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Throwback Thursday: Nasi

This cute little girl wondered into our position while we were at “The Alamo” so we decided to adopt her and make her our platoon’s mascot. We named her “Nasi” since we were in the city of Nasiriyah. We cleaned her up as best we could, fed her, gave her water, made a collar with a dog tag hanging off of it and built a little dog house for her out of MRE boxes. Unfortunately we could not take her with us when we left “The Alamo” for a different area in the city. I still think about her and hope that some nice family found her and is taking care of her.

‘Jiggs’ of the Marines Guards the Gunner’s Baby.
While J.A. Burch, USMC, is fighting in the South Pacific, his 8 month old daughter, Erie is well protected by her devoted friend, the Leatherneck mascot at Quantico, Virginia. The dog is resplendent for the photograph on his blue dress uniform with service stripes. 1943. (USMC Photo for National Geographic)