marina is not impressed

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On the outside, Marina didn’t look that impressive to the drage. She had this intellectual presence that commanded attention, but nonetheless in Rhi’s eyes, the woman was the same as every other high end scientist and or commando: not worthy of her time. And would probably make a good meal substitute for a night she couldn’t hunt. 

The scent though. That putrid unknown swirl of aroma emitting from Marina’s body, now that had Rhi’s attention and then some. It had saved the woman from being seen as a simple prey item or play thing by the drage. 

brendon’s periscope recap 6/28
  • brendon does a spot-on impression of marina and the diamonds 
  • if brendon gets a million followers he’ll make a vine again
  • brendon has sadly not been to the castro district of san fran
  • sarah and brendon are doing a little date to go see jurassic world “just have a cute little day together. especially if you’re married you should still go on dates. give each other little surprise gifts.” 
  • on if he’d live in new york city: “if i was going to do a broadway play and work in new york, then yes i’d work there”
  • about being interviewing with a little kid: “i was a little weird out. and i swear so much. i had to over-think what i was saying so i didn’t slip up and say something really shitty” 
  • “‘what’s on your mind on stage?’ all kinds of things. i’m just trying not to overthink everything.” 
  • “i’ve never taken a dance class. i had to do a dance rehearsal to learn this is gospel and ready to go videos. but that was fun but very difficult. it’s a very demanding activity.” 
  • “my first celeb crush, when was young i had a huge crush on julie andrews in mary poppins.” 
  • “my first man crush? i loved paul newman. johnny depp. he’s a beautiful man.” 
  • his nickname that this parents call him is “bubba sub”
  • “why are you guys labeling me so much?” (probably in response to him talking about his “man crushes”)
  • “‘still planning on having an anniversary party for fever?’ yeah defiantly going to have one. still gotta figure out what exactly is happening” 
  • “‘weirdest thing a fan ever did to you?’ asked to touch my hair” 
  • “was i ever in theatre class? i was in theatre craft. i built sets. but it was just an excuse to smoke weed. it was a fuck around class.” 
  • brendon used to go on group mormon dates and “i would suggest ice blocking. you buy a giant chunk of ice and put a towel on it and then slide down a grass hill.” 
  • brendon talks in german and then does a great impression of a girl in a muzzy commercial saying “je suis une fille” when asked to say something sexy in french
  • “i pay people to do dumb stuff. i don’t get paid to do dumb stuff” 
  • brendon visited a vocal coach a few years ago. “i’m so terrible at that. i should go back.” 
  • about what gifts he wants: “just you showing up to the shows. that’s all i care about. you don’t have to get me any gifts.” 
  • about the cabin album: “i don’t have that stuff. but we have it on a hard drive. it’s somewhere”
  • brendon said new perspective was not about a blowjob but about a dream he had about moving to california and dating sarah