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What’s great about love letters are that someone writes how much they love you in a single sheet of paper that they wouldn’t say in person so then you can read over and over again just like falling in love with them over again without needing them to be there physically with you in your mind while reading this sheet of paper you can hear their voice reading it to you and its like a part of them will always be there with you because they expressed their true feelings for you in a letter
—  Arlene Madrid
I'm a military girlfriend.

alright to all the girls & guys out there that say military girlfriends are selfish for saying we are better then most girlfriend is not true. we are 99% of the time more loyal then regular girlfriends. we wait weeks, months, years for one kiss. but that kiss is worth years of waiting. that coming home hug is worth the wait. we wear his hoodie for comfort. we don’t know if he will come home alive. we will stay up late waiting for your call. we will go to sleep early every night & wake up late every morning but we still never feel like we got sleep. your boyfriend belongs to you. my boyfriend belongs to the military. you complain you haven’t seen him in a few hours. I go months on end without seeing him. you haven’t heard from him in a couple hours? I haven’t heard from him in weeks. you’ll get mad & ignore his call ? I would do anything for just 5 minutes to hear him. you take him for granted, I don’t. so the next time you call a military girlfriend selfish?? think about what I just said.

Never in my life did I think I would be in a military relationship.

Never in my life did I think I would miss someone before they even left.

Never in my life did I expect to want to give up everything for someone.

Never in my life did I know I could love someone so much.

You are my best friend, boyfriend, and the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life, and I absolutely could not be happier.

You are the one I rely on for everything and go to for everything.

Except when I’m breaking down crying for 3 straight hours because I had to leave.  I can’t wait for the day I can say “good night” or “see you tonight.”  Good bye is hard but knowing that I won’t see you for weeks at a time is harder. 

I love you with all of my heart and mind.

I feel like I’m in boot camp
Boot Camp for Marine Girlfriends
I’m learning how to become self sufficient
I’m learning my true feelings for my man
I’m learning how to sleep on my own
To not eat, to not sleep, to be deprived of what was “normal living” for me
I’m being questioned and learning how to answer the hardest ones of all.

How do you do it without him?
Why do you put yourself through this?
Why do you stay with him?
My love, my body, and my mind are going through rigorous training.

My heart will face a Crucible
In the end I will come out a Marine Girlfriend
One that knows her duties, commitment, and place in the Marine Corps.
I will learn how to engage in conversation with complete strangers.
I will learn to use and be patient with the United States Post Office.

I will learn how to train my mind, not to break down every second of the day
I will do all of this in 13 weeks, miles away from my man.
And on his graduation day, I too will have accomplished something.
I will have stood behind him and stood there for myself.
I will come out with honor, courage, sacrifice,
and above all commitment to my Marine.

I’m so glad to have such a beautiful person to spend my life with. Through all the hardships and distance put between us we always overcome the obstacles together. Our strength and love is unshakeable and I know we can make it through anything. I’m walking into this with no doubt we will be Ok. I have such an amazing wife. I couldn’t be more thankful. I love you so much, baby. Thank you for living this life with me.
—  Words said by my husband right before he shipped off to Afghanistan
Is it just me or...

are there times when all you want to do is look at military/milso related stuff 24/7 and then next thing you know you’re telling yourself “If I see one more military/milso thing I’m going to murder someone?” because I have most definitely been the second mood all day long. 

It rained the day you left.
It’s like God knew,
it’s like he felt it too.
But the water drops I saw
run down the windows as
I watched you leave,
didn’t compare to
the pools of tears
soaking into my cheeks.
The backwards roll of the tires
on the gravel
became the sound
my ears dread the most.
—  please come home

I love it when he tells me “you look cute today”. No matter how many times he says it, it means just as much as the time before. Whether I’m just wearing comfy lounge clothes on a Saturday or I’m dressed up a little for a date, the small compliment just means so much. It can literally make my day. I’ll replay how he said it and looked at me when he did, over and over in my head for the rest of the day. It’s such a simple little thing for him to say, and I know he doesn’t realize it or think much about it when he says it, but I love to know that he finds me cute and I don’t care if anyone else agrees.

A super DUPER cute commission done by @qrei!!! 

Hafi with his first boyfriend Byron (belongs to @this-is-gizmo


I'm scared

I’m scared that one night you’ll go out and meet someone not because your looking but because she’s there and your there and you’ll hit it off. And you’ll realize that you two have more in common and that you really do deserve someone a lot better then me. Someone who isn’t so messed up, someone who’s past is more acceptable and someone who can be there with you all the time. Someone you really do deserve.

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I want more ldr/ milso friends. Its hard to talk to people who don’t really seem to understand what its like being with someone who’s in the military or long distance. If you’d like to be friends I’d really LOVE that! So message me or reblog this!

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My boyfriend leaves for basic soon and I know communication during basic is minimal. So I wrote him a letter in advance and folded it up like my friend and I always did in school with notes, so he can keep it in his wallet and read it when he misses me and can’t write or call at the time. I hope he likes it :)