Agnostic Icons is a continuous series celebrating wonder, curiosity & kindness.  Using the visual lexicon of Christian icons and patterns derived from Mediaeval manuscripts, I am attempting to create a series of pieces that celebrate humanism, science, and altruism. Subjects range from fictional pop culture, the fields of science, humanities, environmental & social justice, and the arts. The first in this series are (unofficial parody) icons from Star Trek: The Next Generation (truly the most altruistic show that’s ever been on television in my opinion). Coming soon: Mr. Rogers, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Jane Goodall.”  


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful rendition of Gates McFadden. She looks like a Mucha, here. And LeVar Burton! And Mr. Frakes, in all his bearded magnificence?! Hello, SAILOR. And baby WIL! OMG. The texture and detail! All those dark, pooling, inky washes? Those are greyscale galaxies that she’s folded into her linework. GAH! 

Prints and postcards of all of these portraits are available in her shop

They make me so happy. I hope they sell like flippin’ HOTCAKES.

(PS: K’s music is amazing, too.) 


Marina Sirtis on Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry: "And personally - really the Roddenberrys kind of adopted me when I came to the States. I mean I was literally fresh of the boat when I got Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), and they made sure that I had somewhere to go on the holidays, and that I wasn’t sitting on my own in my apartment at Christmas. So… I actually used to call her “Mom”. And when my own mother died, and I saw Majel soon after, I said to her “You know, you have to take care of yourself, because you’re the only mom I’ve got left now…” So, it was very sad when I lost my other mom, too"

Marina Sirtis on remembering Majel Barrett after her death: "Well, Majel was amazing. When we first found out that she was going to be my mom on the show, we were all a little nervous, because we were very, very badly behaved on the set. We had way too much fun. And the boss’ wife was coming, you know? But we soon found out that she was nuttier than the rest of us, really! And she really fit in with this madcap atmosphere on the set. She was a delight. And actually what really made me happy was that as she did more and more episodes, especially toward the end of Next Gen and when she went on to DS9, they gave her episodes where you could really see what a great actress she was. She wasn’t just the Auntie Mame of the galaxy, you know? She really was a gifted actress, and I was so happy that she got the opportunity to show that"