Name: Pectenodoris Aurora

My personal name: Agender femme slug (see previous post) 🌸🌹🌺🌼

Location: Philippines, Indonesia, Japan

Size: 0.8-1.2 cm long (smol)

Commonality: Rare (I’m guessing it’s rare considering how little information I was able to find :/)


“Little” humpback whale and its mother / by discoverkauai


Giant squids might be even bigger than we realized

According to research from Charles Paxton, fisheries ecologist and statistician at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, published in the Journal of Zoology this month, the giant squid could grow to reach as much as 65 feet. But even that is a “conservative analysis,” as size could protect against their #1 predator.

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The Okeanos Explorer has discovered a very cute octopus at a depth of 4,290 metres.

This is the deepest an octopus of this particular sub order of octopus has ever been seen. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted this is a completely unsubscribed species and perhaps not belonging to any specific genus. Highlighting how little we still know about the creatures in the depths of our oceans.

(Ocean Explorer)

Bizarre bivalve: first living giant shipworm discovered in Philippines
Mud-dwelling organism that lives head-down in a tusk-like tube found alive for first time, although its existence had been known of for centuries
By Nicola Davis

Here is a description of a freaky marine creature for you for the day: 

About three feet long and glistening black with a pink, fleshy appendage, it looks like the entrails of an alien from a bad horror film. In fact, it is a giant shipworm.

Discovered in the mud of a shallow lagoon in the Philippines, a living creature of the species has never been described before – even though its existence has been known for more than 200 years thanks to fossils of the baseball bat-sized tubes that encompass the creature.

As is usually the case, though, this creature is not harmful to us – heck, we hardly know anything about it!  Be sure to read the original article for all the strange features of the giant shipworm.