Sponges #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
Henry Head

The Qallupilluit are humanoid creatures from Inuit mythology. The Qallupilluit are described as tall marine humanoid creatures having webbing between their fingers, long dark hair, scaly skin similar to that of a fish, and they have razor sharp teeth. They are also known to wear clothes with pouches so they can put children in them and take underwater to devour them. They are often seen under the ice tapping on it to get a childs attention. It is said the waters become harsh and dangerous when they are present.


Hello !!!!! I’m back after a long long break , but I’m full of new projects !!! It was difficult to find times for personnal projects these past few months but now I’m ready to share some new stuff with you ! So here’s a couple of little illustrations I did !