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IN-AIR TREATMENT – Fred E. Davis, HM2, one of the many United States Navy corpsmen assigned to medical evacuations with Marine helicopters at Danang, administers to a wounded Marine enroute to a field hospital. “Doc” Davis may treat a dozen wounded men his ‘copter has taken out of fire-fights during a 24-hour tour of watch. Davis is attached to MAG 16.

Photographed by Sgt. J. McCullough

USMC pilot Francis T. Evans becomes 1st person to loop a seaplane

Francis Thomas Evans, Sr. was a pioneer aviator. He was one of the earliest United States Marine Corps aviators, the first person to perform a loop in seaplane, and a pioneer of stall and spin recovery techniques. 

By early 1917, Evans was the most experienced Curtiss N-9 floatplane pilot in the world. Although the consensus among aviators and even the N-9’s manufacturer was that the N-9 could not be looped, Evans believed it was possible. On February 13, 1917, he flew an N-9 over the Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola, Florida, and began attempts to loop it. He succeeded on his fourth try, becoming the first person ever to loop a seaplane. Lacking witnesses, he flew over Naval Air Station Pensacola and repeated the feat. In 1936, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for this achievement