marine gods paying homage to love

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I LOVE ART AND ART MUSEUMS. do you think you could write a little thing about going to an art museum with Harry and he's super turned on by how into art you are. And maybe you like the macabre type of stuff and it's so unexpected bc you're such a bubbly person but you actually like the darker art?


So the role playing didn’t work out.  I kind of expected that.  Harry and I were never into that kind of stuff.  We had fun in bed, don’t get me wrong.  But like he said, sex for us was a real connection and introducing gimmicks just wasn’t what we were about.  I tucked the Snow White outfit far far in the back of my closet.  

I had to admit the lingerie I’d chosen for that evening was probably my favorite out of everything I’d chosen.  It was cut to my body perfectly, even giving me the appearance of a flat stomach and some boobs.  The sales girl where I’d bought it should’ve gotten a raise for suggesting it.  

The only problem was that Harry and I had a benefit to attend and there was no telling how long it was going to go.  It was at the Getty and I’d never been there.  Even though I wanted to continue on with my experiment, I was also excited to see all the pieces displayed.  It had been awhile since Harry and I had gotten to enjoy some culture and both of us were ready for a night out.

After getting the chosen lingerie on for that evening, I liked wearing it so much I didn’t want to take it off.  So I slipped my dress on over it and called it a day.

The moment we walked into the building, Harry was whisked away by industry folk and friends.  He had networking to do.  I’d dated him long enough to know I didn’t need to be a part of it.  Most of the conversations were important for him but insanely boring for me.  So I stole myself away to the rest of the museum.

When would I ever get the opportunity to walk around the Getty alone without people getting in my way or bugging me while I tried to admire the pieces?  I intended to take full advantage.  I slipped away, passing a security guard who winked at me but didn’t stop me from passing the velvet ropes and making my way to the rest of the museum.  

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Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love ~ 1636-38  Eustache Le Sueur

Classically proportioned sea gods and goddesses, partially clad in intensely coloured drapery, form a dramatic procession against a light blue sky. This painting illustrates an episode in Francesco Colonna’s Hypnerotomachia Poliphili (Strife of Love in a Dream of Polyphilus), an extravagant Renaissance tale of a dream-journey through antiquity. To the left, the lovers Polyphilus and Polia are ferried to Cythera, the island of love. The sea goddess Amphitrite, reclining in a shell at the lower right, and Neptune, seated high on a shell and holding his triton, watch the boat depart from amid a crowd of figures.