Marina Joyce is NOT kidnapped

I stayed up all night, watched her streams start to finish, and have followed this whole mess. Here’s some stuff that I can clear up for you, although I don’t have all the answers. 

The “Help Me” whispered in her video was her mothers voice. What she was actually saying was “Like Me” while giving an example of a spin. Likewise, the finger in the video is also her mothers. 

The bruises. She stated several times in her live stream that how she got the bruises is a “sad story” and “secret”, and I think you guys should respect her privacy. If she was assaulted or something, that’s really not the entire Internets business. 
(Later her mom said it was because she’s pale and clumsy and bruises easily… she fell in the park. Very possible she didn’t tell her mother how she got the bruises either.)

The 6:30AM Meetup: There was no meetup today. Anything regarding that is false. The meetup is actually for a party that’s happening on august third… she wanted to meet up with fans some time before the party started. 

“But she was nervious/scared in the livestream!” . There was 45k people clamoring for answers all at the same time. It was chaos. Any signals such as hair touching/making a heart were all accidental, she does them all the time. Hundreds of messages were being sent at once, I doubt she read a fraction of the “send me a signal” ones. 

“Creepy face in the corner of her room!” - It was a teddy bear. It’s in lots of her videos. 

“The gun in her room” She says this was a BB gun. I don’t know a thing about guns, so this MAY not be true?

“All of her weird, non-vegan twitter posts!” -
 They’re just stolen posts from other twitters/tumblrs. She probably saw they were popular or thought they were cute. Liking Pizza and Chicken nuggets is popular. 

All of those creepy deleted tweets/the black video/her second account/ect?” Fake, guys. Come on. It’s so easy to fake things. 

There’s a bunch of small stuff I didn’t address, but y’all need to calm down some.

The police checked on her earlier. Her mother was there with her. Her friend live streamed with her later too. 

She might have a drug problem. She might have some sort of disorder. And maybe there’s some sort of abuse.

But since she’s not being held hostage, I think that this is really something for her family/friends to address, and not millions of people on the internet. 

More sources/links/speculations linked to Marina Joyce

(x) Brief explanation to her situation

(x) A call for help in one of her videos

(x) Very very disturbing. Marina herself telling her fans not to attend the meetup she tweeted about.

(x) She has been liking tweets asking if she is in any danger, which is weird considering she tweeted saying she was fine and in no danger?

(x) Police reports, and they are unsure if she has managed to escape.

(x) Weird description of one of her video uploads

(x) This was in one of her livestreams. I think it speaks for itself

(x) Reacting to fans asking her to do certain things if she’s in danger

(x) Unknown person seen in her livestream

(x) “Cough/make a heart if you’re in trouble”

(x) When asked by a fan during her livestream why she was wearing chains, she quickly changed the subject to poems?

(x) Speculation about her ‘Boyfriend Tag’ video

(x) Chains can be heard when she tries to jump

Please add any more links to this post if you find any, we have to raise awareness and help this girl # SaveMarinaJoyce


The internet has pretty much gone up in flames over this whole thing. Marina Joyce is a YouTuber who came into the spotlight recently over claims that she had been kidnapped (many believed by ISIS) or is suffering from a psychotic break, either from mental illness or drug-induced, thanks to what we’ve seen on her recent videos, which are pretty damning. This morning, she did an interview about it, swearing she was safe and fine. She also did a livestream on YouNow with her mother and posted a selfie to ensure everyone that she is well.

Here is where it gets tricky. Marina liked a tweet of someone asking if the twitter account JoyceMarinaHelp is her. The account is full of tweets claiming to be Marina begging to be saved as she is being held captive and created the twitter using a device found in a cellar. Obviously, this isn’t confirmation as to who owns it, but Marina did like this tweet about it, so it is something to consider. I won’t post the tweets from the account claiming they are her because they are disturbing. 

During the livestream, Marina is seen responding to people asking her to do special hand motions to tell if she is in danger.

A person also comes in during the stream, where she looks back at him and is visibly shaken after he disappears.

The feed also shuts down right as she is about to explain why she is “sad” or otherwise dealing with problems. She says “My bruises…they’re a secret”. 

She also liked these tweets before and during the live stream.

These were also tweeted by another account as updates regarding the situation.

(This tweet says: help me, july 27th 4:48 am. It does appear that it comes from her account but was deleted soon after)


I will update this as more things arise but I tried to not put too many far-fetched “clues” on here. If you have anything as well, go ahead and add.

a summary of #SaveMarinaJoyce

i was up all night because of this hashtag, truly concerned about this girl. if you don’t know who she is, just look her up on youtube and twitter. there’s some creepy shit going on. here’s what i know:

  • fans started noticing strange behaviour. she looks scared/paranoid in her latest videos, there are visible bruises in her body and it seems like someone is closely overseeing the making of her videos, or even forcing her to record them
  • first theory was abusive boyfriend keeping her hostage. there was a shotgun in the background of one her videos (she’s british so that’s not common). she did the weirdest Q&A ever where she starts jumping and you can hear the sound of what could be chains on her feet. on another video we see bruises around her ankles that might confirm that she’s been chained. there are also bars on her window. when people asked her about it, she said it was “for safety”
  • she tweeted about a meet up that was supposed to happen at 6:30am in a location where people claim “tragedies have taken place there” (sorry i couldn’t fact check this one). many were afraid that it might be some sort of trap. as far as i know, nothing happened, except for a guy who went there and livestreamed himself eating a sandwich. later she tweeted saying the meet up will actually be on august 3rd.
  • marina liked many tweets saying “please like this if you’re in danger but can’t really tell us”
  • people pointed out that she has a history of drug use, and her behaviour could be because of a drug called speed
  • emma blackery said on twitter that she heard from a friend of a friend that "she’s being llooked after”
  • marina said she’s “totally fine” and did a livestream on YouNow, but she looked even more scared than before.
  • last theory i read is that marina is schizophrenic and that she really believes she’s being abused. that’s why she’s so obviously paranoid and it explains the bruises too, since schizophrenic people can hurt themselves sometimes. that could also be the reason for her restraints (chains on her ankles and safety bars on the window) and the appearence of other people in her videos, which could be her family looking over her and helping her with the channel
  • her last activity was a few hours ago when she posted a selfie on instagram with #savemarinajoyce as caption

so we’re talking domestic violence and abuse, or untreated mental illness, or both. whatever is happening to this girl really needs to be addressed.

many are saying the whole thing is a publicity stunt for some horror movie or tv show. if that’s the case - and i really hope so - i’ll be extremely relieved and very impressed with marina’s acting skills. 

sorry i don’t have time to put links, but you can easily find all of this on twitter, tumblr and facebook under the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce. if anyone wants to add sources, please do it.



Marina did a YouKnow stream. This was one of the notable events that occurred during it.


About Marina Joyce:

before i go to sleep ill say this. marina joyce is most likely mentally ill. evidence suggests that she gave herself these bruises and that her mom was helping her to record, she was clearly disoriented and hazed in recent videos. and has quite absurd reasoning and explanations for her behaviours. she is very clearly paranoid, she states that she wears a mask because she is self conscious this obviously comes from a place of deep rooted insecurity and anxiety about herself. her speech has been disoriented and disorganized since the beginning. when she says “this was a publicity stunt by my fans not me.” shes responding to a comment that says “this was a publicity stunt.” she obviously does not use the best word choice here, but she obviously is not known to use the “best word choices” at all, recently. she is trying to say that she did not cause this.

she has sat with her mom, talked with police, various news outlets have confirmed that she is okay. the option to disclose that she is mentally ill would usually be 100% hers and it looks like she would rather not share that. but if she was still being held captive, i promise, she would not be livestreaming and dancing right now.

if anyone knows what paranoia looks like its me, please dont attack this girl for a small bit of a sentence she said in response to a comment. i strongly doubt she “did this” for followers. currently she is still being asked to do things if shes not okay and is performing the acts according indicating that she still believes she isnt.. to me this looks like a confused, paranoid, distraught girl who is trying to convince the world she /is/okay, WHILE ALSO NOT KNOWING IF SHE ACTUALLY IS. she needs professional aid.

stop attacking her, stop telling her to be scared adding fuel to the fire, stop saying things like “look behind you” or “im worried for you”. the situation has been dealt with. this is a sick person who needs help. leave her alone

My thoughts on Marina Joyce

I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a topic that didn’t intrigue me, simply due to the massive panic it is causing and the lack of information to quell such panic. That being said, while it isn’t our right as strangers to know what is going on in this girls life, human beings show concern over things for good reason. Despite what her close friends, people close to her, or even the police say, it is important to remember that we will never truly know what happens behind closed doors. Perhaps not until it’s too late.When I was reading all of this, I couldn’t help getting a feeling of deja vu. Why was the girls denial to police of anything being wrong, with even her most recent live stream showing she is clearly at least either not mentally sound or sober, scary to me? Something the police must have seen when visiting her.

It was familiar, because it reminded me exactly of  Konerak Sinthasomphone

Doesn’t ring a bell? It might not to everyone. However, I am sure it will always ring a bell to police officer John Balcerzak. Konerak was a 14 year old boy who was found by two women wandering the streets. He was naked, injured and heavily under drugs. He had escaped from his captor, the very notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. 

Balcerzak and his partner, Joseph Gabrish, were dispatched to find the boy, and when there were also approached by Dahmer himself. Jeffery convinced the police officers that everything was okay, and that Sinthasomphone was his 19 year old lover. The women who found the boy tried to insist to the police officers that his life was in danger, that something wasn’t right. The officers went to Dahmers apartment and noted the strange scent, which was the decay of his former victims, but made no other effort to investigate and left the boy in the killers hands. Later after, the boy was abused sexually, killed and then disembodied.

This is why we doubt. This is why we fear despite what people tell us, because we see danger, we see something not wrong and lack any facts that tell us it’s not true. The fact that police could go and visit her, without feeling any need to investigate further when there is clearly something there, drug abuse, physical abuse, anything, is alarming. If I woke up in the following weeks after countless people tried to insist “everything is fine, everything is okay” without even an ounce of assurance, and find out this girl died or was killed, I would feel guilt.

Remorse, anger, knowing that despite there being nothing I could do personally, there was something these people could have done.

But instead, they insisted everything was okay, even with everything saying it wasn’t.

My thoughts on Marina Joyce, is that I really hope she doesn’t end up like Konerak Sinthasomphone, because that’s not a lesson people should have to learn twice. I really do hope this is something that all ends up just being blown way out of proportion, but it’s always good to stay weary. 

Stay supportive, and keep up with her.