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My dad (a meteorologist and great lover and supporter of Science) sent me an opinion piece from a very intelligent, influential meteorologist who basically said that the March for Science was a bad idea and not to support it

and I mean, many of his points are very valid

It would be extremely easy for this march to turn into an anti-administration rally, and as much as I loathe the current one… that’s not why I’d be marching. I’d personally be there to voice my support of science and its availability and approachability by the general public. My hackles still haven’t lowered from the rogue twitter account thing and the fact that it had to happen

I wouldn’t be there to say “Down with 45″. I’d be there to say “Up with Science! Look at my Official Aquarium Uniform and know that you can approach me and learn from me.” Hell, I planned to make two signs, and one of them was going to say “Ask me about: climate change, ocean acidification, marine debris, sustainable solutions, renewable energy, and how you can help.” (The other was going to say “My boss said I could wear my uniform & I’m proud to!”)

But like… if this turns into a politically-charged, anti-administration thing… people might not want to listen to those of us who are there to support Science. People might see it as an attack on the government, rather than a declaration of Freedom To Do And Share Science, and they’ll say “look at those idiots, they’re out of control, they’re undemocratic, why should we listen to them if all they want to do is attack the government”. 

He also points out that the march has “no clear goals”. Yes, it has a mission statement and is in defense of science and the freedom to share information, but like… We already know it’s under attack. What does the march plan to change? How will this take action, aside from stirring up emotions?

So I’m torn. On one hand, I really really want to go, because my employer has voiced its support of the march and I was told yesterday that, if I went and wore my uniform, “the Aquarium will stand behind you and support you.” 

But on the other hand, Cliff Mass is no idiot. He knows what he’s talking about, and he raises some very good points.

I dunno. I’d love some more opinions on this.