marine mammal program

A U.S. Navy dolphin, from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 1, Mobile Unit 3, is swaddled in wet sheep skin as it waits to board a plane for redeployment on June 3, 1995. The trained dolphin was used to hunt for simulated underwater mines during this multi-national, explosive ordnance disposal training exercise, 06/03/1995”

From the series: Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files, 1982 - 2007


Whale and dolphin intelligence documentary.
Originally aired in the early nineties. Both wild and captive animals. Also contains a small section on Navy dolphins.

This was made by Bernd Wursig, Professor of Marine Mammalogy, Director of the Marine Mammal Research Program, and Co-Director of the Institute of Marine Life Sciences at Texas A&M University, and it is still relevant today.


Despite their claim, marine parks do not help to conserve marine mammals through their breeding programs. The marine mammals most commonly bred in captivity are not considered threatened or endangered. Aquariums have no intention of returning captive bred animals to the wild. In fact, they frequently argue that the success of such endeavors would be unlikely and vehemently oppose release efforts.

tersyne​ asked whether or not it was mentioned on Jurassic World the Game that Owen was in military prison. I decided to make a post about it ‘cos while it’s not necessarily canon, his military background (and how he came to work in Jurassic World) could probably be useful/interesting for fanfic authors, people who do RPG, or JW fans in general :)

  • Hoskins brought it up to Claire; said that Owen spent time in military prison and was issued a discharge by a general court-martial at the end of his tour for bad conduct.
  • Owen Grady was in the Navy for three years. First lieutenant.
  • He was a part of the MK 9, a human animal cell in the Marine Mammal program for naval operations. They train dolphins, sea lions, everything that could help them underwater.
  • One day, one of the dolphins pinged back an object was heading towards them, which later turned out to be a false alarm. His captain almost gave the order to fire by mistake.
  • There were rumors about an inquiry into MK 9′s lack of efficiency on and off the field.
  • Owen ‘volunteered’, in a way, to be discharged. ‘MK 9 was my baby’ and he wasn’t about to let some desk jockey admiral tear down years of hard work. The dolphins depended on him, but shutting down the team meant they wouldn’t have the protection from the Navy.
  • Owen offered an idea to the captain to tell the media that they’re ramping down on the mammals for something else: drones. Less risky, fewer accidents.
  • They had to find an investor to take the dolphins cos they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, and the captain suggested Masrani Global as private sector might have interest in animal handling and training. They’d heard about Masrani Global acquiring InGen for a new special project. 
  • Simon Masrani paid all the expense to relocate the dolphins in exchange for Owen’s service. He flew out to Isla Nublar the next day. 
  • He didn’t know he was going to be training raptors when he took the job.

TL;DR - Owen Grady used to train dolphins *coughs* wet owen *coughs* before he trains raptors

[I’ve deleted some of my screencaps, so some of these came from memory. Please do tell if I got stuff wrong and I’ll make corrections. If there’s anything more mentioned about his military past later on, I’ll make another post.]