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Judy’s Solo Hiking Adventures - 3/12/17
Featuring: Black Sands Beach and Rodeo Beach of Marin Headlands. 

Just under 9 miles but I was pooped. This hike included lots of inclines and descents. I basically climbed up hills, climbed back down to the beaches, and repeat. All the while sending my boyfriend snaps (when I had reception) so he knew I was alive and having a grand ol’ time. I have my gripes about living in the bay (horrendous traffic, crazy housing market, gentrification, etc.), but damn, I love the nature here.

Much like the ever-unique and zany Christmas sweaters we love to don this season, coloration patterns on parrotfish vary dramatically – even among members of the same species! 

This variation in color and pattern has made them difficult for scientists to classify at times, but makes them quite the festive sight on the reef. This spectacled parrotfish (uhu uliuli in Hawaiian) was spotted at Midway Atoll in Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, an area home to more than 250 species of fish. 

(Photo: James Watt/NOAA)


Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

In honor of the 241st Birthday of the United States Marine Corps today, November 10, 2016, we wanted to share some items that we have been preparing for the National Archives Catalog. The National Archives at Riverside holds Marine Corps newspapers that date from the 1920’s to 1988. These newspapers  document a large number of bases in southern California, a historically active place for the U.S. Marine Corps.

This year, we began to process and house these newspapers to better improve access to historic information about life for individual marines in our area.  There are many preservation challenges with caring for newspapers: they are highly acidic and yellow quickly, and they are oversized and require custom housing.

To give you an idea of the condition of the newspapers, photographs have been included from two of the series, The Cactus Comet of Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona, and The Pendleton Scout of Camp Joseph H. Pendleton, Oceanside, California.

Stay tuned for more info related to the U.S. Marine Corps Newspapers!


Well… (●´ω`●)ゞ

It’s in their blood to be competitive–but they forget that they always end up getting boo boos when racing these two. Sadly, no one wins (๑ ́ᄇ`๑)

They all got detention for being late… ( ・◇・)

showtoon  asked:

How do you go about finding work with a specific type of marine animal you are partial to? I have a large interest in semi-aquatic mammals, and would like to find work with them when I'm older ( I'm 13 as of now) How would I go about that?

If you’re only 13, definitely don’t worry about this. It’s awesome that you’re thinking about this at all!  I would just read up about animals that you find cool and eventually you’ll find a group that you just LOVE or, alternatively, you’ll find that you like a lot of animals a whole lot so there’s no need to choose. People can work on multiple animals throughout their careers, though people may specialize on snakes, birds, cephalopods, etc. I think it’s awesome that you’ve identified marine biology as an area of interest as young as 13. When you get to college you can try out a lab or two and see what about marine biology you really like doing (half the battle is deciding what kinds of questions you’d like to ask, not necessarily the type of animal you want to work on). You also may realize that you really like a kind of fish, or whales but that managing populations or policy is what you’re really into so you might not work directly with the animals but with politicians who make laws about protecting them.  I got really interested in cephalopods when I was watching marine documentaries as a kid and then realized I really liked immunology in college so now I work on cephalopod immune systems. Figuring out what you want to do with your life is a journey and you don’t have to be totally sure now, 5 years from now, or even 10 years from now. Just keep exploring!


Happy Earth Day 2015 from the BLM!

Enjoy a snapshot of your amazing public lands - #noplacelikehome.

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