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On the question of whether Outlander production will relocate to the US for upcoming seasons -

I learned so much from the discussion we had earlier today on this topic. I continued the discussion on DM with our friend @thescarlettpeacock. I asked her if I might share her expertise and additional information with the group. Her response? “Oh go for it petal! :) Absolutely no problem at all.” So, without further ado, below are the questions I asked and her responses:

Q: Might they take some of the current crew to SA?

A:  There’s a chance some of the crew would go - those being the “central” members for instance the director, script editor (for continuity - and even then questionable) and perhaps a cinematographer. You take the people you need and that’s it. Unfortunately, the likes of the runners, riggers etc. are usually taken from a pool of crew at the new location. When the crew return, they will probably look at who they had hired previously and if there are people that have worked fantastically and have been on the show for a number of years, they are more likely to be brought back. (I’d definitely put Marina into this category)

It’s extremely budget driven - the choosing of who needs to move countries with you and who doesn’t. You’re not just thinking in terms of feeding them, but putting someone up in an apartment / flight costs etc. could impact on actual filming. For instance a bunch of flights for crew that could be hired in SA = perhaps cutting an entire camera in a weeks worth of shooting.

Q: Do you think they would take their make-up people, like Anita for Cait?

A:  In my knowledge the head make up artists certainly go; the talent are comfortable with them, they know what’s needed, basically they know the way around their faces basically! I think Anita has probably gone - though again it’s entirely dependent on the budget and what the production managers / producers have decided. Every single show is different. OL must have a whopping budget this season that I will say!  I mean imagine flying over and putting up 30 people for three months!? The cost would be astronomic! Certainly think the investment into the studio reached the finance dept. too!

Q: Each week we’re getting closer to the premiere! Yay!

A: Each passing week just a wee bit closer! I’m of the opinion they’ll time comic con for the printshop. HUGE potential there for exposure for one of the biggest show moments. Heck all they’d have to do is show a tiny tiny teaser, maybe if Jamie’s back in the printshop, the door opening and then cut to black and Cait’s voice “it’s me, Claire.” EVERYONE DIES THE END.

amaranthine-reign  asked:

When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity (I'm just sending you the most random things tonight it seems! Lol love you Marina!!!)

You definitely are!! Lol. I love you too!!

1. You, Raini!! YOU!!!

2. Finn’s adorable smile. You can’t not smile when he does.

3. Video games. I love my video games!

4. Writing, I may have cut back a little more, but I love writing.

5. My niece and nephew. Love those 2 littler weirdos.

Here’s a short masterpost of some of Marina’s live performances. Almost all of these are professionally recorded so you can easily hear the music without worrying about enthusiastic fans. If you’d like to add any, feel free to do so!

With Video

London Calling (2009)
Glastonbury (2010)
KCRW Acoustic Full Session (2010)
Le Live De La Semaine (2010)
Radio1 Big Weekend (2010)
SWR3 Festival (2010)
Blue Balls Festival (2011)
Paredes de Coura (2011)
Live in Hamburg (2012)
YouTube Presents Acoustic Songs (2012)
Live in Zurich (2012)
Live acoustic at Other Voices (2013?)
The RP Funding Theater (2013)

Audio Only

Kaufleuten Zurich (2010)
Melkweg - Amsterdam (2010)
Popscene SF (2010)
SR1 Radio (2010)


AU: Marina Hale is the daughter of Talia Hale and the sister of Derek and Cora Hale. She was believed to have died in the fire, in reality she was rescued by Peter and raised by a foster family. She comes back to Beacon Hills and decides to help Scott and his pack.