marina has one

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melanie is copying marina with her whole crybaby thing, so i don't know why people keep calling her creative lol

I was just going to ignore this, but I feel really compelled to respond. I love MATD, but she is not the first person to make an album based on a character or alter-ego. Artists are inspired by each other all the time, and that’s not an unusual or bad thing. 

Yes, Melanie has listed Marina as one of her inspirations, but she hasn’t copied and pasted anything…I don’t believe that creativity means coming up with something completely new that’s never been done before because, well, that’s not a realistic thing anymore. Everything has been done, and artists now just find ways to twist, alter, and make things from different perspectives. So, in that respect, and many others, I believe Melanie to be extremely creative. 

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I don't know where you're getting your Purvy info but she has said Sabbie have been over for awhile and the Marina stuff is just showing she and Sam have been friends for two years and speculating they may have been FWB on and off. No one us saying Sabbie over for less than minute and now Sam is with Marina. Also no one has said Sam prefers blondes. Please stop making assumptions. And Purvy does have sources, I've seen the private photos as have others.

Okay, hon. You keep telling yourself that. She’s only been wrong 905 times. But suuuuuuuuuuuuuure. Keep eating the shit the King Monkey flings. You’re adorbs.