marina's fantroll

I have re-designed my fantroll Marina, her new surname is Medusa because now we know that not all Heiress have “peixes” as surname. She has also a new symbol (its still very similar to feferi symbol but diferent)

Your name is MARINA MEDUSA.
You are the Heiress of one of the Empress colonies. Your planet has been conquered by the troll race and you rule over it. (She doesn’t live in Alternia)

You spend a lot of time watching grubtubers gameplays, you are really into that stuff and your favorite game is “MAINCRA)(”. You even have your own GRUBTUBE CHANNEL with your own gameplays, the most famous channel. Obviously, you would kill anyone who dare to not watch AND LIKE your videos. It’s your first rule as future empress.

You are also obsessed with “El Rubius”, your favorite grubtuber. You will find and force him to be your matesprit. That’s your second rule.


SOMEONE, STOP ME. I’m getting a little obsessed with Marina, my new fantroll HAHAHAHAAH

Spanish puns all the way, im gonna explain and translate them.

In the first pic it would be something like:
“ole ole ole!! and if someone doesnt say “ole” it would be eaten by sharks!“.
“illo” is a diminutive of “chiquillo”, what means “little boy” in spanish. It’s just a tagline and Its misspelled on purpose because its imitating the Andalusian dialect, so, dont try to translate it using a traductor XDDD
The sentence specifically, rhyme in Spanish and not much more to say about it because is stupid anyway.

The second pic is about a spanish youtuber called “el rubius”. I dont like him specially but hes well known in Spain and Latin America because it is trendy among teenagers (he makes videos about memes and videogames)
Obviously he talks about minecraft 24/7 and Marina misused the word thinking it means something else, because she is a posser.
The translation is: “Is this what he calls…. “maincrafh??”


I’ve designed a Heiress.
(im not sure if every heiress has the same last name as the Empress but whatever)
She talks with andaluz accent because i want.

She’s the Heiress of one of the colonies of the Empress, in a planet conquered by the troll race, (yep, my fan session doesnt take place in Alternia) and she likes cars, youtubers and flamenco. (or something like that because troll culture)

Im not taking seriosly this character.