marine nails


Under The Sea Nail Art An oyster, pearl necklaces and a seahorse! 🌊 🌊 🌊 🌊 With Emily De Molly The Tenth Running as a base and Creative Shop plates 22, 39 and Messy Mansion plate 29 for the hippocampus. And a couple of flakies from BPS… and also, of course, my Big Bling stamper from CJS.

After watching the movie of Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, I’ve a very high hype of watching and drawing everything about my most favourite anime ever.

There are a lot of gender-benders of the golden saints all over the internet, but they’re always like hentai characters. I thought what was about the few women of the series, and suddenly felt the needing of drawing a GB of Marin, the Eagle silver saint.

So here’s she he. I should call him Maron x)

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a couple headcanons involving Cameroon, Cuba, Seychelles... basically the POC in Hetalia?

  • Seychelles regularly volunteers at the local marine animals shelter.
  • Her favourite nail colour is pale blue (and every pastle colour).
  • Seychelles is a very talented designer and loves interior design.
  • Cameroon is a very deep sleeper and need a marching band, a horn and 3 elephants to wake him.
  • Cuba started smoking cigars because he thought they were more ‘sophisticate looking’.
  • Cuba can also fall asleep anywhere. He was once found inside a cooler because it was too hot.
  • India was given a very big truck by China so he could transport goods there and back easier. The first thing India did was paint the whole rainbow on the truck.
  • India has a bumper sticker with a little elephant.
  • South Korea will play with fireworks but blame Hong Kong, which is how HK got his reputation of being ‘bad with fireworks’.
  • HK has grown tired of cat videos because of his family.
  • Ecuador is a little asshole about his fruit and will only eat Ecuadorian bananas.
  • India is a very good architect and many turn to him for advice or ideas.