Nicely lit - Weedy seadragon - Phyllopteryx taeniolatus 2 #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
Getting lighting right in a moving 3D environment, when the subject is also moving, can be tricky. This shot happened to work out nicely with the strobe light just clipping the front of the subject and background dimly lit.Henry Head


Name: Pectenodoris Aurora

My personal name: Agender femme slug (see previous post) 🌸🌹🌺🌼

Location: Philippines, Indonesia, Japan

Size: 0.8-1.2 cm long (smol)

Commonality: Rare (I’m guessing it’s rare considering how little information I was able to find :/)


Muslim Marine Tayyib Rashid is offering to stand guard for Jewish cemeteries, synagogues in Chicago

  • After a wave of anti-semitic violence, particularly the vandalism of two Jewish cemeteries in Philadelphia and St. Louis, Tayyib Rashid knew it was time to step up.
  • Rashid, a veteran, who calls himself as the “Muslim Marine,” sent out a tweet on Monday offering to stand guard for any Jewish synagogue, cemetery or organization.
  • Rashid knew he had to do more to help out his Jewish neighbors and that’s why he fired off his now-viral tweet.
  • “As I watch this horrible thing unfold here, I felt terrible about what happened in St. Louis and this heinous event in Philadelphia,” Rashid, 40, said in a phone interview. “I was moved to tears. This is absolutely not right.” Read more (3/1/17 12:53 PM)

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Illustration made for the @sink-fanzine exhibition at the Batofar in Paris.

(If by pure coincidence someone here has too much money and want to get rid of it, I’m selling the original :v You can send me a private message or an email at