marine sibling


I thought explaining who a Transgender is to my little 6 year old brother would be hard..It wasn’t hard,but now I think I need to keep an eye on this dude.

Jace- What is a Transgender

Me-They’re people who were basically born in the wrong body.Their mind/feelings doesn’t exactly match their body parts/outward appearance.

Jace- can’t they just change and change back?

Me-no JayJay it doesn’t work that way..It’s like all their life they were a caterpillar and one day they went into this cocoon and emerged their true selves,a beautiful butterfly..Remember CeCe in pretty little liars? She was born a boy but went in a cocoon and emerged a butterfly..In the real world though a person would have to go through surgery and hormone therapy..

Jace-CeCe? Wow,I’d tap that..

Me- *looking off into the distance*

P.S.. He also said “If They’re all as beautiful as she is(CeCe) we will be hearing wedding I right?” *Holds hands up to give a hi-5*

Me-walks off

quand je m’ennuie la nuit...

a - age: 34

b - birthplace: France

c - current time: 01 :15

d - drink you last had: thé

e - easiest person to talk to: fnyfny et ma doudou

f - favourite song: « pas assez de toi »

g - grossest memory: Au collège, j ai coupé le doigt de mon prof de techno è_é

h - horror yes or horror no: yes ! mais j’ai po peur

i - in love?: nop

j - jealous of people?:Nop mais parfois je voudrais avoir le talent de certains gens

k - killed someone?: dans les jeux vidéos et dans mes fics parfois (mais bon c’est de la faute de fny)

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: casse toi tu pues et marche à l’ombre !

m - middle name: Marine

n - number of siblings: une quantité non négligeable 

o - one wish : que mon projet marche (et pas à l’ombre !)

p - person you called last: ma moman

q - question you’re always asked: Tu as trouvé un boulot ? Tu as trouvé un amoureux ?

r - reason to smile: kaamelott, mes coupines, mes neveux *_*, mes chats o/

s - song you sang last : « la salade des gens heureux »

u - underwear color: Noir

v - vacation: et ta sœur ?

x - x-rays: le dos, les dents , une cheville et la tête, et la tête, alouette, alouette !

y - your favourite food: les cookies de sean, la fondue de fny et JB

z- zodiac sign: capricorne è_é