Marina Petrova | Age: 16 | Vampire | FC: Victoria Justice

The Illegitimate child. That was what she could be summed up as. She was born in the 1490s without a mother or a father, or at least a biological one. Instead her grandparents raised her as their own, dubbing her the Petrova last name after her family and the name of her once mother. Her grandfather did his best hiding the secret from her, keeping her sheltered from knowledge she should have had but Marina knew better. She knew something happened and she wanted answers. She was still young when everything exploded in her family and truthfully she fought on purpose. Her Grandfather would get mad, throw things when her mother was brought up and it wasn’t until late one night that she over heard her mothers name for the first time and Mar let herself cling to the name.

One day Mar had enough. She had heard rumors in village of her mother and this horrible person she was, needing to be thrown out and how she was born of some unknown man. At first she was disgusted and truthfully she stayed that way for a while. She was tired of ridicule that came with her family she couldn’t control. Mar had never been much of a fighter but she was stubborn as all hell, something she got from her mother. If she was pushed to far, Mar was the first to backhand anyone that stood in her way whether it was lady-like or not. At a ball her wealthy family had thrown in  accordance to her 16th birthday, Marina was all smiles, taking in the spotlight as she always enjoyed. A young suitor of hers had pulled her aside when no one was looking and scurried off into the maids closet. They were all to friendly, sharing a moment of piece in each others arms before Nikola pushed it to far. Marina tried to fend him off, pushing him away until he finally released her and her hand split the space between them as she slapped him. The slap set off the normally complacent boy  and without warning, he did something vile and tore into his wrist with own fangs and forced it into her mouth. With a snap of her neck, Marina’s vision when dark.

The scene was an odd one when she woke up. No Nikola, no family. They had disappeared and she was laying in her bed upstairs, fulling robed. She was confused and the ache that burned in her throat was killing her. Marina fed within the hour unable to handle the pain. She took no time though and disappeared from her home in Bulgaria. She was ashamed of what she had done and she had killed. There was no more room for her here and with that she was gone with no word to her family. Now that she had this freedom, Marina let loose. She let herself live most her life with her humanity flickering on and off as she traveled from France and Spain. She wanted fun. She went crazy with this new life she had and all this power and it wasn’t until she was nearly killed by a clan of hunters that Marina was put back on track and she heard word of her mother’s existence.

It was beyond believable the fact that her mother was still alive? It meant she was one of her. She was a vampire.. she had to be. Marina took off to the states to find her, following lead after lead. She realized her mother never stayed in one place to long and she was beginning to think there was no hope.. well.. at least until now. This new town of Beacon seemed to be radiating power and the pull she felt was something she never felt before. She wanted to see for herself if maybe her mom had come here for the same reason. She just might be reunited with the woman she was taken from so many centuries ago. Marina is stubborn still, very headstrong but she has a light heart, her humanity is on and she will do anything to protect the people she cares about. She’s not sure where she stands now though and she’s about to get whiplash when she hits the town. Will Mar be able to take all of this or will she fold under the pressure and flee town the way she fled her once home in Bulgaria.

Possible Ships:

  • Isaac Lahey
  • Matt Donovan
  • Matt Daehler
  • Jackson Whittemore
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