marine grad

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: The Ghostbusters production team toyed with the idea of making Leslie Jones’ character Patty Tolan a marine biologist but discarded the idea in favor of saying Patty was “street smart” but she easily could have been both??? Why couldn’t she have been a marine biologist college grad who either couldn’t find a job in her field or didn’t find the work fulfilling??? Like she got sick of being stuck at sea alone monitoring ocean temps and species diversity so she took a job at the MTA because she loves people and just wants to be around them? It fits with her character so much like you can tell that she’s already the reliable and trustworthy one, so her family is happy she’s home and she helps out at the family funeral home and her uncle doesn’t mind that she borrows the hearse because that girl has got her head on right, and he’s genuinely surprised when something goes wrong??? And I’m not upset because a college degree is a sign of superiority but wouldn’t it be nice if the white women weren’t the only ones with a college degree and Patty could have been even more complex of a character??? I keep thinking about all the little girls who saw themselves in Erin and Patty and Holtzmann and Abby and then I think about how I’ve been hearing about all the little girls who are into science and math or for whom the movie sparked that interest and I wonder how Patty also being a college educated scientist who retains close ties to her family and community and upbringing would have expanded that effect and I get so MAD that this movie does so many great things but missed out on telling black girls that they can be scientists too… if it doesn’t matter if Patty has a college degree or not because she’s so damn smart in other ways then why wouldn’t you ALSO give her a college degree? I want her to argue with Abby about whether ghosts have circulatory systems and metabolisms and record the make up of ectoplasm because she’s the most qualified and I want her to have discussions with the team over whether ghosts can be classed as living things and if they should be considered a new species. I want a marine biologist Patty Tolan for so many reasons I can’t even say it.

Neonate blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus)

This is the first neonate blacktip we caught for our research, and she was also our smallest shark. She measured under 60 centimeters for total length and only weighed about half a kilogram. Her umbilical scar was completely open, indicating that her birth occurred within the last two weeks.

After taking measurements and collecting blood and muscle tissue samples, she was released back into the sound.