marine horns


Longhorn Cowfish Lactoria cornuta

Random pony: “ hey changling mare! whats up with the horns? haha!! “

Marine: “ did you just call me a CHANGLING? How DISCUSTING. How DARE you mistake ME for one of those HIDIOUS, MONTROUS, VICIOUS and HORRIBLE beasts!!!!! “

marine HATES changlings due to them causing trauma in her childhood.

U.S and China Announce an Agreement on Wildlife Trafficking, Including Ivory, and Ocean Conservation

Fantastic progress on two really important issues. Now the politicians in DC who give a damn about protecting elephants will have to take on the NRA and its efforts to detonate the proposed rule of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to tighten control over our domestic ivory trade.

From the White House Briefing Room:

Wildlife Trafficking

The United States and China, recognizing the importance and urgency of combating wildlife trafficking, commit to take positive measures to address this global challenge.  The United States and China commit to enact nearly complete bans on ivory import and export, including significant and timely restrictions on the import of ivory as hunting trophies, and to take significant and timely steps to halt the domestic commercial trade of ivory.  The two sides decided to further cooperate in joint training, technical exchanges, information sharing, and public education on combating wildlife trafficking, and enhance international law enforcement cooperation in this field.  The United States and China decided to cooperate with other nations in a comprehensive effort to combat wildlife trafficking.

Ocean Conservation

The United States and China intend to pursue actively cooperation on polar and ocean matters, including projects related to ocean conservation and expanding joint polar research efforts, and will work together on the proposal to establish a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Antarctica’s Ross Sea.  The two sides also plan to support additional bilateral efforts in these fields, including ocean acidification monitoring and a partnership between the coastal cities of Xiamen and Weihai in China and San Francisco and New York in the United States to share best practices to reduce the flow of trash into the ocean.


andromedawaps: Aioria are you blind why do you “put horns” on Marin with Lyfia? (It’s a phrase in Spanish that refers to people cheating in relationships.)
nadmaddox: Nothing about the episode but for Lyfia… Don’t you feel bad for stealing other people’s (coughMarincough) boyfriend (Aioria) or you only want to use him to find the other saints and thus complete your mision? xD
Anon: For Aioria: Don’t you think on Marin when you act all cute with Lyfia?
Aioria: Put horns on Marin?

Marin: What the hell are you doing?
Aioria: Putting horns on you apparently (?)

Aioria: Not that I remember…?
Lyfia: I didn’t steal anyone’s boyfriend! Besides, the term “use” sounds wrong…! I asked Aioria for help and he accepted…!
Aioria: I don’t… I don’t understand the relation between Marin and Lyfia… but I don’t act “all cute”… do I? I just protect her…? I feel like they are trying to tell me something…