The Hufflepuff nodded. “Well,” he began slowly, not meeting her eye, “if he’s the one who looks happy about being partnered with Alexa Kyle, wouldn’t that make him the tart? Because I know Alexa Kyle, and she’s very nice. She tutored me in fourth year for Transfiguration.”

“You mentioned that,” said Mary. “Boys can’t be tarts, though.”

“I bet they can,” he replied in an undertone, which caused Mary to laugh.


“Did Donovan Atwater ask you out again?”

Mary nodded. “I said ‘no.’”

“Is that right?”


“I thought you liked him.”

“I did.”

“Then why did you say 'no?’”

Mary considered the question, and then smiled. “Because he’s a tart.”

Lily laughed. “A tart?” she repeated. “You’ve always said blokes can’t be called 'tarts.’” The brunette simply shrugged. “Mary Macdonald, I think you must be evolving.”

“You might be right, Lily. It had to happen eventually.”

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“This is me,” sighed Mary, when they arrived at Gryffindor Tower’s entrance. “Thanks for walking me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Sleep well.”

“You as well.”

They both smiled, and then Mary hugged the Hufflepuff briefly. “Have a good summer, Reg.”

“You, too. Be sure to write?”

“Of course.” She paused before giving the Fat Lady the password. “Reg,” she repeated thoughtfully. “I suppose that’s what I’ll call you.”

Reginald smiled. “It’s taken you all year to decide on Reg?”

Mary merely shrugged. “I like to be thorough with the big things,” she declared. “Goodnight, Reg.”

“Goodnight, Mary.”

He retreated in the direction from which they came, and Mary turned to the Fat Lady and gave the password: “Amathia.”

She was no longer thinking of her conversation with Reg as stepped inside the Common Room; she had already moved on from it, but she had not forgotten. Rather, as with all things concerning Reginald Cattermole, Mary put it in her pocket, saving it for later.

The Life and Times, Ch. 23, by Jules

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#4 Favorite TLAT Ship: Mary MacDonald & Reginald Cattermole

Nicknames: Marinald, or just simply Mary/Reg

Typical Reaction:

Best Quotes:

Reginald looked surprised at the question. “She’s perfect, isn’t she? She’s pretty, and brilliant, and clever… she’s always been very nice to me, too. Always very polite, even back in fourth and fifth year…”

I’m pretty, Mary could not help but think. Not amazingly clever, though, she knew… at least, not in school. She was good at making things, though, and good at taking care of people, and… well, not like Lily, of course. Reginald was right about that. Lily was perfect. And she, Mary, had not always been particularly nice to Reginald… not before this year. Mary realized that it was quite smart of her never to compare herself to Lily (or anyone, really) for the last six years… Why on earth did this only occur to her now?