marine of steel

The coat of arms I designed for Victor Blondeau, a friend in France. The colors used in this photo include a slightly darker variant of greyish blue, a very light shade of grey known as gainsboro, and metallic gold for the additional details on the fleurs-de-lys. the color scheme of this coat of arms Is based on the colors of a non canon space marine chapter known as “The Steel Legion.”

Marines with 1st Battalion, 5th Marines patrol towards their objective during an airfield seizure exercise as a part of Exercise Steel Knight 2014 aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif., Dec. 11, 2013. Steel Knight enables 1st Marine Division to test and refine its command and control capabilities by acting as the headquarters element for a forward-deployed Marine expeditionary force.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Justin A. Bopp/ Released)

Heavy Ruck: Check

Long distances walking: check

Soon to be my life. 

Warrior Wednesday: U.S. Marines and Iraqi soldiers with Golf Co. 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, prepare to make their way through a breach in a wall made by combat engineers to avoid walking through open streets and exposing themselves to sniper fire or opening doors which could be booby-trapped or conceal waiting insurgents, during the third day of Operation Steel Curtain, an operation to clear Husaybah (a city on the Iraq-Syrian border) of insurgents on November 7, 2005.

“You don’t deserve this. A legion of strong warriors, a fleet of ships. And who are you? A savage from a backwater world.”

Darkness surrounded him when the warrior was left to his own devices. Those scant moments where he could not find solace in strategy, command or in the heat of battle itself. He hid it well, but his mind was a warzone all of it’s own, and not a war he knew how to fight.

“You ransacked your world, warping it at your command and you called it unity, destroying those clans who rose up against you. And they were right to do so. Who are you to tell them their way of life was wrong? Their magicks and rituals ground into dust under your boots as you burned their shrines and put their mystics to the blade.”

Muscles tensed and hair stood on end as the darkness fell upon him like a tidal wave.

“You are nothing. You are a simple creature fighting a war of gods. What are you to your father? A tool, a pawn.”

The warrior dropped to his knees. Tears fell from his face.

“Why are you here? To prove yourself? Honourless coward. You are no more a warrior than a club is a scalpel.”

Resist, brother. Weather the storm.

“Weakling. Resorting to aid of your "brothers”. You know they don’t trust you, even the Russ. You’re too unstable. Those self destructive rages, your self imposed seperation from them. What are you to Lupercal, or Sanguinius? Great warriors and leaders. You are a pitiful whelp compared to them.“

Be strong.

His eyes shot open and his cracked lips opened to let loose a painful roar. Tears soaked his craggy features.

"You did well, Bear.” A soothing voice said.

“Did I?” the Bear chuckled. “Why do I feel as if I failed again, just like every attempt to banish this before.” Camshron An Athach, Primarch of the Steel Claws legion Blinked away the aguinsh swirling in his mind. He stepped out onto a balcony of marble overlooking a sprawling city.

“You have a great burden. One which you have crafted into a weapon all of its own, I might add”

“One which drives me to insanity, you mean.”

“We all have daemons we must fight, brother. Some internal, some more…..physical. Perhaps this daemon is something that should stay with you. It makes you who you are, after all. The indomitable bear, the wall of steel, the will of stone.”

“Ah, the pompous titles that could fill tomes with their length and embellishment. I passed this curse to my legion, what of that?”

“You teach them to harness it just as you do. They are your sons, you must show them the way.”

Camshron grunted in displeasure.

“And what of you? What great burden do you have, great sorceror king?”

The crimson skinned giant laughed and walked to the side of the Great Bear with the rythmic clack of his staff as they looked over the gleaming city of Tizca.

“More than you know, Camshron. More than I hope you ever know.”

((A little look into the “darkness” I’ve alluded to before with my primarch. Let me know what you think!))


“My father is a highly respected private security consultant and federally licensed firearms dealer. That means he has to own a few weapons. Like this 175-pound draw tactical crossbow. Or this carbon steel marine combat knife, 50ae desert eagle. Smoke grenade with pull ring igniter. GO!”

–Allison Argent

Want to help out the Endangered Southern Resident Orca Population?

  • Avoid buying any kind of Atlantic Salmon. It’s best to avoid seafood as a whole, honestly.
  • Use cleaning products that are biodegradable; those harsh chemicals find their way into the ocean food chains and end up in Orcas!
  • Vote for politicians and measures that promote salmon conservation. The southern Resident Orcas are really struggling because salmon is their main food source, and we keep taking it from them!
  •  Make sure your car doesn’t leak fluids that end up in waterways. 
  • Donate to an organization that is working to save wild Orcas! (The Whale Museum is a good choice)
  • Use as little plastic as possible. This benefits not only Orcas, but all marine life. Use stainless steel water bottles, reusable shopping bags, recycle plastics that you do use, etc.
  •  Educate others about the perils wild Orcas face, especially the southern Resident population, and teach them how to combat these dangers!


As part of the many events to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of The Royal Marines, Henry Cavill attended “The Royal Marine’s Freedom of the City of Gibraltar Parade” at Ocean Village. The event commenced with a Service at The Royal Marine Monument accompanied by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, 100 members of 42 Commando of The Royal Marines exercised the freedom of the City of Gibraltar with a march along Main Street to The Convent.

Pictures of the event were shared exclusively to HenryCavillOnline by Katia Martinez. A special thanks to her for choosing our site to share her fantastic photographs!

The FDNY Marine Corps Association transported a piece of World Trade Center steel to Virginia on Oct. 4, to use for a memorial at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The steel was dedicated on Oct. 5, in a special memorial honoring the 17 FDNY U.S. Marines who died on Sept. 11, 2001. In this photo, a steelworker installs it into the Memorial.


The sea breathes out upon my face, exhales it’s salty breath.
And I swear I can taste upon it the sadness in its depths.
Shipwreck cities, mariners dreams, shredded wood and steel
Bodies locked behind the portholes of a thousand submerged keels.
A sunken labyrinth, a myriad, of lost, forgotten souls.
Gone. Forgotten. Resting now, down among the shoals.