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I got these spoilers by someone who allegedly works at Warner Bros and knows the ending of the show. They say you won’t get all answers of past seasons in the finale but that’s what is basically going to happen.

- Uber A and Charlotte’s killer are both characters from season 1

- Uber A is Melissa Hastings but there is more to that. There is a huge twist in her reveal. Melissa isn’t Veronica’s biological daughter. She is also a Drake. Mary also had Melissa but couldn’t take care of her. Mary gave Spencer a hint in 7x01. Charlotte and Melissa met at Radley and worked together in season 3. 

- Charlotte’s killer is Mona. She killed her because Charlotte was going to start the game again and was planning to kill the liars including her. You will see a flashback of this

- Mary Drake is the evil twin, not Jessica. She is working with Melissa to find Charlotte’s killer and ultimately kill Alison.

- Charlotte and Melissa were planning to kill Alison ‘that night’ by using Bethany

- Charlotte was never treated at Welby. She never got well. 

- Charlotte lied in 6x10 about her story. She killed Marion Cavanaugh. Bethany witnessed the murder and Jessica covered it. 

- Mary killed Jessica (you will see a flashback of this)

- Noel’s motive will be discussed at the beginning of the season

- Jennas’s true motive will be revealed

- Melissa killed Sara Harsaravey (there’s no flashback)

- Wren and Bethany are related. He moved to Rosewood and started working at Radley to find her killer. He was Melissa’s boyfriend and doctor at the same time (this is the twist about him). This is why she got back and went with him to London 

- Jason will die saving Alison

- Executive Producer I. Marlene King will make a cameo 

- Jenna, Mary Drake and Melissa will also die in 7B

#1035. How To Distract The Warriors

Agitha: With bugs and/or inaccurate bug facts

Cia: With Link

Fi: Undistractable

Fierce Deity: With Majora

Ganondorf: “Oh, look, an unguarded Triforce piece!”

Ghirahim: Show him his own reflection, he’ll be set for at least the next hour

Impa: Tell her Zelda’s in trouble

King Daphnes: Complain about something that’s more convenient than it was back in his day (Warning: prepare to be sat down for a lecture)

Lana: Tell her Cia’s causing trouble

Any of the Links: Tell them about someone who needs their help (Like a little old lady who’s cat is stuck in a tree)

Marin: Tell her you preferred the Indigo-Go’s version of Ballad of the Wind Fish. (Caution: be prepared for Marin to cry, and to not speak to you for at least a month)

Medli: “Look, it’s the Great Valoo!”

Midna: Same as Impa

Ravio: Drop a rupee (any color will do)

Ruto: Tell her Skull Kid is playing with Zora’s Sapphire

Sheik: Make a statement one way or the other about their gender

Skull Kid: Point out an excellent prank opportunity

Tetra: Tell her about some treasure

Spirit Zelda: “Hey, look, it’s the Ghostbusters!”

Volga: Tell him about a restaurant that serves dragon meat.

Wizzro: Give him someone to betray

Yuga: Tell him you think Cia’s paintings are more beautiful

Zant: Tell him the Twili throne is currently unguarded

Zelda: Point out a beautiful stranger, she won’t be able to resist the urge to go flirt with them

i had to write a scary story for school once and i basically copied the dollhouse story but made some slight changes and replaced the characters names, and my teacher gave me an A and said this was one of the best works a student has handed in lol thanks PLL

Who are the closest friends on set?

They are. What’s that name? ButtahBenzo? What is that?! 

Because Shay’s skin is like buttah, so buttah and Benzo. 

Are you joking?


Despite the many disappointments we faced later on, I really will truly miss PLL. So thanks to the cast and Marlene. For giving me something to treasure. But then I remember…

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  • me: hey isabella you smell differentt
  • isabella: yeah my mom bought me a new perfume, how sweet
  • me: *calls group chat* omg guys this might sound weird but i don't think isabella is isabella!!! someone call the cops omg guys