marina ferrar

Marina || Jenny

It was two days after Jenny’s intimate encounter with Marina that she was finally able to show her face at The Planet. It wasn’t that she had been avoiding Marina or dreading the interaction - quite the contrary - but Jenny’s mind and heart had been twisted and turned so many ways; it had just taken that long for her to focus enough to get dressed in something more presentable than sweatpants and one of Tim’s old shirts.

Her hair was pulled back in a braid, although it did little to tame the hairs that always seemed to be in her face. Jenny hesitated in the doorway, then quietly made her way to the counter as though she was just another customer in to order a chai latte. She didn’t see Marina at first, but thought she could be in the back and chose to quietly fiddle with her shoulder bag - taking it off, but then changing her mind again and looping it more casually over her shoulder.

The Phone Call // Marina and Jenny

When Jenny’s text came through, Marina almost dropped the phone. She had expected Jenny to rebuff all communication. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. It was one thing to assume Jenny wanted nothing to do with her, it was another to hear it from her lips. Marina dialed, hit call, and then immediately hit end. She wasn’t ready.

Marina sat down on the edge of her bed, the same bed she shared with Jenny. Tears sprang to her eyes, thinking how horribly wrong everything went. They had a chance, a real chance, and she blew it. Marina felt a connection with Jenny that she had never felt before. Francesca was convenient, and provided an easy life with little responsibility. Jenny showed Marina that she didn’t want that. She wanted real love, soul connecting, can’t-breathe-without-you love.

Marina signed deeply and dialed Jenny again. This time she let it ring through. She nervously chewed on her thumb while waiting for an answer. One ring. Two rings. Three rings.

“Jenny? It’s Marina. How are you?” Knowing small talk would end the conversation quickly, she tried to dig deep and let it out. “Jenny, I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. What we had was real. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Welcome Back _ Bette || Marina

Bette wandered in the Planet early in the morning to meet Kit, she wanted to ask Kit is she saw Marina already and if they had planned on a business partnership or something like old times. Bette knew that Kit was having a lot of trouble nowadays because her sister had ben doing a lot of new things to the Planet to make it better for everyone. It still looked the same as before, there were just a few changes and upgrades.

Plus, Bette wanted to see Marina for herself, it had been a long time, and even after the Marina/Jenny/Tim fiasco, Bette still found herself being good with the heavy accented woman as her friend. She didn’t know where Marina was right now, but she guessed since the Planet was basically Marina’s before, it made sense the other woman would just pop around one time.

Ordering her drink from the counter, she spoke “Len, where’s Kit?” Len was one of the bartenders who Bette liked because not was he just plain friendly but he was also an efficient worker. “She’s out Ma'am, meeting with suppliers.” he smiled at her. Nodding her head, Bette thought about where Kit was and as she was sipping her drink, she almost stumbled upon someone. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see you” Looking up she realized it was someone she knew already. 

“Marina? Nice to see you again!” she laughed a bit while drinking her coffee, removing all the moments of Jenny/Tim and Marina trying to kill herself in her mind. “I knew I’d get to see you here, how are you?”

The L wod survey

1. The first character I fell in love with: Marina
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Helena
3. The character everyone else likes that I don’t: Dana
4. The character I like that everyone else hates: Bette
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Papi
6. The character I would totally smooch: Helena
7. The character I’d want to be like: Alice
8. The character I’d slap: Jenny
9. A pairing that I love: Helena and Catherine

10. A pairing that I despise: Shane and Jenny   

Back to The Planet || Jenny & Alice & (Hopefully Marina?)

It was a little past three when Jenny walked into The Planet. She didn’t once look at the counter or who might be behind it, although she wasn’t sure if Marina was working or not. Swallowing, she searched the room for Alice, but didn’t see her anywhere. She quickly took a seat in the corner, half-hidden by a group of women who laughed and talked loudly. 

Someone she didn’t know took her order, and had to ask Jenny to repeat herself twice before she left. Jenny waited anxiously for Alice to get there, her arms folded tightly because of her own discomfort. However, she was determined not to let herself be bothered by this situation. 

Jenny’s smokey-eyed look didn’t quite fit with the time of day, but she was the sort who dressed according to her mood. Her hair was down, partly obscuring her face, and she wore a long-sleeved lace shirt, even though it was blistering hot out. 

As she waited, her mind flitted briefly to the encounter she had with Shane in her studio. It had been strange - and of course she felt somewhat guilty, because of Carmen - and yet it hadn’t been unpleasant. It was a welcome distraction from the mess her life had become.