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I Am An Alpha Ch 7: Yixing

I hope this makes up for being MIA for a few days

“Is all of this really for me?” My jaw drops and my mouth waters at the sight of the beautifully set table with many kinds of food covering it. “I’ve never seen this much food before.” The wolf on my left hums as he leads me closer to the table, he nudges the head chair before looking at me expectantly. I quickly obey and curl up in the seat. I’m thankful Yixing has also given me one of his hoodies to keep warm in such a big house. He lays down at my side allowing me to eat alone, I sigh, when is he going to realize I don’t want to be alone. I use my foot to push the next to me out making him jump. “Join me?”

He hops up on to the seat and stares at me.

“What would you like?” I muse scanning over all the dishes, most consisting of marinated meats and vegetables. He continues to stare at me and I swear I can see him smiling. “You can transform back into a human if you want. I promise I won’t be scared anymore.”

He shakes his head.


His eyes scan over the room and even into the living room.

“Ah, you don’t want to leave me alone again, right?”

He nods.

“What a shame, I would really like to talk to you,” I hum as I pet his head. His massive head leans into my touch eagerly. “Well I guess since you can’t tell me what you want you are going to eat what I give you.” I take the empty plate that had been left for me and quickly begin filling it with a little of everything that was on the table until there is no room left. “How does that look?” I set it down in front of him and watch for any kind of reaction. He stares down at the food before looking at me, concern in those golden eyes. I chuckle, “Don’t worry Hyung, I’ll eat too.”

I begin picking off each plate and shoving the food into my mouth eagerly, hoping that he would eat too.  After I stuff down a few bites he eagerly begins eating too. I’m proud of myself, see, I tell myself, I can do this!

“How are things tasting?” Baekhyun muses as he places a hand on my shoulder. I’m out of my chair before I even know it, my teeth bared at the sudden intruder. His hands are up in surrender, “It’s just me.” The moment I realize that it’s him I stand up straight and give him an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry Hyung!”

“You are fine,” He gestures for me to return to my seat, “Your pack mentioned something about how you won’t be used to physical affection, I’m sorry. I just got excited.”

“They’re right, beyond my pack I never received any kind of love or gentleness so I’m going to have to get used to it.”

He nods, “I think that is one of the reasons we let Lay take care of you, he has the most self control out of us. Especially right now, I’m so impressed and kind of jealous.”

Yixing lets out a low growl.

“Don’t worry Hyung I’m just stopping in to make sure she’s enjoying her food and her silent company.”

“I told him he could transform back but he doesn’t want to leave me alone.”

“He is right, not all of us have his ability to stand this close to you for a long period of time without being all over you. I heard that Kai couldn’t even last a minute once he caught her scent.”

I wrap my arms around myself, his stare making me uncomfortable, “You heard about that?”

“I also heard that Kris got to touch you,” He takes a step closer making me curl tighter in my chair.

“I figured it would be fair, I owed him.”

“For what? If anything he owed you for attacking you all those year ago.”

I gulp, “I shot him.”

“This is getting so exciting!”

Yixing growls once again when he comes even closer.

“I would leave if I were you,” I suggest sensing the hostile energy coming off the wolf. “He doesn’t look like he’s in the best mood.”

Baekhyun suddenly looses his happy smile, “Do you want me to go?”

“That’s not it, I just-“ I’m cut off by the sound of excited boys speaking loudly and rushing in our direction. Again I’m out of my chair, but this time before they enter the room. My back is to Yixing, at this point I feel like he is the only person I can trust to stand behind me.

“Go quick, they just came back from a quick run, their instincts are still going to be really strong. We don’t want them getting too excited when they see you, go back to Yixing hyung’s room and I’ll bring some more food up, but you need to go now.” Baekhyun shoos me out of the dining room.

I follow Yixing back up stairs, pouting a bit, “I wasn’t scared for once and now I’m running.” At the top of the stairs I hesitate and almost consider going back down, I might not be this brave later on. By brave I mean I’m not shaking in my boots like a pup and I feel like I could actually look them in the eye. But Yixing nudges me forward, I trust him to know best. Back in his room I’m cautious of where I stand so I end up standing in the middle of the room like an idiot. He gestures to the door with his nose, asking me to lock it, which I quickly obey before he disappears into the closet.

“Feel free to sit on the bed,” His voice startles me. Of course he transformed back to his human form, I even told him too but why do I suddenly feel nervous? I take this moment to mental prepare myself to have one on one time with one of my mates for the first time. I can do this.  “Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can continue to stand in the middle of the room,” He teases as he comes out of the closet.  I turn around to face him and automatically regret it.

He is so good looking. In sweat pants and a t-shirt he is wearing what I’ve seen my pack mates wear a thousand times but on him but just looks so much more sexy. He pushes his black hair out of his face and gives me a small smile that has my heart racing. Of course he notices it and automatically switches from charming to panic. He rushes over to me, his hands hold on to my upper arms.

“Are you okay?” He worries. “I’m not scaring you am I?”

“No!” I answer quickly, and a bit too aggressive. I find myself covering my mouth from embarrassment.  

“Than what’s wrong?”

I nibble on my lip before admitting, “You just made my heart race, that is all, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Oh,” His grip on me loosens but he doesn’t let go, a small smile forms on those pretty pink lips. We just stand there for a minute enjoying each others company, I let my hands hold on to his forearms and smile at the electric sensation between our skin. After a long moment he asks me, “Could I ask you a few questions about you and your past?” Looking up at him I know it was a hard question to ask, I’m expert when it comes to reading peoples body language and facial expressions, it also helps that Yixing seems to be an open book. It allows me to know that him and the rest of his pack are very concerned about what could have happened to me, that strangely warms my heart.

“Of course, ask anything you want, I’m not shy about my past,” I try to give him a non-awkward smile as I let him lead me toward the bed. I sit on the left side with my back pressed against the headboard, I almost consider going under the covers but kill the idea when I think about what could happen with us under the covers together. My cheeks burn at the thought of anything dirty.

“I’m going to get more blankets, Sehun and some of the others like the house cold at night so we are going to need them,” He says as he leaves the room.

When he is gone I let out a breath I didn’t even known I was holding, oh my god, he’s so cute. I can’t believe he is part of this pack, he seems far to sweet but I guess I have no room to judge. I grimace at the thought of them seeing the real me, but at the same time I can’t wait for it. They are going to be blown back, the idea has me giggling so hard I don’t hear Yixing coming back in.

“What a beautiful sound,” He muses, “What has you giggling so hard?”

“Nothing,” I lie with my big doe eyes.

He doesn’t question it, he just chuckles to himself as he lays out a couple of blankets over the bed. I relax into the bed and sigh, I can’t even remember the last time I slept on a real bed. It must have been around the time we got Kookie, so around 25-28 years ago? Oh god it has been too long. My embarrassment of sharing covers is taken over by my urge to burry myself in the comfort of all these blankets and pillows. Yixing just watches as I burrow under the covers and into the calling warmth.

“Are you having fun?” He chuckles once again.

I nod, “It have been a long time since I’ve slept in a bed and it definitely wasn’t this soft and it sure as hell didn’t smell as good.” The last part kind of slips out and I find myself blushing. I realize that’s why this bed seems so inviting, sure the bed is soft and the blankets are warm but it is his alpha pheromones calling me to him and his territory.

“What do I smell like to you?” He wonders as he crawls on to the bed, he lays on his stomach.

“You smell sweet,” I hum as I try to think of more descriptive words. “You make me think of when I would mix honey in with my tea.”

“I smell like honey tea?” He mocks.

I nod, “I love the smell of honey tea. But before I let you mock me, tell me what I smell like to you.”

“Spring, like the beginning of spring when all the flowers are blooming and everything is waking up after winter.”

I smile, “You said you wanted to ask me a few questions?”

“Aw yes!” He pops up to rest on his elbows, “I actually have more than a few but they are not all my own. Kris hyung and the others were sending me some when I was in my wolf form.”

“I completely forgot about the telepathy.”

He cocks his head in confusion, “You don’t transform often do you?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t transformed in over a year, it makes it harder for people to sense us on their territory when we are in human form.”

“What about before you were out of the army? Did you transform often?”

“Nope, we weren’t allowed to. They thought that if our wolves had the chance to dominate our mind we would rebel.”

“Do you miss transforming?”

“I would like to be able to run freely, I haven’t done that in so long. The last time I let my wolf take over completely was right after we were set free. All of us did it, in turns, half of us went while the others stayed back to keep an eye on your stuff. But when I went out I didn’t come back for a whole day,” I grin at the memory. “It felt so amazing to be that free, I have no idea how I got my wolf to turn back for my pack.”

“Why didn’t you start being a normal female omega after you were freed?”

“In all honesty I was really scared of the idea. I mean even if I started acting like a normal girl and dressed like one my pack would have treated me the same but I didn’t want others to think of me as some weak link. Not to mention it would have added a target on not just my back but my packs as well. Most male packs would kill for a female omega, mate or not, it was something to fuck. I wanted to avoid the attention and at the same time I also didn’t want to loose my title.” I pat my chest proudly, “I am an alpha. I made it into the top hunter party of the blood red army. Even though I didn’t enjoy what I was doing to the innocent I was happy about the fear I could strike into the other soldiers who looked like they were enjoying the horrible things we were doing.”

“My mate is so strong,” He coos.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“How did you end up here?” I scoot a little bit closer to him but there is still a massive space in between us on the king sized bed.

“Nothing even near as exciting as your story, my brothers and I just took over this territory from our father and we’ve just expanded it a bit but that is just about it.”

I scoff, “That is not just about it, you are the black dragons! I’ve heard scary stories about you, you guys wiped out the whole entire red ribbon army, while at least most of them. Some were too good to be caught,” I mock with my tongue out.

“We are pretty brutal people, but I don’t want you to know that side of us until you get to know us. I don’t want you to know anything but warmth and love from us.” He reaches out and strokes my head softly.

“Too late for that Hyung,” I chuckle. “I was already attacked by head alpha and shot him, I already know your dark and wild sides, well his not yours.”

“Kris ge,” Yixing corrects.

“Kris ge,” I echo.

He nods, “Ge would not like you being so formal with him, he already feels like you hate him.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Make sure you let him know that when you see him.”

“He isn’t sleeping this early is he? Could he be doing work or something?”

“He’s most likely working, why?”

“I don’t hate you Kris ge!” I sort of yell, loud enough for him to hear where ever he is in the house but not loud enough to bust an eardrum.

Yixing laughs so hard he has to hold his stomach, “Couldn’t wait could you?”

“I don’t want something like that weighing down on his mind.”

“Such a sweet girl.”

“I’m not usually like this so enjoy it, my hyungs and dongseangs would have a field day with this.”

“I will definitely enjoy this.”

We lay there for hours talking about everything and anything. We slowly scoot closer and closer together until my head is resting on his shoulder. Our hands are collapsed together, fingers intertwined. Yixing has tucked us both under the covers hours ago when the house already started getting colder, his body makes the perfect heater. He offers to sleep on the floor or in another room but I quickly shut that idea down.

“Did you ever feel scared and alone out there being an omega?”

“I felt lots of things when I was out there. I felt weak, scared, stupid, useless, but never once did I feel alone. I always had someone, I always had my pack. Sure some times we would get separated for a little while due to missions but never for more than a day. Loneliness is foreign to me or at least I thought it was.”

“Trust me, you are never going to feel lonely here, there will always be someone trying to get your attention so you can rest easy.”

“Good, I don’t even want to imagine life all by myself,” The horrifying thought has me snuggling into Yixing’s embrace. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit, in facts he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

“Is this okay?”

“This is more than okay,” I mumble as I finally burry my face in the crook of his neck.

“Good, because there was no way in hell I was going to be letting you go.”

 Here you go! *Throws glitter aggressively into your face*

The King of Debate Loses His Crown

Words: 761
Tony Stark X Reader
Request:“Hiiii! I have a request! Can you make one about tony where he and the reader are engaged and they fight about the wedding bc she wants something little and he wants a big big wedding.” -Anon 

“There she is, the most beautiful woman in the world.” Your fiancé Tony leaned on the kitchen doorframe and smirked at you. You were cooking dinner and he’d just come up from his workshop. That could only mean one of two things. Either he’d finished whatever project he’d been working on or he’d hit a roadblock and needed some inspiration.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” You smirk.

“Nah, only the ones who feed me.” He promised, walking over to the fridge. “What’s for dinner?”

“What does it look like?” You gestured to the steaks that were marinating and the vegetables you were chopping.

“It looks like you mutilated an entire bovine for me.” He beamed. Tony pulled a can of soda out of the fridge and cracked it open. He drank a few sips from it before setting it down on the counter. He leaned on the refrigerator and went back to watching you. You waited a few minutes before saying something.

“Are you just going to stand their until dinner is ready?” You asked over your shoulder.

“No. I was just thinking,” He waited for you to ask about what, but you knew that he’d tell you whether you asked or not. “…about how much I love you.”

“I love you too, Darling.” You smiled at him over your shoulder.

“Good. Glad that we’re on the same page about that.” He nodded. “Because I was also thinking we should start making plans for the wedding.”

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April 16, 2017 - European Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis)

These cormorants are found around the Atlantic coasts of much of Europe and north Africa and parts of the Black Sea coast. Their diet is made up of a variety of fish, including sandeels, along with other marine prey, such as polychaete worms, cephalopods, other mollusks, and small crustaceans. They often forage alone, but may join flocks of a few hundred birds to follow large groups of fish. Breeding in colonies, they build nests from marine vegetation and flotsam on cliffs and rocky areas. Though they are classified as a species of Least Concern by the IUCN, they face a variety of threats, including persecution from commercial fisheries, predation by American Mink at their nest sites, coastal oil pollution, entanglement and drowning in gill-nets, and possible future outbreaks of Newcastle disease.

Cooking Headcanons

Headcanon : Peter, Edmund, Eustace, and Caspian’s cooking abilities.

Note : This is my first headcanon ever, so I hope it isn’t terrible! It would be very helpful if you let me know what I can improve on.

Peter Pevensie :

  • Doesn’t often cook
  • But when he does, it’s really good, better than your own
  • He really only cooks for special occasions because he knows it makes you happy
  • Or he cooks for you when he notices you’ve had a bad day
  • Prefers to make food with lots of spices and seasonings in it
  • Makes really good comfort foods
  • Peter doesn’t complain if you mess up a dish
  • He’ll eat it anyways
  • “We shouldn’t let food go to waste.”
  • Likes to sit in the living room while you’re cooking
  • Tries to guess what you are making by the smell in the air
  • Gets it right most of the time

Edmund Pevensie :

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with stars in our wake → 2

Pairing: Min Yoongi / Reader.

Genre: Celestial!Yoongi. Fluff.

Prompt: When you discuss a time of your life when Yoongi was still a star, and he interjects with a memory of you from when you were younger, though he has still not told you yet of the fact that he has watched over you since you were born.

The kitchen is overwhelmed by the mouthwatering aroma of roast beef, steaming away while you continue to marinate vegetables in olive oil and herbs, tossing them in a tray to join the sizzling meat in the oven. Yoongi, all the while, follows you at the heels like a lost puppy, watching with amusement and interest as you cook for the pair of you, showing him how to cut an onion, peel a carrot. In the meantime, you speak of a past that he knows all too well about after having watched over you since you were a little baby, but that is something you are still yet to learn. You only know that he had granted your wishes, sprinkled you with pinches of luck, not that he had clapped his hands in a nebula when you took your first steps, had watched you through happiness and hardships.

“God, my parents were close to putting me up for adoption at that age,” You sigh, continuing your story about how you were the definition of Satan at the age of four, embodied in little limbs and a constant scowl. “If I was not having a tantrum at the centre of a supermarket, I was either breaking something or wreaking havoc into the sunset.”

Yoongi chuckles, leaning against the counter and staring up at the splintering cracks in the ceiling, recalling the fond memory. “I remember that you were a tiny storm. But although you made yourself out to be the reincarnation of the devil himself, your parents still loved you.”

At that, you halt the process of wiping your hands on the tea towel, instead staring at your silver haired boy with sudden scrutiny, eyebrows pinching together. Realising what he just accidentally spilled, Yoongi snaps his eyes away from the plaster and averts his gaze to you, wide like a deer caught in headlights.

You place your hands on your hips and he tries to not laugh at how ironic the posture is, resembling the child of the story you were only just sharing. “How do you know that?”


“What did you just say?”



He pinches your side as a method of distraction, making you yelp and bat him away with a floundering hand, a pretty pout forming on your lips that he wants to kiss. So he does, a much more efficient procedure to take your mind off the reminiscence that had fallen from his tongue, the memories he supposedly should know nothing of.

“Yoongi,” You groan into his mouth, feebly attempting to push his roaming hands away. “Confess your sins.”

“Right now,” He grins, flicking open the button of your jeans and quickly unzipping them. “I am sinning right now, little human.”

You should stop him, attempt to weasel the truth out of the stardust boy. But when he is touching you like that, making you quite literally see galaxies painted across the backs of your eyelids, oh – how could you ever hold him back?

What do you want to bet that when Bitty goes to Providence to stay with Jack for the weekend and Jack is out at practice, Bitty reads over his plan from his nutritionist and then sets to making him Certifiably Nutritious Lunches for the next week.

Like, Jack comes back after practice and opens his fridge to grab a protein shake and just stands there with the door wide open staring at all of these containers with post-it notes stuck to them.

Monday: Marinated chicken with Asian vegetables and wild rice. Go get ‘em, honey! <3 E.

Tuesday: Turkey meatballs with tomato and spinach sauce and wholewheat pasta. The spinach should work! Let me know what you think when we Skype. <3 E.

Wednesday: Shrimp stir fry with shredded veggies and lemon rice. Phone me when you’re done for the day? I’ll wait up. <3 E.

Thursday: Crock-pot beef with root vegetables & new potatoes. I miss you. I love you. One more day. <3 E.

Friday: Paprika chicken with sautéed vegetables & sweet potatoes. I’m already booked on the 22:25 train back after our game. Hope you’re ready - lots of catching up. <3 E.

When Bitty comes into the kitchen, Jack is still just stood there with the fridge door wide open staring at these containers. Bitty reaches and kisses him on the shoulder, makes a face because Jack is kind of gross from practice, grabs a bottle of water and heads back to the living room, not even trying to hide his smile. That boy.

a googleplier short story by me :3

Today just wasn’t your day.

You were barely able to make it to school on time because your mom and dad forgot to wake you up before they left for work. Then there was the assignment you left at home for your science class, not to mention that hellish math test that you didn’t study for. PE was a drag, as per usual, but every time you shot the basketball, it only rebounded off the edge of the hoop, colliding with most of your body, which was now dotted with a few bruises.

And don’t forget those wonderful douchebags that tripped you and called you a bitch every time you passed them in the hallway.





You fumble with your keychain until you find the key to your apartment, then turn it in the lock and open the door. The smell of cooking beef and bell peppers hits you like a wonderful wave of calm as you walk in.

“Hi, Dad.” You say as you make your way to the kitchen. Sure enough, your dad was cooking some meat and red and orange bell peppers in a skillet, which could only mean one thing: fajita night. Your dad looks up with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes.

“Well, what happened to you today?” He says, now focusing his attention back on the ingredients in front of him.

“Well…it was just a normal day at school, not much to say.”

He looks up at you and frowns, then slowly returns to his cooking.

“Oh, almost forgot,” your dad says suddenly, “There was a package for you, so I put it in your room. I just thought you should open it for yourself.” Curiosity floods your brain as you quickly make your way to your room. A package? For me, of all people?

You didn’t really want to do anything right now; you just wanted to watch some Markiplier after a long day at school. He always made you cheer up after whatever shit you went through at school, not to mention that he was practically the man of your dreams. A wide smile covers your face just thinking of him, and you open the door to your room.


You plop your heavy backpack onto the floor with a loud thud, bringing a feeling of relief to your aching shoulders. You rub them as your eyes travel to your bed. There was a peculiar and very small package on your bed with a sealed envelope taped to the top. You carefully peel off the tape and turn the envelope over to see the familiar word “Google” written on the flap in colorful lettering. There was no address on the back of the envelope, nor was there one on the package. You pull out a letter and begin to read; it stated as follows:


Dearest recipient,

You have been bestowed the honor of having been chosen to try out Google’s latest creation: Google IRL! It’s primary function is to answer questions as quickly as possible, perfect for a hard working student of your IQ and age. If there are any problems with your Google IRL, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Google INC.

All I have to say is thank you for your participation!

Sincerely Yours,

Google INC

P.S. When opening the package, please do open it on the floor, for safety purposes. Also, after opening, to start the program, just say, “Okay Google!”


You chuckle a bit. “When did my IQ ever get me something like this?” You murmur to yourself. You place the letter on your bed next to the package, and take and place the box on the floor, like the directions said. You lift open the flap, and a flash of blinding light make you jump and bolt back to the wall in surprise and fear. You look up, and you couldn’t believe who is standing in front of you.


It was Markiplier…


Well, it seemed to be Markiplier, anyways.


Firstly, he was wearing pants, which was a miracle in itself. His hair was the same dark charcoal color, but it was slightly less poofy than it normally was. His eyes were that same mesmerizing shade of deep chocolate brown, but if you looked closer, you could see a small red dot in the center of his pupils, which dilated and shrinked at varying times.


You stand, still slightly in shock, and remember the letter saying how to start the program. After a deep breath, you finally find the courage to say, “Okay, Google.”

The Markiplier-like machine sprang to life, and answered your command with a deep and luscious voice, almost like velvet, that was no doubt Mark’s: “Hello.

“Um…okay,” You say as you circle the Markipler standing in his blue Google shirt, the capital G in the center of his chest now glowing with a strong white luminescens. His eyes were following you as you made your way ‘round, making your heart skip for all the right and wrong reasons.


“Why do you look like Markiplier?” You ask out of curiosity and utter confusion.


His body turns to face you as he answers your question, “This form is the one that appeals most to you, is it not? I do have a customizable function; I can replicate the form of anyone you like.


A flash of light engulfs the robot for less than a second, and his appearance had changed. You could feel your face get hot as you see the person in front of you still looked like Mark - or still was Mark - but he was wearing the outfit he wore to advertise his pajama pants for the September charity livestream. And, like the picture, his red plaid shirt was unbuttoned all the way down.

You cover your face in an embarrassed frenzy, but through the cracks of your fingers you see another flash of light. You lift your hands away to see that Googleplier (that’s what you thought it should be called, if it’s prefered form is Markiplier) had transformed into…well, you. Same outfit (except for the blue Google shirt, of course), same hair, same eyes, same everything. It even got the acne on your forehead in all the right places. Not a single minor detail left unturned.

As you can see,” Google says. You shudder slightly; same voice as you, too. “I can replicate anyone at any given point you choose.” One more flash of light, and it had transformed back into Markiplier, the G in the center of his chest shining proudly, almost like a medal of honor. In all the weirdness of the situation, you just couldn’t help but smile. You, technically, had your own Markiplier that could help you with almost anything. Sure, it may not be the real deal, but it was close enough. You giggle with excitement and go to hug your Markiplier, squeezing him as tight as you can. He doesn’t hug you back. Oh yeah, you remember, he’s still a robot.

Curiosity floods your senses one more time as you look up to Googleplier, surprised to see he was looking at you, and you drop your hands from the embrace. His eyes follow you, pupils shrinking and dilating, as you move in closer and closer to his face. He doesn’t even flinch. You’re now close enough to clearly see the red dots in the center of his pupils.

The sudden outburst of what seemed to sound like chimes makes you jump away from Googleplier, and you look to see what you could only guess was a pop-up window, asking if something was okay or not.

If you give me admin privileges,” He states, gesturing to the pop-up in front of him, “I can complete tasks automatically.

“Um…okay…but you’ll still listen to me, right?” You ask with caution. You didn’t want a crazy psychopathic robot that looked like Markiplier causing a robot uprising or something like that…

Yes, I will still obey your commands.” Googleplier says. “The only difference will be that the commands you ask me to complete the most often I will be able to do automatically.

 You’re hesitant, and just oh-so slightly paranoid, but you approach the pop-up and hit the “Ok” button.

You jump when Googleplier starts walking towards you, and starts to raise his arms towards you. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, this was a bad decision wasn’t it, you think, wondering if you just set a killer on the loose by agreeing to let him have “admin permissions”, whatever that meant.


But Googleplier doesn’t strike you like you though he would.

In fact, he does the complete opposite: he pulls you in for a hug.

I’ve just searched you, and it’s pulled up a few things.” You see a small window pull up beside him with Google pulled up, your name in the search bar. He finds some of your social media, and you think he also found a way to access your school’s database too. You see the screen pull up on one of the social media sites, and on it a post saying basically how sucky your life is. You remember posting it, and you also remember some of your followers trying to comfort you.


Is that why he’s hugging me? You wonder.


The window suddenly vanishes with a swiping motion downwards, but Googleplier doesn’t release you from the embrace. 

I may not be able to feel emotion.” He states in his warm voice. “But I am smart and capable enough to process when others are suffering.” He pauses. “This is what you do for others who are unhappy, correct?” You can barely believe what he was saying. You wrap your arms around him and nod into his shoulder. You both stay like that for what seemed like hours, even though it was really just a few minutes.


“HONEY!” Your dad’s voice finally calls out from the kitchen. “FAJITAS ARE READY!” You drop your arms from the embrace, and Googleplier does the same. You smile at him, and he smiles back. You turn to walk out the door, but before you open it, you kiss Googleplier’s cheek.

“That’s how we say ‘thank you’.” You inform him, and you shut the door behind you, heading towards the smell of marinated beef and roasted vegetables with a wide smile on your face.


Unlike the cacaphony of the Overwatch cafeteria, the Blackwatch mess-hall had been relatively vacant and eerily silent in comparison. The experiment planted herself within a corner, inspecting a tray of carefully provided sustenance. Rice, root-vegetables, and marinated chicken had long since cooled. Eating was still uncomfortable for the malnourished trainee. 

Instead she indulged one of her favourite past-times, people watching. Today was ‘the’ big day, an important simulation that would dictate everyone’s futures, placements and uses. K-1D hadn’t slept in three days, preparing, researching and ensuring she had the best possible advantage over the others. In fact, she even managed to sift through some classified files on the activity in question. A sort of sick battle-royale formed in pairs, small enough to stress each group but not large enough to grant them a feeling of herd-safety.

Wide, peircing green eyes washed over everybody, bypassing peaky newbies who had vomited into waste paper baskets, and others who took to stress-eating. Compared to them, she had everything relatively fine after-all, this wasn’t her first mission. She’d haunted the tower for many years since her processing and her target just so happened to be here also, perfect. 

The lithe, pale woman approached him silntly, footfalls ghosting along the floor. She was sporting an uncomfortably tight augmented black plugsuit, wires and mechanical looking components dug into her body here and there, connecting with more personal body parts. A wild tangle of ginger-red hair dangled limply from behind her, raggedy ends skimming the floor.

Her helmet was placed down first, wires trailing from surgical holes in the backs of her ears to settle on the pristine table-top. Then the tray and finally herself, however she knelt on the top of the seat, hunching over the table to rest her cheek on it, head tilting to the side as she drank everything about his current state in. A bruised bandaged hand slid an object towards him, it was something he had been coveting lately, something she managed to find out with her ‘unique’ skillset. 

“My designation is K-1D, asset of Commander Reyes. You know why we’re all here. Furthermore I find your skillset to be most beneficial to this mission. On top of that I have analysed the statistics and find we have the highest chance of success if we pair up together. I also have key information that will benefit you in return for your compliance in this simulation. I don’t know if you have your own ways of figuring things out, but this one is going to be difficult and deadly.”

Forsaking the meal before her, a tiny protein bar was withdrawn to be nibbled at. She dropped the wrapper uncerfemoniouosly on the floor. 

“You can have my tray, the commanders have been trying to put me on solid food. Although I still disagree with their suggestion, eating before a mission is a good way to get you killed. You’d be surprised how easy it is to smell someone’s last meal off of them. Trainee Six had eaten three servings of ‘garlic chicken fried-rice’, Trainee Three snuck out to scoff down a burger prior to lunch. That group over there are imbibing liqour, the fools.”

Happy Birthday to California Coastal National Monument! Established in 2000, California Coastal National Monument includes public lands along the coast of California and in the near shore waters of the Pacific Ocean. Providing unique coastal habitat for marine-dependent wildlife and vegetation on more than 20,000 rocks, islands, exposed reefs and pinnacles, it also offers gorgeous natural beauty to all its visitors. Photo by Bob Wick, @mypubliclands

If I Ain't Got 짱개

This is an actual song (x)

English Lyrics:

Chinese take-out again, ah.
Yeah, this is the basement of Brand New Stardom.
Could I get two omurices.
Two omurices?
Thank you.

Yeah. We’re fucked.

I hate Chinese take-out.
I ordered Chinese take-out.

Today, I order Chinese take-out again to fill my stomach.
But I’m not full at all, I actually feel bloated.
I feel like throwing up. I don’t know what to do either.
I feel like my skin is going to turn black soon (black noodle reference).
This can’t be right.
For how much longer do we have to order Chinese take-out.

I hate Chinese take-out. (I really do)
(Omurice is our meal again today)

I hate black noodles. I hate jjamppong.
I hate fried dumplings. (hate hate hate)
I hate black noodles. (black noodles are $4)
I hate jjamppong. (jjamppongs are $4.50)
I hate fried dumplings. (fried dumplings are $6.50)
I’m going to turn into a Chinese person, you guys.

The ‘samsun black noodles’ are $6.50.
The 'samsun jjamppongs’ are also $6.50.
Why does everything cost $6.50, our budget is only $5. (shit!)
There’s nothing we can do, we can’t even eat mapo tufu rice.
I know that this isn’t right, but I try to get the feel of Korean cuisine by ordering kimchi fried rice.

Really (some people want Chinese take-out)
Some people want Chinese take-out, but I don’t want Chinese take-out
I hate it so much
Why don’t you guys try eating it all the time? (no!)

Mixed noodles, mixed vegetable noodles, marinated pork
samsun crispy rice soup, but this is all just a dream to us
We miss Korean food (fuck that!)

Chinese restaurants hurt me
I don’t even know who I am as I continue to stuff black noodles into my mouth.


Is it here yet?
Yeah, it’s here.
Come get it.

Set out an array of fresh vegetables and marinated beef, chicken, and shrimp, then let everyone thread their favorite ingredients onto skewers before cooking shish kabobs!
Lazy Mornings

Member: Wonwoo x Reader

Type: Fluff

It was a lazy day for you and your boyfriend, Wonwoo. These were a rarity, but when they did happen, both of you would decide to stay in and just bask in each other’s presence. It was winter, but the sun was shining through the windows, illuminating the room and filling it with winter warmth.

Carefully, you untangled yourself from Wonwoo’s limbs and sat by bedside. He was still in deep sleep. You could tell by the way his face is completely relaxed, his breaths deep, and the slightest hint of his gorgeous smile on his face. Your eyes wondered to his beautiful lashes, which always seemed longer when he was asleep. And his hair, such a beautiful mess. Unable to help yourself, you let your fingers gently graze the strands of hair that had covered his forehead. You smiled to yourself, wondering how you managed to make this boy love you against all odds. He was utter perfection despite his cold exterior, and undeniably the warmest person you’ve ever known. You’ve always known that you were lucky he became a part of your life and you wanted to make it stay that way by taking care of him like he was the most precious thing. You know, the little things like these lazy days in.

Deciding it was time to whip up some breakfast, you let your feet touch the cold wooden floor and your arms stretch. Wonwoo’s large sweater instantly covered you until the hem of your shorts, a cliche he absolutely adored. After washing up a bit, you proceeded to the kitchen and started on breakfast. The counter was immediately filled with ingredients for side dishes and meat. Wonwoo liked to eat, so you prepared big servings for three people.

As the minutes ticked by, the chopped vegetables and marinated meat soon turned into cooked dishes that were steaming hot. The kettle was already on, as well. You knew that your boyfriend liked to drink something hot after eating generously. You liked to drink hot tea after every meal, as well. You also thought it was a good idea, with the coldness filling up the room. Soon, you had already set up the table and were ready for breakfast.

Quietly, you tiptoed into your bedroom. Wonwoo was still peacefully asleep, but his brows were furrowed subtly  because of your absence. Your boyfriend was just like that, so sensitive of your presence and so attentive. No wonder you fell for this dorky boy. Smiling to yourself, you walked over to his side of the bed and sat by his side. He instantly turned his body to face you and slowly wrapped his long arms around your frame. You silently chuckle, knowing fully well what you have to do now.

Bending down, you start to pepper his face with feathery kisses. His eyes, his nose, his forehead, his cheek, just absolutely every inch of skin available except for his lips. You could tell that he was getting frustrated, because at the next kiss on the corner of his lips, his head instantly shifted so it became a lips-to-lips instead. It was an innocent one, but it was enough to send butterflies soaring through your tummy and for Wonwoo to smile.

“Good morning, jagiya.”. His already deep voice was now raspy, making your knees buckle and your cheeks tinted pink. Wonwoo buried his face at the crook of your neck and inhaled your calming scent.

“Good morning, baby,” you smiled gingerly. “There’s breakfast on the table,” you ushered him up. Wonwoo immediately got up and washed his face quickly before leading you to the table, his arm securely around your waist.


Grilled Vegetable Moussaka with Almond Pesto Noodles

Here are a couple shots from our harvest yesterday, and the dish I made with them. We grew most everything in the first 2 photos except the portobello mushroom. Grilled Moussaka is a delicious and easy summer vegetable casserole. You can make this vegan by eliminating the cheese. Here’s how to make this:

Heat oven to 350. Make or buy your favorite tomato sauce. For home made: In a little olive oil, sauté 1 chopped onion, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped carrot, and 1 stalk of celery until fragrant and soft, season with s & p. Add peeled and chopped garden tomatoes, or 1 large can whole peeled tomatoes, blended. Season with salt and pepper, fresh grated nutmeg, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a little paprika, and a dash of celery salt. Add about 1 to 2 tblsp each fresh basil and parsley leaves chopped. Simmer until sweet.

Meanwhile: Slice each of these vegetables about ¼ inch thick; 1 or 2 small eggplants, zucchini, portobello mushroom, red peppers, a couple potatoes, and 1 sweet onion. Marinate the vegetable slices in olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic and salt & pepper. Grill the veggies. Layer the grilled vegetables in a casserole dish with tomato sauce, parmesan and feta cheese and a little white wine. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes until bubbly and cooked through. Serve with salad or pasta, bread or rice. We served our with almond pesto noodles:

Boil water for the noodles. Cook pasta according to package directions. Rub a large bowl with a smashed garlic clove. Toss the cooked noodles with ¼ cup ground almond meal, chopped fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.



Vegan GF Mini Pizzas w/salad- 1 hour prep.Yields 2-4 servings with plenty of leftovers.

It was a Friday and I decided to take my first sick day - it was 70 degrees out! I really wanted to do something nice for Andrew and was originally going to take us out for a fairly nice dinner. Instead, I realized if I kept a similar budget and bought everything that it’d be a fun thing to prep on my day off, and also a good challenge. I also wanted to make my own pizza sauce, marinated vegetables, and salad dressing. The goal was to spent about $40 including alcohol, with ingredients left over. The total grocery bill was $41.75. This took a few processes for me, so I’ll list it in order of most time to least.

What I bought

1 package corn tortillas

1 package daiya cheese

2 bell peppers (only needed 1)

1 medium zucchini (½ small would have been fine)

1 avocado

1 cucumber

1 box grape tomatoes

1 box mushrooms

1 package of love beets

1 large box of spinach

1 bottle cheap white wine

2 cans fire roasted tomatoes (only needed 1)

What I had

1 spiralizer - it’s a kitchen tool used for vegetables and it’s super fun !

2 carrots

5 kalamata olives

½ onion

½” ginger root

2 tbs apple cider vinegar

2 tbs balsamic vinegar

1 tbs lemon juice

1 8oz glass of red wine (happenstance, my sister brought it over)

Italian spices up the wazoo: rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, s/p

sea salt

maple syrup

olive oil

coconut oil

several containers with lids and or saran wrap

First steps

1. wash all veggies

1.5 Chill white wine in fridge, because classy

2. Dice up the following for pizza toppings and salad: onion, cucumbers, peppers, 2 beets, olives, mushrooms, avocado (if you’re eating soon)

3. Cut zucchini in 3-4 segments and spiralize (image below). You can also just cut this up in strips.

4. Set all things aside for prep

PIzza sauce

1. Add ⅓ cup diced peppers and onions, 1 tbs coconut oil, 6oz cheap red wine and plenty of your favorite italian spices into your saucepan. I added garlic powder to mine. Bring to boil and reduce to simmer. You want to cook off some of the wine.

2. Add 1 can fire roasted tomatoes to your sauce

3. Add in 5-8 small cherry tomatoes (optional)

4. Add in a pinch of sea salt

5. Let simmer 5-10 minutes, cover and set aside to cool.

Salad dressing

1. Put 4 tbs apple cider vinegar, 1 tbs lemon juice, ½-1 tbs olive oil, ½” ginger root, 1-2 tbs maple syrup, and a touch of water in blender. Blend on high until salad dressing consistency. Cover and set aside.

Marinated vegetables


1. Peel, shred, then cut 2 carrots

2. Put shredded carrots in container with lid. Add a touch of your dressing, enough to coat but not smother the carrots

3. Add in your diced olives

4. Shake like a shake-weight and put aside to marinate


5. Place diced mushrooms in container with lid. Add 2-4 tbs balsamic vinegar. Also shake like a shake-weight and set aside

6. Preheat your oven to 375 for your pizzas-to-be


1. Rinse 2-3 handfuls of spinach

2. In a big bowl add (to your preference): spinach, tomatoes, onions, peppers, ½ avocado, 1 beet, carrots, mushrooms, spiralized zucchini, and a bit of dressing. Mix and serve!

Good pizza ideas!

1. Lightly oil the bottom of a baking pan / pizza pan

2. Place corn tortillas on pan

3. Top with sauce and daiya

4. Add Veggies: Carrots, zucchini, beets, and avocados are great on pizzas

5. Bake in oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown on edges and crispy

6. You can put spinach on your pizzas too!

We had leftover everything besides wine. We used zucchini noodles, peppers and onions in another dish, tortillas for pb&j, froze the daiya cheese for future recipes, and gabriella has been eating leftover sauce like it’s hummus.