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The Battle Barge is the largest Space Marine warship and is configured for close support of planetary landings. Battle Barges were originally a simple designation during the Great Crusade to refer to Battleships under Legiones Astartes control. Today, most chapters control two or three Battle Barges designed to deploy a fighting force to planets in a rapid fashion. Each of Battle Barge capable of deploying 3 Space Marine Companies plus supplies and support. Large amounts of space are designed to hold launch bays for inter-system craft and drop pods allowing up to three companies to deploy simultaneously. The vessel is extremely heavily armored and well-shielded for breaching planetary defenses while also protecting its cargo. It is also a dangerous enemy, especially with boarding actions but also contains enough firepower to destroy all but the most powerful of warships. Battle Barges are some of the most powerful ships the Imperium has at its disposal, due to both the power of the ships and their contents.

RotG Jackrabbit Week: Fusion

Fusion with the B.P.R.D./Hellboy universe.

On AO3: Wingfic AU, Retail AU, Soulmarks, Royalty AU, Time Travel, Crossover , Fusion

Also, I likely won’t be posting for the Misc day, just working on adding chapters to the prompts I’ve written and not completed. The Wingfic and Retail ones need finishing. Subscribe on AO3 if you want updates.

B.P.R.D.: Fur and Frost

“We need to Bunny.” Aster’s ears perked up.

“Christ, would you stop calling him that?” snapped Agent Mendez, a recent recruit and former marine, Bunnymund’s memory supplied. Most of the agents wouldn’t dare speak to him the way Jack did for fear of his temper, but Jack was in a category by himself.

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IRAQ. Baghdad governorate. Near Baghdad. April 8, 2003. 

“An American soldier killed during the battle for Baghdad, 10 miles from the city’s centre. I basically hitch-hiked convoys and helicopters to get to Baghdad before the fall of Saddam. I ended up with this unit of Marines who were supplying munitions and meals to the front-line soldiers. I decided to stay with them. Being in the right place at the right time is a must for many journalists - I guess I was in the wrong place but at the right time.”

Photograph: Alex Majoli/Magnum Photos

another (longer) installment in this post-Neverland AU of mine. Featuring handcuffs, magic, and of course, more arguments.

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The trip to Neverland left its marks on the Jolly Roger. Aside from the shadow still staining the main foresail an ominous inky black, the ship also carried away several singe marks, torn ropes, and general chaos left behind by a crew with no sailing experience.

It’s a lot of work for one man. He’s never had to do it by himself before, but his crew is in the winds and Smee has disappeared, and for all Emma’s talk of being part of something, he’s still noticeably alone.

But there is no way in this or any other realm that he’s going to go begging anyone for help.

He focuses on the repairs. He’s learned to make do, over the years, but since he’s in port anyway, he might as well look for a few replacements. Including the sail, if he can manage it. Removing the shadow is out of the question, but maybe he can remove the sail…

He marches into the first shop he finds, a ramshackle building with a faded sign saying “Marine Supplies”.

The shopkeeper, an older man with greying hair and a paunch, shrinks back a little when Killian walks towards the counter. It’s a common reaction, but Killian finds himself resenting it, just a little. He just helped the town’s heroes save Henry. A little gratitude might be too much to ask, but a little less suspicion would be nice.

“Do you have any sails in stock?” he asks without preamble.

The man’s eyes are wide. “You’re Captain Hook.”

“What gave it away?” Killian asks with a strained smile. He steps up to the counter. “Do you have any—”

“No,” the man blurts out. “No sails.”

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The Yeşilova Incident

In April 1991 British Marines were tasked with distributing relief to 3,000 Kurdish and Assyrian refugees, who had fled Saddam Hussein’s persecution of Kurds in Iraq following an unsuccessful Kurdish and Shiite rebellion. The Kurdish and Assyrian refugees were living in refugee camps just over the border in Turkey. Turkish soldiers instead of cooperating with the British Marines in relief distribution, were under orders to steal all the blankets, bed linen, flour and food, including sixty boxes of water. The British Marines piled all the supplies back in their helicopters, to avoid giving them to the Turkish soldiers and to not give them to the refugees which might have started a firefight with the Turks. Various diseases, including cholera, broke out among the civilians because they were deprived of medical services by the Turkish military. To this day, Turkey has never explained or apologized for the incident.


Turning Holiday Traditions Into A Photoshoot

Because Christmas Cards

I’d totally be lying if I said my family was the type to get ally holiday spirit-y and head down to the local Christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. In fact, we’re pretty much the opposite and usually end up buying one from Home Depot about a week before Christmas. I think last year we even outdid ourselves and just put up a fake one because who really cares? Besides, it’s not about the tree, IT’S ABOUT THE PRESENTSSSS!!! (and bb Jeezus).  Anyway, ever since my sister got one of those tax breaks (read: babies) we’ve been trying to start new traditions for my little nephew. So here we are, at the local Christmas tree farm and I totally killed all the birds with one stone. Not only did I negotiate a trade - my sister’s family “Christmas card photos” for my blog photos - but I knocked out her Christmas gift as well because hey… those photos aren’t gonna edit themselves! And I also get brownie points for being a good uncle because I think this technically counts as “family time.”  I’m jokingggggg? Anyway I’m switching things up today and leaving you with one of the photos I took of my ADORABLE LITERALLY THE CUTEST NEPHEW, Colton, looking happy as can be getting lost in the tree farm.

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Marine Layer Shacket  //  Denim & Supply Shirt //  Big Star (Similar) Jeans  //  Generic Surplus Boots  //  Beanie (Similar)  //  Ace & Everett Socks


AFGHANISTAN. Helmand Province. June 9, 2011. A US Marine walks towards food supplies after they were dropped by small parachutes from a plane outside Forward Operating Base Edi. The smoke in the background comes from parachutes that the Marines burn after landing.

Photograph: Anja Niedringhaus/AP