marine corps couples


I was reunited with the love of my life over the weekend after not seeing each other for nearly four months. We had an absolutely amazing time together and I just have so much love for this guy. ♡

I wish I had more people to talk about all this Marine Corps stuff, it’s all so much at once. Then going from seeing my boyfriend everyday to waiting 6 months until I get to again, it’s such a different experience to be thrown in to. I mean I chose this, I love him of course, but when you step back, it’s such a drastic change

It rained the day you left.
It’s like God knew,
it’s like he felt it too.
But the water drops I saw
run down the windows as
I watched you leave,
didn’t compare to
the pools of tears
soaking into my cheeks.
The backwards roll of the tires
on the gravel
became the sound
my ears dread the most.
—  please come home

The jar is finally complete!

For our 2 year anniversary, I put together a jar filled with 365 different colored notes with different things written on them.

Blue is songs that remind me of him.
Pink is date ideas.
Orange is prayer requests.
Yellow is reasons why I love him.
Green is scriptures to get him through the day.

I’m super excited to send it to him and I really hope he likes it.

I always thought “home” was the place I would always come back to and rest after I’ve gone out.

I didn’t realize until the day you left where I sat crying in my bed that “home” wasn’t where I lived, it was the feeling that I felt when I was with you; safe, comfy and secure. And boy am I homesick.

He always knows exactly what to say to calm me done when I am very stressed out and overwhelmed! He truly is my rock and I am so grateful for his love, patience, and support everyday! I can’t believe we are almost in the TEENS!! 21 more days until I get to be reunited with my soulmate! My love for him grows every single day no matter the distance between us 💕 still praying that his veerp gets approved 🙏

Oh Ehm Gee...Tomorrow <3

After 6 months, I will be seeing my boyfriend ( David ). Remember? The one who also joined the Marine Corps. He’s in MOS School now. I knew from the moment I found out I was leaving in January that tomorrow was going to be the day I saw him and now it’s finally here. Our reunion is going to shake this earth. I’m so nervous and filled with butterflies, it’s totally corny.