specialized in some way.

so fuck the helpless modern au tucker thats everywere and give me Competent!Tucker! Captain!Tucker! tucker who doesn’t need to be taught to throw punch! tucker who knows how to use a shotgun! assault rifle! sniper rifle! because fuck church he’s in logistics because he’s the one who can’t shoot! maybe he started using a sword to stand out and the length gives him superior range in melee combat! maybe captain tucker’s operation is joined by special forces!wash for something and thats how it starts.

they both retire/get discharged and go to the same VA or counseling or live in the same town. just stop giving ne weak, civilian!tucker.


Finally got some free time today to sketch some of my boys! Thanks to some hard work and overtime, I managed to get some free days, so I might post some more art I’ll be drawing this week.

Last drawing is a collaboration between me and my best friend’s art. He was looking trough some old art and I asked him if i can just take some creative liberty on his drawing :P


I made these two sketches of Sandor Clegane, The Hound, when he was younger.  I began to read A song of Ice and Fire, and, lately, I readed the Sansa POV where Sandor explain her why I has his burned face . I liked this passage in the book, more than the Show version . I found that It was a very moving and deeped chapter.