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Daughters of Persephone!
My women only Space Marine Chapter. Not my best illustration work, but its really starting to take too much time for a quick fan work / colour concept, and I should work on more original works really (though I’ll probably end up doing other fan stuffs :P)

Threw together another quick sketch, playing with the general out of armour look.

Every JoJo part in one sentence

JoJo part 1: Angry nice English boy fights angry not nice English boy
JoJo part 2: Aztecs meet Americans in fisticuffs over masks.
JoJo part 3: soon to be marine biologist beats up angry not nice English boy.
JoJo part 4: Marine biologist visits young uncle because of not nice English boy.
JoJo part 5: not nice English boy has son, gangsters ensue
JoJo part 6: Marine biologist’s daughter gets arrested
JoJo part 7: Jesus Christ inhibits the body of a crippled cowboy
JoJo part 8: Wannabe sailor has four testicles

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Buggy finds out about Riskua and Ace dating before Shanks. He predeceases to start a betting pool over this.

Fire Fist Ace looks over to Alvida where she’s off by the mast before his shrewd eyes return to Buggy, a heavy gaze that has him stiffening ever so slightly. 

He knows those eyes, remembers those few times Captain had looked between him and the red-haired bastard, back when they’d unquestionably been in trouble. 

It’s Captain’s kid, no doubt about it. 

“How do you get a girl to like you?” 

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A scenario where Revali and his hylian s/o has a kid? Like a hybrid of the two? How would that look like?

[A/N: Alright, I went overboard and this kept me up til like 3 am last night, I was thinking of this in a semi-realistic manner. It was difficult for a bit because the persona I used to pair Revali with is basically an empty slate. I adorn them in clothes if I do draw them so I don’t have specific features to write, and others can incorporate themselves in it. But I figured to write this I used the persona I nicknamed, Yeurni, for reference. I am sorry it’s a lengthy read, but it’s just how I see this hybrid happening. Considered this an AU of Flock Together. You can thank Admin Quincy for the goblin nickname above in the picture. Admin Quincy loves them regardless. ] 

When Revali and you decided that it was time to start a family the probability of having a child was extremely low. Neither you nor Revali knew how you could conceive given the difference in species and more. Thus you two sought out many shamans, healers and all turned up with nothing. You were beginning to think that perhaps adopting would suffice, but deep down you and Revali wanted to have an actual child together. At least, in hopes to see what your genes could create. However, the research was turning up empty and hard as you tried not to; you were beginning to lose hope.

It wasn’t until one day King Rhoam came to you with an offer.. He heard of your plights, and given that Revali was making his way to be Champion, he would one day want the Rito to protect his future child.  In turn for Revali’s service, King Rhoam wanted to present the two of you with a gift, and the gift was at a chance of an actual child. Even though Revali made his concerns and was highly skeptical, he eventually conceded for this last chance. King Rhoam took you to his castle and there introduced you to Marin, a kooky scientist and shaman. Marin was ecstatic with the opportunity and when her child, Purah, ran to her side, was more than happy to go the extra mile.

Marin, for a few days straight, took hair follicles, feathers, DNA, and what have you; all the while teaching her daughter science and magical properties. It was amazing to say the least as you watch Marin be a wonderful, if not weird, mother. You hope that if a child came from this you could be as good as parent as she was.

As the days went by you and Revali were talking about what your child would possibly look like. Each of you thought they would be a perfect combination of you two, and strongly hoped that there wasn’t any scorn between your hybrid of a child. However, Revali had some days where he would scare himself, and talk himself into thinking that their child would be a freak of nature. He would tell you his fears at night, and would cry at the prospect of the child possibly dying from the mix genetics. As hard as it was, you tried to stay strong for the two of you while waiting for the results.

The day finally came when a tired Marin, and her daughter, Purah, came out from their lab. Within Marin’s hand was a large soft egg encased within a sapphire orb. “We did it!” Marin, exclaimed and handed you the delicate egg. It took every ounce of strength not to burst into tears and Revali was completely overwhelmed, he had to go outside for a bit.  

Marin knelt beside you and placed her hand on your shoulder, “Now, I was able to combine you two the best of my ability, but this is also magic infused. I used particles from an ancient relic that was said to be once touched by Hylia. I do not know how this will fair, but I can guarantee you have a child in there.” She smiled sweetly while you tried to find the words to thank her, but she knew from your look alone what you wanted to say. “Congratulations.” Was all she said.

In your shared home the egg was placed on a pillow, the sapphire orb around it glowing brightly. It was hard to believe, but you and Revali were going to be parents. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you would spend hours staring at the incubating egg. Revali would often scold you, “Darling, penetrating the egg with your stare is not going to have them hatch faster.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe they can feel it.”

He only shook his head and laughed under his breath, “Yes, instill our child with peer pressure already. I am sure that will work wonders in our favor.”


Several months had pass and your precious egg hadn’t hatch, but it certainly was enlarging. The sapphire orb around it was beginning to diminish, and it was just an indescribable feeling knowing your child would soon be born. The only issue is that neither of you had decided upon a name, and the days until your baby would hatched were closing in. Revali picked up the egg and gently caressed it all the while murmuring sweet nothings to it. You smiled from your spot at the fire, preparing dinner.

Revali was pacing around the home mindlessly telling the baby stories of his feats and, of course, how you two met. It was in the midst of his sentence when he suddenly paused and let out a sound of eureka. “Skali!” He exclaimed and you only looked at him puzzled. He whirled around and gestured to the egg, “How does Skali sound?”

You blinked in question, “What does it mean?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“….And you want to name our child that because?”

“….It sounds nice.”

So, Skali it was for a very simplistic reason, if not a tad odd.

And the eve of morning, you and Revali noticed that the blue orb was gone. For a moment panic arose between both of you, fearing the worse had happened. However, before Revali could grabbed Skali to take them to Marin, the egg began to wiggle about. Revali made incoherent sounds in excitement and you were frantically pacing the room.

“Is it happening?!” You yelled.

“Possibly?!” He squawked.

With great anticipation you two watched Skali break through the shell. Little by little the baby exposed itself and broke free; remaining shell clung to them as the peeped. A cry clogged your throat as you gently picked your baby up. They were completely featherless, but you could tell that Skali would later developed them. Your baby girl was a sight to see with a top beak and normal bottom lip. Her skin was tough, bumpy and a deep mocha. She did not have a tail stub, and Revali figured she would not develop tail feathers. She was odd looking, but to you she was the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on.

The first few years was a struggle learning how to take care of a child of mix breeds, but eventually you learned what made her tick. Also, the wonderful Marin and her daughter were there to help.

Her feathers were sporadic, mostly lining her under arms and her ring finger and pinky were merged together and covered in feathers. Her facial feathers collected under her chin, and three large, powder blue feathers adorned her head. She was lanky with long arms, a small torso, and an odd mixture of human feet and bird claws.

Skali wore hoods and cloaks to cover herself, not at all comfortable with her appearance since she was the only one in existence. Although Revali and you loved her to the end of the Earth and back, you could not protect her from the prejudice you both had feared. You two did the best you could to make sure she was well loved even if the world didn’t see the beauty you saw in her.

Revali did his best to be the best father he could be for her, and taught her all she knew about archery and fighting. Her flight skills were nonexistent given her torso and wings were too small to carry her, but she had the ability to glide short distances. Skali did her best to please her father in all sorts of fighting techniques, and had become formidable with throwing knives. Her long arm were perfect in projecting small weapons.  

Skali didn’t make many friends as she was too shy and nervous around other children. However, she did find solace in King’s Rhoam’s daughter, Zelda, who was just a few years younger than her. They became close friends and spent a lot of time together. Zelda protected Skali from the other children and encouraged her. It warmed yours and Revali’s heart seeing Skali breaking out of her bubble. Zelda gave Skali the confidence she had trouble seeing in herself and you knew those two would be best friends for life.

But it was not easy for Skali growing up despite all the support she had. As she was reaching early adulthood it became abundantly clear that she could not bare children. It was hard to hear at first, but she came to understand she could still become a mother by adopting.

Which brings us to the crisis of Revali and you having a hybrid for a child. Skali struggled silently for years accepting what she is. It was also difficult understanding the limitations and issues that she would not have if she was a full-blooded species. She never wanted to trouble anyone and embarrassed by her odd speech impediment, Skali choose to not speak. It was concerning as parents, but you two did not want to force her. You had to come to your own conclusion she was fighting a war within herself, but it was hard to choose whether or not to interfere.

This would, in her teenage years when she was experiencing growth spurts, caused her to lash out.  And with her having to deal with some prejudice at the same time made her withdraw into herself. Eventually, now in currently being nineteen, she had learned to find peace within herself and to love what she is. She knows she is a product of love even though people have whispered her parents were playing Goddesses, she felt blessed to be given the opportunity to experience life.

I needed to figure some things out, like how I felt about her. And I know we drifted a part for a little while and we almost ended up with other people, which would have been a disaster because I would’ve spent the next fifty years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without Hanna and I don’t want to. I want to marry your daughter Mrs. Marin.
—  Caleb Rivers (aka me ugly crying)

Imagine Gibbs being your father and taking care of you when you’re on your period.

“Dad, where’s the Advil?” you moaned, pressing your forehead against the cabinet door.

“Headache?” Gibbs asked, pulling out the bottle of painkillers and handing it to you.

You nodded, “And back pain, and nausea. Basically everything hurts and I’m dying.”

Gibbs arched a brow, “Do you need anything?”

You downed an Advil and leaned against the counter. “Do you have any idea where our heating pad went? Also, um,” you flushed in embarrassment, “I think we’re running out of pads? Could you maybe, uh, pick some up, please?”
Gibbs stared at you for a long moment, heat creeping up his own cheeks, “Yeah, sure. Uh, any particular kind?”

You rubbed a hand over your face, “I’ll write it down for you.” You cast your father an awkward smile, “Thanks for doing this for me, dad.”

Gibbs returned your grin, albeit a little uncomfortably, “I changed your diapers when you were a baby, held your hair back when you had the stomach flu, and drove you home after you got your wisdom teeth out. I guess I can handle this.”

“I’d hope that a former marine could handle his daughter being on her period,” you joked, “Now, about that heating pad?”

Gif Credit: Gibbs

PLL 7x17 Review

Hello! Here are my thoughts and random comments from this episode, sorry if they are all over the place. Its really late here and I’m still recovering from this episode. As always spoilers below:)

1.  I honestly don’t know where to start, one second I’m crying, the next I’m watching a musical?

2.  I wouldn’t want Ezria to get married any other then what happened in that.

3.  “Forgive you? Oh honey, you’re just a selfish little bitch.” VERONICA IS ICONIC, even if it’s just in Aria’s dream.

4. “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire” I DIDN’T KNOW I NEED THIS SCENE TO HAPPEN, BUT I’M SO HAPPY IT DID.

5. I’m really hoping Aria’s dream will come true

6. Did Aria’s paper say she started dating Ezra as a sophomore? Even Aria added in an extra year because this shows timeline makes no sense.

7. Can Ezra and his book storyline disappear

8. Even Ezra’s brother doesn’t want to see this wedding, just skype him when its over.

9. While you’re at it add me to that list too

10. Mona is not AD

11. AD is not Mona

12. Stop making her look suspicious, she is just doing what she always does, saving these girls asses.

13. That flashback with Peter and the twins was unexpected

14. I bet it was hard for Peter to keep it in his pants, Peter Hastings is literally Rosewoods founding Father.

15. The Hastings were doing so well until Aria messed it up. ARIA is hurting your friends really worth protecting you pedophile stalker boyfriend? ARIA GETS TWO PUZZLE PIECES AND HANNA STILL HASN’T GOTTEN ONE?

16. Oh wait Ezria are engaged? They don’t bring it up enough. Said no one ever.

17. Anyone else really suspicious of Ezra this episode? Maybe it’s just all the Ezra theories I have read…

18. SURPRISE we have nothing new on Emison’s baby daddy.

19. I love you Spencer but you guys need Mona, PSA ya’ll need Mona.

20. Everybody needs a Mona

21. Mona doesn’t want to go to jail and if it’s the liars playing, she will be there the next day.

22. I’m so proud of Haleb this episode, not really covering their tracks, but sure lying well.

23. Marco is a great cop, but can he be a great cop elsewhere?


25. He wants to know about Spaleb, honestly we are all over that storyline, give it a rest.

26. “I want to marry your daughter Mrs. Marin” -CALEB RIVERS

27. Ashley asks what Caleb’s plans were in general and Caleb is planning their wedding.

28. Caleb is so extra, he could have said anything to Ashley and she would be fine, instead he proposes to Hanna.

 29. Caleb low key stole Ezra’s dream wedding, who cares his will be in jail anyway.


31. Ashley Marin this episode just wanted the answers, I CAN RELATE.

32. She wasn’t taking any of Caleb and Hanna’s dumb answers, she wanted the truth, AGAIN SAME!

33. Tent 2.0 was amazing

34. Hanna worried that Caleb didn’t actually mean what he said AGH HE NEVER WANTS TO SPEND ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT YOU! Did you forget the pre-proposal in 7x10? I sure didn’t.

35. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of upset we didn’t get to see Caleb ACTUALLY propose, but their wedding vows will do.

36. So are Haleb married or are they married? BECAUSE THEY WERE LITERALLY MARRYING THEMSELVES? I don’t think you can do that but whatever?



39. Promo for next week was interesting?

40. I love the ships but where is the drama and mystery?

41. Emison or Haleb are getting married?

42. Makes sense for it to be Haleb, but Emison are getting engaged next week right?

43. Spoby is back?

44. Its not like Toby’s wife just died..

45. But I’m happy for them as long as Toby is fine.

46. Aria is freaking out then gets caught.

47. That’s all I got from the promo?

AD suspects


Mary- Nah but maybe?

Twin- Most likely at this point…

Lucas- Wasn’t even in this episode I just miss him and his fake stories:)


modern au with mudad and dadtaro and dadseph as competitors

dio spoils his son, but that just has him take up pickpocketing for excitement. dio’s still proud, somehow. jotaro is a strict father whose idea of bonding is sharing his love of marine life with his daughter, aka fishing trips where lil jolyne is mostly playing with the live bait.

joseph knows his son is Mad Greedy and tries to offset that by being reasonable… but then he sees these other two grown ass men trying to parent and is just PFF. PFFFF. THIS IS HOW YOU PARENT.

shows up at josuke’s baseball game in full team colors as the only heckler in the crowd against the rest of these ten year olds. poor josuke is so embarrassed.