marina of the seas



I have made 5 of these now, so I guess it´s a series now. :D

CHARACTERS: Marina, Mata, Ariel, Jane, Amelia


OBS: I do not own the backgrounds, characters or the original sketches that these drawings are based on. For more information, please check out the description boxes under the “Watch Me Draw” videos. 

team ketchup during the first splatfest

So I guess strengths in numbers doesn’t mean much when your only fighting fellow teammates. :\

after playing splatfest for like 8 or so hours, I only ever fought the opposite team like 5 times.

say what you want to about salty ketchupers, but somethin screwy happened behind the match making seen during this splatfest. It seemed I was always teaming up with and facing high level players when it was ketchup vs ketchup, yet they were mysteriously replaced with lower level players when I finally got to face mayo.

Look, I know the system isn’t perfect. and I experienced the same problem in the first splatoon when one team was widely more popular than the other.

Thing is Splatfest just isn’t fun when you can’t contribute to your teams success in any way shape or form, or do the thing splatfest was even made for!

But hey, its whatever. I got my king sized super sea snails. and hey, maybe next splatfest will be a little more balanced… hopefully.

except for the last one, team Marina is gonna dominate.

Dreamworks´ Marina wearing a hijab! :D As far as I understand; a hijab´s color usually reflects the personal tastes of the wearer, so I decided to try and match it to Marina´s original color-scheme. Brown or turquoise would have worked too. :3

This would be a nightmare to animate thou (all them lines and shadows!!). (O_O)