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“I thought I would be a crybaby forever but I can’t anymore. What Melanie did to Timothy is bad enough, but seeing other crybabies not only defend Melanie, but attack Timothy for speaking out makes me sick. 

How many times do we as a fandom have to sink so low before we say “No more?” Our fandom attacked so many other fandoms, like Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Poppy and Titanic, Marina Joyce, Jennifer Juan, Halsey, and now we are literally attacking a rape victim? A RAPE VICTIM? What have we become? 


I fucking hate tumblr right now. When a popular youtuber is said to be “kidnapped, and abused” everyone filps their shit trying to help them. And yes that was honorable. Even if it turned out to be false.
When another youtuber OBVIOUSLY has something going on and needs help. All that you see are posts ENCOURAGING her. This website is so fucking. UGH i can’t even begin to comprehend.
Im just


Marina Joyce Update #2
Considering it’s currently around 4am in London, Marina hasn’t been active in the past hours. However, here’s some new information I didn’t know about before:
In the video “Annoying Things Girls Do”, at around the same time Marina’s legs can be seen bruised and cut, her boyfriend’s knuckles can be seen and someone noticed that, well… The picture above says it all.
Marina recently tweeted “Hope everyone likes pancakes” which could be a message, if you look at the first letter of every word it spells “help”.
Someone apparently tracked her IP address and found that she was not tweeting from London, but California… I don’t know if it is true, though. If so, it’s possible someone hacked her IP address.
Marina was wearing the same pink dress in her newest video as she was 25 weeks ago in an Instagram post. She or whoever is running her account has also been reusing selfies from April, like the one posted today. So that means something real bad may have already happened to her, and we just don’t know…
Many bigger YouTubers have been drawing attention to the issue including Daz, Channon Rose, and Alfie Deyes.
Please spread awareness by reblogging my posts on the subject or making your own post about it and tagging it #savemarinajoyce.
Feel free to reblog with more information/corrections/questions!
Stay safe.

so now that its been confirmed marina hasn’t been kidnapped and suffers from schizophrenia, people are pissed off and saying it was just a publicity stunt to gain subs??? way to prove we’re still in a toxic society that deems mental illnesses as “attention seeking” and not something to be taken seriously

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What's lonelygirl15?

How the mighty have fallen…lemme tell you kiddos a story.

Back in the day, aka 2006, youtube dot com was just an infant of a website, and no one really knew what it was going to be about. At the time, it was really the only place that anyone uploaded videos, so it was mostly people’s home videos and cat videos. There were a handful of vloggers, but all the videos were very personal, and lacked the kind of “content” and editing prowess we’re used to seeing right now. A 16-year-old girl named Bree became one of the MOST popular vloggers at the time using the handle lonelygirl15. She was cute, kinda funny, had good brows, and people freaking loved her. Her videos sometimes included her boyfriend Daniel and other friends, most of whom had their own channels as well. They were all filmed in her basic suburban bedroom. 

As her channel grew, Bree started hinting at involvement with a group called The Order, which the more she talked about it started to sound like a cult. People started to get REAL WORRIED and picked through every second of her videos to figure out what was going on with her. People were so genuinely concerned for this teenager whose life they followed, and they were going to town on internet research about her. After some photos were found of someone who looked like Bree but wasn’t Bree, the theory then emerged that Bree wasn’t real, and every video was actually scripted. It was like the biggest conspiracy of all time; keep in mind, no one had EVER done anything like this before on YouTube, or really anywhere online. The internet was still something people were getting used to, and social media especially wasn’t taken seriously as “real” entertainment.

Eventually, it was revealed that lonelygirl15 was scripted, and Bree was just a character played by an actress. People were livid, but her channel got even more popular as they were then able to expand the show without concerns of their cover being blown. Her early videos, which are still on the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel, are incredibly convincing. This was really the first time that anyone saw that YouTube or social media was something a person could make money and/or legitimate content doing.

So yeah! I personally get the same vibe from this Marina Joyce situation as I think most people did about lonelygirl15. I don’t really think that’s what’s happening here, but it is interesting to see the connections. Also coincidental that the 10 year anniversary of lonelygirl15 was last month, and the actress actually came back and made an update video as Bree for the first time in like 9 years. Pretty cool stuff, and important in the history of the internet!