~ SWEET MONSTER OC ♥ I’m glad to introduce you my Moana / Lalotai OC Nandini, based on a Mandarin Fish ! She has female gender and she’s a sweetheart. If you’re a human lost in Lalotai, she can help you to go back the human world ♥ I’ll draw her bioluminescent version someday soon, only blue and orange parts art glowing in the dark ! She hunts by night and her bioluminescence is kinda helpful, because in the dark we can’t know where her eyes or her spots on her body are, it confuses the preys hehe !

@mayadile HERE’S THE BABY ; w ; ♥

Trapped in time within the Warp, and lost from imperial record none remember them, their deeds, their fell mission.

But their ‘sentence’ finally ended, their stint in 'hell’ is over, now just as the Empire needs them more then ever Persephone and her Daughters have returned!

Space Marine women to the front(line)!
This was an enjoyably image to work on, based on the iconic Ultramarine from the THQ space marine game. I got to try a few new things and cement a bit of my work flow when making this kind of image. Faster would be better, and one is never 100% satisfied with an image. But I am happy enough for now. Enjoy :)


Finally got some free time today to sketch some of my boys! Thanks to some hard work and overtime, I managed to get some free days, so I might post some more art I’ll be drawing this week.

Last drawing is a collaboration between me and my best friend’s art. He was looking trough some old art and I asked him if i can just take some creative liberty on his drawing :P