marine warfare


Warrior Culture : UNSC

Subculture : ODST

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are UNSC Marine Special Forces. They specialize in being rocketed from naval ships behind enemy lines where they carry out guerilla, sabotage, and other special operations missions. With their unique delivery options they are able to target and attack areas that other units, even the famed Spartans might not be able to reach. Beyond that each ODST Marine is recruited from a previous Special Forces unit, making ODST Marines the best of the best. And unlike their famed Spartan brothers, these troopers while infamous are entirely human.

The Chapter is highly mobile even for Space Marines, specializing in lightning warfare, and making use of attack bikes, Land Speeders, Storm Talons, and other fast vehicles. Those mounted on bikes often make use of a special type of power weapon called a Power Lance, providing the same destructive potential at a much greater range. Heavily-armoured forces are often left chasing after shadows while the White Scars easily outmaneuver to attack them at their weakest point. White Scars forces prefer to attack their enemy at range, using their speed and firepower to destroy them, but are more than capable of committing their Assault Squads in ferocious hand-to-hand fighting.