marina diva

ace attorney headcanons: favorite music
  • miles edgeworth: i used to think he was a classical-only type of guy, but shu takumi said in an interview that miles has "surprising" taste in music. so now i'm thinking... an impassioned blend of kpop, 2007 pop punk, adele, and chill rap like frank ocean
  • franziska von karma: is the one who only listens to classical. and ABBA.
  • simon blackquill: the same kpop/jrock and pop punk as edgeworth, (had a crush on brendan urie as a teen) plus contemporary divas like marina and lana del rey
  • athena cykes: a little bit of everything! but mostly top 40 singles. she's easy to please
  • trucy wright: somehow manages to find all the weirdest playlists on youtube?? probably had a dubstep phase at age 12 and it made phoenix miserable
  • phoenix wright: broadway and classic rock. does not understand the appeal of anything the kids listen to in the office, ever
  • apollo justice: anything with top-notch vocals, like beyoncé, bon jovi, u know. also lamiroir
  • klavier gavin: his own shit probably