marine nails

After watching the movie of Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, I’ve a very high hype of watching and drawing everything about my most favourite anime ever.

There are a lot of gender-benders of the golden saints all over the internet, but they’re always like hentai characters. I thought what was about the few women of the series, and suddenly felt the needing of drawing a GB of Marin, the Eagle silver saint.

So here’s she he. I should call him Maron x)


Formula X Crafty and Messy Mansion Stamping.

Hi Guys, the base color for this stamping is Crafty from Formula X for Sephora, a beautiful duo-chrome glitter and the cute seahorse, koi fish and aquatic/sea designs are all from the same Messy Mansion plate. Looove this polish and absolutely love this great quality stamping plate. Hope you like it, have a great week-end!