marina is adorable



So I fell in love this morning

Anyone who’s been following my blog today has probably seen my latest obsession, Marina, from Splatoon 2.

But ya know,  it came as surprise to me that Marina actually has a partner, Pearl. They’re apparently the new squid sisters and Splatfest hosts, basically.

But like, Marina is obviously waaaaaaaaaaaay more popular than Pearl. The sheer amount of fanart and adoration Marina’s gotten just today is astounding. So much so that I had no idea Pearl even exists until a little bit ago.

And I can see why; I think Nintendo dropped the ball on Pearl’s design. Compared to Marina’s almost ethereal grace and half-punk half-chic aesthetic, Pearl just looks like an angry little goblin.

Like, making Marina’s opposite tough-but-cute rapper is a great idea, but idk, they didn’t do it right. She instead reminds of a willfully bratty 6-year old or something. I could go on, but suffice to say I hate her design.

Back in the first game, Callie and Marrie were both extremely popular, and had about equal fandoms. They were also kinda similar, so maybe that’s why,

Whereas they’re definitely trying to make this new pair more unique.

But yeah, I really think they botched Pearl’s design. I’d feel compelled to side with Marina every time during splatfests, simple because Pearl’s dumb face repulses me.

Having said that, if any Pearl fans happen to be reading this, please don’t take it personally. I’m very opinionated about character design, but sometimes it is just personal opinion and if you like Pearl, thumbs up, more power to you.