marina foods

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[ ❄ ] Basics;

Name: emma grace grost
Alias ( nicknames ): emms, the white queen 
Gender: afab demigirl
Age: 26 
Date of birth: april 5th 
Spoken languages: english, french. fortunately, all humans think in the same ‘language’ 
Occupation: teacher, ceo (verse dependent) 
Criminal record: none
Disorders: depression, alcoholism (verse dependent) 
Eye color: blue
Hair color: brown (bleached blonde) 
Height: 5′9″
Scars: none
Burns: none

 ] Favorites;

Color: white, silver, icy blue 
Song: numb - marina and the diamonds 
Food: pasta
Drink: plum tea
Candy: sour patch kids 

[ ❄ ] Experiences;

Had sex: yes
Had sex in public: no
Gotten pregnant: no
Kissed a boy: yes
Kissed a girl: yes
Gotten tattoos: no
Gotten piercings: no
Smoked / drank / done drugs: once / often / a few times 
Had a broken heart: yes
Been in love: yes
Needed surgery: no
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: no

❄ ] Misc;

A virgin: no
A cuddler: possibly
A kisser: yes
Scared easily: not remotely
Jealous easily: yes
Trustworthy: ….maybe
Single: yes
In a relationship: no
Considered mean: absolutely
Harmed themselves: no
Thought of suicide: yes
Attempted suicide: no
Wanted to kill someone: yes
Have / had a job: yes

Mom: Why do you look like you’re sick all the time?

Me: Because I’m sick of this family’s bullshit

lorien legacies characters in the kitchen
  • one: sings along crazily to the radio and isn't half bad at cooking, but can go way overboard with the seasoning and spice so everybody eats with care (and sometimes a big glass of water)
  • two: never really learned how to cook but likes simple recipes that she can leave for a long time in the oven and read while they roast
  • three: spends more time playing with the kitchen knives and the cool beepy timer than actually making dinner
  • john: is a good cook but pretends he isn't so Sarah will help him, it reminds him of the food tech classes they shared back in paradise
  • five: is probably a mega nervous cook who forgets he put something in the microwave and then shrieks when it pings or the toaster goes off
  • six: knows how to make 3 or 4 healthy balanced meals to an decent standard and just lives off the same food
  • marina: is an amazing cook who loves to take on big challenges (e.g Christmas dinner for the whole garde) is easily annoyed and only let's sarah or ella help her
  • eight: prefers completely fresh food but marina insists on teaching him a few easy vegetarian recipes, but he keeps stealing all of the food before she can put it in the dish so she kicks him out
  • nine: doesn't care much for instructions, one time he left the oven on full temperature and set fire to a chicken, everyone thinks its safer to order takeaway on his nights
  • ella: likes to help out but doesn't really make whole meals until one time she discovers a stash of cookie cutters and is up until three baking for everyone (her cookies become a favourite)
  • sam: is an expert in beans on toast but not much else
  • sarah: (apart from shooting a crossbow) cooking helps her relax and she often makes fancy cakes or a big breakfast
  • adam: has almost no cooking experience or skill but is so fascinated and exuberant that everyone eats his food anyway, starts reading recipe books for fun and one buys him an apron that says "prick with a fork"